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  1. An armor request: Mail Chausses that covers upper leg

    Fair point and i misread then. My apologies.
  2. An armor request: Mail Chausses that covers upper leg

    The mod will soon be updating with a few armors that feature mail hosens/leggings that match with the ingame chausses and mittens.
  3. An armor request: Mail Chausses that covers upper leg

    None of them are compatible with the vanilla armors. Of you know one I missed send a link please. But I'm %99 sure there isn't vanilla compatible long mail chausses.
    Swadian Armory does kinda match the chausses a bit. Also Western Heraldry (this one uses Vanilla chainmail textures to match the mittens and chausses).
  4. An armor request: Mail Chausses that covers upper leg

    We already have mods that add those mail hosen. Nexus has a few of those.
  5. SP - General Great helms or Proto Great helms

    Dear Taleworlds, since you have been adding some plate armors lately i assume you can now add some sort of great helm or proto great helm to the game. Please add some of those nice warband like helmets for vlandia and please if you do , use textures that match with existing ingame armors. Also a...
  6. Should recruits have shields?

    I think more low tier clothing armor would be better for variety. Otherwise no shields for recruits.
  7. Graphical upgrade?

    Did the updates past 1.8.1 get a graphics upgrade? I can play 1.8.1 with high-medium settings but once i update to release , i get performance droops by 90%. The game is unplayable , even in low settings the game refuses to run. What happened?
  8. Resolved Floating weapon parts

    This issue arises when you play with the length of the blade. Leaving it as default doesn't trigger the floating blade bug. It also seems to be happening with late tier vlandian blades (petal arming sword blade). Either don't use those blades or don't tweak the length and the blade will show up fine.
  9. TW devs can you add "Agent.SetWalkMode(true)"?

    Yes please! It would be great for roleplay/sandbox immersion. Isn't this game a rpg/sandbox game? If so then it fits the game.
  10. To make noble recruitment a bit harder, noble troops should only be recruitable from the 3rd or 4th recruitment slot and onwards

    Ananda has a point. Id rather see noble troops tied to factions , you cant get vlandian banner knights if you are a lord of battania or sturgia ect ... Also to help with factions getting destroyed , increase the chance of ai lords getting these noble troops if they start losing land. Vlandia has only 2 fiefs out of the original 23? now they have 90% chance of having noble troops. Thus stronger elite armies for a last desperate push for a losing faction. Maybe buff the noble units as well.
  11. Where are my Sword Sister's at?

    Bannerlord Sword sister. Well , was , TW removed her xD
  12. SP - Player, NPCs & Troops 1.71 appearance of people

    black hair in this game still looks lighter to brown. We need a darker black tone for hair. Also a pony tail hairstyle.
  13. Where are my Sword Sister's at?

    If I'm not mistaken, the sword sister unit in bannerlord was a dismounted unit. Had only a 1h sword though, no shield nor helmet. I guess it was a wip but got discarded. I think female peasants were also ingame during initial EA but got removed too.
  14. Where are my Sword Sister's at?

    There was a female unit similar to sword sisters in bannerlord but since 1.7.x , she was removed. A few unique npcs/units were also removed from the game , both ingame and in the game files. I miss the Vlandian Marshal.
  15. What do you think about the Story Mode? SPOILER

    I was expecting a story about how the kingdoms in warband came to existence. Something like the fall of the empire and the rise of swadia. Something that fills the gap of the dialogue we find in warband like the swadian warrior queens Isola of Suno spoke of and the Khergit overtaking the whole east and the sarranid conquest of the south (fall of Charas)(like the fall of Iberia). Maybe the arrival of the nords? I think the Nord Invasion was a big thing too.
  16. Relationship

    Yeah i see no point getting 100 relation with other npcs , they don't do anything special. They do call you friend though. A few dialogue changes too but that's pretty much it.
  17. Sister/daughter marriage benefits?

    I would rather see all females of a lower player or npc clan move to the higher npc or player clan but if the player clan gets wiped out , you get the chance to play as the other clan who has some of your married members. We should also get a auto loyalty from those clans , that way we get something from losing a clan member in the long run.
  18. People are not wearing enough...

    They could always add more hand and foot armor using warbands system. 3 tiers for each piece with unique looks. The devs already started with the mail mittens, basic , reinforced and lordly ( 3 tiers of the same but with changes in looks as well as stats). Another perfect example would be the Cavalier Boot sets, We have the tier 3 leather cavalier and tier 2 Mail cavalier, just need a final tier splint plate cavalier one. Apply this to a few boots and gloves and bam lore friendly variety. This also means the devs wont need to create new assets from the blue. Reuse existing ones and add stuff over it.
  19. Statement regarding Singleplayer IV

    Please please add more coat of plates , longer ones similar to the ones in warband and more tabard variants with chainmail. Also more chainmail shoulder armor and more variants of splint boots and splint gloves. Thanks
  20. Resolved Crash when starting a new campaign

    Hey, is the game running fine on e1.7.2 without mods as well? If you experience these crashes without any mods installed, can you please send me the Crash ID?
    I just tried with no mods , No crash , the issue was with a mod. Apologies for not verifying before posting.
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