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  1. About Companion Parties


    I think however there is a workaround. Form a party with only high tier troops. But below the 40% of steward. And then adjust the wages to fit. Then they can´t be called to army and will patrol where one leave them. Should work for awhile atleast.
    i try it to see how it works. ty for advice.
  2. About Companion Parties

    Please make companion parties not to join armies and defend around owned villages when you manage them to defend in clan parties screen. And maybe more orders can be given to them (like follow me, patrol around X village/castle/town or go raid/siege X settlement like in warband) in same...
  3. Need More Info Application crashed because a fatal error... hatası

    1.5.8 beta geldiğinde 1.5.7 mainden betaya geçip eski save dosyamı yükledim. oyuna girip bir lordla savasa girdiğimde yukleme ekranından sonra oyundan atıyor ve Application crashed because of a fatal error occurred while reading a file. Common cause of this is a corrupted game file...
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