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  1. Changing agent stance

    Not at my pc right now but directly under the GuardMode enum in the Agent class is another enum that has attack/block directions in it, check what accesses that enum and go from there.
  2. In Progress game crashes when i hit resume game?

    don't be a quotation mark pedantic.
    If you would've actually read the title of this thread and the rest of the sentence of which you quoted then you'd know that "this" in that context refers to the CTD aka problem mentioned in the title of the thread.

    And buddy, you do know that clicking the little white text "Reply" under someones post automatically quotes it?
  3. Changing agent stance

    What exactly is it that you're trying to achieve? Change stance, as in attack/block direction?
  4. Is there an example of a "finished" mod or of a sandbox for Bannerlord?

    So most of the mod work you see will have little to none c# code.
    Most of the current modding will be done with harmony though, which is a .NET library, saying that there will be little to no c# code would be a massive overstatement.
  5. In Progress game crashes when i hit resume game?

    this isn't really a solution. i lose 6 hours of gameplay if i delete all corrupted saves.
    Never said that it was a "solution" to fix your corrupt saves, just a method to prevent your game from getting hardlocked and not being able to play at all.
  6. In Progress game crashes when i hit resume game?

    same problem how to i fix ?
    If you have a problem with deleted save files reappearing after getting deleted then:

    Right click on bannerlord in your steam library
    Click properties > Updates
    Then untick "Enable Steam Cloud Synchronization for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord"
  7. function ApplyAoeMoraleEffect calculation error or just an unused variable?

    The MathF.Clamp function call's return value is unused: MathF.Clamp(num3 / (radius + 0.5f), 0f, 0.5f); public static float Clamp(float value, float minValue, float maxValue) { return Math.Max(Math.Min(value, maxValue), minValue); } public void...
  8. In Progress game crashes when i hit resume game?

    I tried this, however the bug persists! Also, the saves somehow reappear in the folder despite me deleting them
    Sounds like you lack the permissions to delete the files in that directory (therefore you're not actually deleting the save files, it only appears so), if you're on windows 10 try this:
    a. Right-click on the "Native" folder and choose 'Properties'.​
    b. Click the 'Security' tab .​
    c. Look towards the bottom right hand side and click 'Advanced'.​
    d. Click the 'Owner' tab and click 'Edit'.​
    e. Under Owner, click on 'Change' link.​
    f. Type 'Everyone' and click on Apply and OK.​
    g. Now, click on 'Edit' button.​
    h. Under 'Permission for SYSTEM', place a check mark on all the Allow.​
    i. Click on 'Apply' and 'OK'.​
    Then try deleting the save files again.
  9. In Progress game crashes when i hit resume game?

    This happens because of a corrupted(?) save file, on the current e1.0.1 build of the game a single broken save file will lock you from using the "Resume game" button and causes a CTD thus blocking you from selecting ANY of the saves you've made, one method to fix this is to go to "C:\Users\PC_USER_NAME\Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Game Saves" and make a backup of the "Native" folder in there, then go into the original "Native" folder and delete the last changed file (on Windows sort by "Date modified" on the top bar of your file explorer window) in there (most likely the "save_auto.sav" file) then start up the game and see if it works. If that doesn't work then continue to delete the save files until you have no more corrupt(?) save files left, if you're really misfortunate, this could be all of your save files.
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