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  1. The First Kill Bounty

    imo first kill bounty ain't such a good idea (especially when you prefer to keep troops in formation)
    but bounty for beating enemy lord would be cool
  2. Great game! but economics make no sense

    hm yes you are right, i went too far with recruits maybe, but goods and denars should be limited to one fourth or something like that
    also would be fun if settlements had population (doesn't have to be exact number, but few degrees like small/med/big/overcrowded would give different number of recruits; fiefs with low prosperity and raided too often would have smaller population etc)

    anyway the main idea is to make lords defend their fiefs, so if they won't - they will suffer with lower income and fewer recruits

    and btw, if lord with trainer skill stays in garrison, garrisoned units should train along with soldiers in party, so all of them can gain experience

    and one more thing - upgrading units should cost denars, they change equipment, sometimes they get a horse, etc
    this should cost imo, even if they get more denars after upgrading every week
  3. Read This First: Suggestion Guide

    any place we can check all planned features that are yet to be implemented?
  4. Escaping idea

    from those ideas i liked most that army should take a rest from time to time, constant movement and no rest should decrease morale a lot, and resting should bring it back up
    maybe if there would be such feature, make escaping possible only while army is taking a rest
  5. Great game! but economics make no sense

    what really makes me irritated, is that even looted fief still will pay the tax
    if it had been looted, there should be no tax or just a small part of it (or if it is already like this make it even less, because i haven't noticed so far), so there would be a reason to defend it

    also they should have no recruits, no food and no merch untill they trade with other settlements
  6. Easy Sound Improvement

    yes i was thinking about horns too, i loved horn charge sounds from total war series, imo it adds to the battle a lot

    and imagine how cool it would be if you had different horns for different kingdoms, or even horns for some and simple voice commands for the others
    or maybe even make it dependent of the army size maybe?

    anyway it would be fun to have any kind of sound, then people could choose what they like best
  7. Squad system for battles

    i was thinking about something like this, but for the reason that i'd like to give command of those units to my party members
    so the better leadership and... say.. tactics (or any other skill you'd consider appropriate for that matter) they had, the better order in the unit would be (also for, let's say, morale and standing ground when outnumbered and things like that, if that would be the part of the battle)

    anyway imo using units and party members as a leaders for units would be great addition to the game and make them more important for the party
    and it would be possible to make only as many units, as many party members capable to lead those untis you would have
  8. Easy Sound Improvement

    Vilhjalmr said:
    Buxton said:
    If text can come up, then sound can come up. I reckon this is very moddable.

    Aye, I've done it meself, with me own voice no less. :smile:

    well, if you really want to share this one i'm not going to stop you, you know :grin:
  9. Easy Sound Improvement

    yes, i know it would be very simple (which makes me wonder why it's not implemented already btw) to add, i'm just not sure if i can do that without changing source code? or is there a script i can look into and add sound for that action?

    where do i start? are there any mods with such feature already?
  10. Multiplayer Mod Team Recruitment

    Pants! said:
    Highlander actually brought up a very good point. Many attempts at this in the past have failed--however, not because it is an impossible task, but rather, because they were unable to secure the necessary development team. I correct myself above to say that THIS will be the greatest challenge -- but then again, manpower always is.

    yes, he did raise a good point, but the problem isn't that this attempt is most likely to end like all the previous ones
    if it would - nobody will be surprised, but why people have to make it even harder with all those comments? even tho most of them would enjoy multiplayer mod (which is technically possible, not sure about legal side of the whole project)

    anyway, just an example, most of the mmo projects are given up not because there are no programmers, gfx' that would contribute (it's actually pretty easy side of the project since there are some decent open source engines that can be used even by poor programmers; that contain gfx environment, physics and really everyting you need in game) the problem is to organize and manage the project, keep developers active
    and when you look at mmo's you realize about only 5% of the projects make it to the beta test phase

    so anyway, i have no idea how this guy sorryforgotyournick :grin: is capable of leading project like this, especially that he lacks skills needed here, which is low level programming at most, so it may sound funny, but at least he is going to try, so... i really don't get the point for bashing this thread, especially that most of the guys making fun here would play their asses off if such mod would happen eventually

    and if it won't happen, what the hell would you guys miss? only making fun of someone who does try
  11. Easy Sound Improvement

    sorry for gravedigging, but i browsed the forum across and found no answer, except few suggestions like this one

    so... is there any way to add sounds to battle commands?
    maybe some mods already do that?
    or it is still to be done? (or not? :grin:)

    any clue?
  12. Multiplayer Mod Team Recruitment

    MazzaePico said:
    HardCode said:
    2. Who the **** wants to intentionally install a keylogger on their PC for a game? Yeah, right, I trust other people enough to install their keylogger.

    ME...if you tell me what is a keylogger.

    By the way with all the garbage we have on our computers(Starforce,punkbuster,spyware,eyewear, etc..) i don't think that this thing will be a big problem especially if i will have a chance to impale with a pike riding a spirited hunter someone who uses the word "NOOB"

    it reads all your keyboard action and logs it or sends to a server (might be used for example for stealing your passwords etc.)
    i guess they used this method to read your keyboard input and send to server, to handle it as a local action - so everything was happening on the server (i don't know that mod so i'm only guessing, but it's the first that comes to my mind), unlike in regular multiplayer games where you interact with game environment within local client and client sends information about objects to game server
  13. Multiplayer Mod Team Recruitment

    Highlander said:
    wodzu said:
    yeah, don't forget to tell THEM it's not possible
    Oh, shut up. You know what? Those guys had full access to the engine's source, they could change whatever they want (even though with hard work of course).

    But in MaB... oh well, we have some kind of a module system, we can change item stats and... party sizes. I have no idea how you could make MP out of that. But maybe... if we make a troop and rename it to player2 and change the damage of all swords to 100, suddenly a multiplayer menu pops up?

    I'd like to know how this C++ expert is going to start this. Opening item_kinds.txt with VC and seeing what happens?

    i guess you have different information

    [quote author=from GTA MODDING]  Methods

    Adding multiplayer capabilities to a single player game requires additional code in the game's engine, but like most retail games, the source code to San Andreas is not available.

    Reverse Engineering

    Reverse Engineering is our process of anyalizing San Andreas at it's base level, to identify portions of code that are required or useful and could be used in the development of multiple player support.

    At the next step, changes are made to San Andreas' code; These changes can be as simple as "nopping" (disabling certain parts of the code that are unneeded for multiplayer gameplay), or as complex as rewriting entire engine functions.


    ah and btw, its not the only multiplayer mod created for GTA series
    another example
    Multi Theft Auto (MTA) is a software project that adds a full multi-player network play functionality to several of Rockstar North's Grand Theft Auto game titles, in which this network play element is not originally found. It is one of the very few reverse engineered modifications to incorporate an extendable network play element into a closed-source single-player PC game.

    i'll shut up now, you keep yapping :wink:
  14. Multiplayer Mod Team Recruitment

    ragni said:
    l3asu said:
    I think anyone who has ever played this game thinks "WOW! How amazing would this game be if it had multi-player." This matter has been brought up several times on this forum and nothing substantial has been done to move this game towards the PvP domain. Well it is time to start.

    It is NOT possible to do this, how many times do people need to say this in every thread? You can not do this without starting a whole new platform of the game.

    I would LOVE to see this, I really would, but it is not possible unless the developers do it themselves.

    yeah, don't forget to tell THEM it's not possible
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