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  1. Which leveling system do you prefer Warband or Bannerlord?

    So the leveling system is broken by design? After 8 years. Neat.
  2. Main questline restricts gameplay and is plain boring.

    Eight years... and this is the best they could come up with. It''s just pathetic.
  3. Worth the Price Tag?

    Definitely not. But you're asking on fanboy central here. It's a broken copy of Warband that looks a little prettier, with way more bugs and unfinished features, that took EIGHT YEARS to make. And then it still release in early access, for AAA pricing, with a laundry list of broken stuff.
  4. Reus' Rants & Critiques

    Can we please keep this thread active so it doesn't disappear into the abyss it lists pretty much all my gripes
    Just bump it now and then with "EIGHT YEARS".

    Maybe the devs will get the message.
  5. There is no freedom in MP

    Don't worry, another 6 years and it'll be fixed.
  6. [Multiplayer] add voice chat pls

    8 years and no voice chat? Lol, they really didn't care about multiplayer. (and they only cloned Warband for the singleplayer)
  7. This game is a reskin of M&B Warband

    What new feature is there, really?
  8. Nobody reads your suggestions and tips for improving the game.

    Come on guys, there's no reason to keep pretending this game met your expectations :wink:. It's basically a carbon copy of Warband that looks a little nice with 20x the bugs and broken features.
  9. Nobody reads your suggestions and tips for improving the game.

    I know we're all quite disappointed at the current state of the game, the bugs, the missing features etc. But I'm pretty sure no Taleworlds employee reads any of the litany of suggestions. They sure didn't during the beta. And it's been 8 years.
  10. Reus' Rants & Critiques

    This thread is really embarassing for Taleworlds. What have they been doing those 8 years? I hope Erdogan doesn't notice :wink:.
  11. Opinion: Your toaster computer is your own fault, not Taleworlds.

    Opinion: Taleworlds failed to deliver after 8 years.
  12. Reus' Rants & Critiques

    8 years and we have 25000 words of basic stuff that's broken. ROFL.
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