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  1. [Poll] Should TW release a roadmap?

    Did you read my post? We agree on most points and voted the same, lol.

    I base it on this.
    I love TaleWorlds but nobody's perfect.

    Dear lord - I have become one of "them" that doesnt really read peoples posts - Sorry about that!
  2. [Poll] Should TW release a roadmap?

    In the past week, I've been seeing more and more people request or demand TaleWorlds to release a development roadmap of the future of Bannerlord. So I decided to create a poll to see what the community feels about this. I'll share my opinions on this first, mostly to get your minds rolling before you vote. Otherwise it'll be too instinctual which would serve no purpose other than teach us a bit about human nature.

    In my personal opinion I feel releasing a roadmap would utterly ruin the suspense of waiting for new updates. For me, half of the fun of Bannerlord is seeing how it improves and progresses as new patches are released. If they release a roadmap, it'll spoil the fun of that entire process.
    Also, as being in EA is a process involving feedback loops between the community and the developers, who's to say if having a roadmap is even viable? Sure you can fill a roadmap with things like Feasts, Rebellions, Ships, etc. But those things could all change as the development process continues. Having a roadmap would set some expectations in stone. That means that if the developers - or the community - get different ideas about where they want to see Bannerlord when it's out of EA, we'll end up with unfulfilled promises and angry mobs.

    What do you think? Is a roadmap the necessary transparency we need? Would a roadmap put some much needed structure into the Bannerlord vision? Should they wait until the volatility of the development is lower? Or is a roadmap the ultimate spoiler of a fun feedback loop and should never see the light of day?
    Vote and share your opinions in this thread!

    Why on earth do we "need" a roadmap, and why is "structure much needed"? Do you base this on anything put faint notions and dreams?
    Fans should learn to trust those who develop games, instead of try to force them to be run by committee - nothing good ever comes of that.

    Most people in games development often tell of how many features were cut, changed, added or revised during development - its would serve little purpose to lock developers into certain things - especially since most fans are not capable of being flexible in understanding something like a roadmap.
  3. Night attacks are insanely dark

    So, When you assault a hideout, you have to wait until nightfall. I am quite happy that my band of merry cutthroats can see in the dark, because they do every single part of the combat - since I cant see anything other that the occasional fire and shadow moving. Torches or more bright nights...
  4. How to level up Medicine?

    As far as I remember, it says something about staying in town healing your troops. You can see how to level each skill if you press it.
  5. 76000+ players on Steam

    143797 now on steam - 6th most played game on steam.
  6. Commanding the army

    Thanks, your posts helped me out.

    Man - Its difficult to control on a controller, compared to what one is used to! My first three battles I dropped my weapons instead of commanding the army...sigh. Made for an interesting experience to fistfight bandits from horseback!
  7. Future mod support

    At the very least, Taleworlds might add a few of the biggest mods as selectable, instead of allowing full on modding? Prophecy of Pendor comes to mind.
  8. Commanding the army

    Hi, Seeing as I wish to support Taleworlds in all things (Thanks for entertaining me for over 500 hours!) I bought this for xbox. I can't for the life of me figure out how to command my troops in battle though. Oh, and mod support would have exploded this game on xbox as well.
  9. [DOWNLOAD] Prophesy of Pendor [v3.9.5 IS NOW OUT!!!]

    This just saved my crappy day, and turned it into something glorious! Man am I glad I decided to check out the forums on a whim. Thanks for all the great adventures so far!
  10. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 11 - Some Context

    Seriously, Taleworlds - you INVENTED Early Access - use it for good!
  11. Perisno gone from Steam?

    Firestorm said:
    You couldn't find/see it because I took Perisno down off the workshop for some time.

    Thanks for letting me know I wasn't a complete douche! :grin:

    sidhos - Thanks, I didn't try this, but knew about it, and kinda forgot.
  12. Perisno gone from Steam?

    I've just tried and it works,

    Again, I've no idea what happened, but thanks for responding!
  13. Perisno gone from Steam?

    Thanks - I still can't see it anywhere in the Steam Workshop.

    Edit: I can see that the name of the game is back in the module list.

    Edit2: Now I have my savegames as well - I have no idea if its a local issue with me, or a bigger one? I still can't find Perisno on steam.
  14. Perisno gone from Steam?

    Hi, I played Perisno this morning, and now, starting up Mount & Blade, I notice that I have Native, Vikings and then a selection where there is no text? Also, I can't seem to find Perisno in the steam workshop anymore - was it removed for some reason? I can start up the mod with no text, and...
  15. Music cutting out

    Its not only in sea battles - its also for instance in the village battle in the story. You can hear the music start for a second, then it stops - it keeps doing this.
  16. Music cutting out

    Yeah, the music, which is honestly quite good, keeps cutting off.
  17. Crashing

    Yeah, I crashed there and 4 other times as well so far. Seems very crashy.
  18. why isn't my download starting

    A 3.1 Mb patch of sorts? Thats no viking!
  19. SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    So, am I correct in assuming that the lead dev (Del) on this haven't posted here since mid may?
  20. SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    rofltehcat said:
    I feel kind of trolled right now...

    I helped my villagers train against bandits and got the fight very quickly after two training sessions but instead of any normal type of enemy, I met a band of 30 or 40 trolls.

    Still awesome mod, though!

    edit: got it a second time! This time I could kite them to death but it is still pretty stupid... both time were in Bugmans, which I own as a fief from the dwarves.

    Ahahaha - That is hilarious! I imagine that must have been quite a shock!
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