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  1. Holdfast: Nations at War! Released!

    May i ask:
    Ok, so Docm30(as freelancer i suppose), Refleax, Rycon, BiteMe - anyone else from MM/NW community or MnB at all is involved in development behind the Anvil Game Studios?
    And Olafson - is this FSE's ot some other Olafson?

  2. Patch proposition for With fire & Sword ( Multiplayer )

    Caribbean! is released. Maybe you should ask devs again, will there be any patch for this game? Because Caribbean have even worse playing stats then this.
  3. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    Do not like some of the moves of infantry soldiers in the big fight. They moved more like robots, not humans. In WB moving of bots looks much more fluently.
  4. Make this into a standalone game

    After Caribbean nearly failed, VC problems, I doubt TW will continue work with external dev teams to let make stand-alone games on WB engine. Besides, wfas already exists.
  5. Ukraine Today

    Comrade Temuzu said:
    Step it up Ukraine.
    Here is our possible future camouflage, named 'Варан' (Varanus)

    How it looks on the field
  6. The RUSSIA thread

    There isn't much talking in there - it is free giving of parts of big pancake during the feast.
    Point is how it's going - feeding the people behind the fence from the shovels looks quite strange, like it is some cattle, not the people
  7. The RUSSIA thread

    It recalls the murder of Matteotti in 1924, and like that one, this also will not lead to any changes in Putin's power, russian politics and situation in Russia in democratic or liberal way. Western World will make some noise about this for some time, but it won't go further than "deeply concerning" stage and then all will calm dawn.
  8. 'Warband Engine Titles' - so there can be more?

    Hello, So, recently was created sub-board for Caribbean! project on the forum, and it's placed not right in the Misc(like NW or VC), but in sub-board called 'Warband Engine Titles'. So question mainly for Captain Lust: Does you created and named it so with the future in mind, like for possible...
  9. General discussion

    Tried it a bit, and it is not good and not finished:
    1. It is not done to the release version yet, old bugs with beards, missing loot stayed in release version, however they were reported and known, tavern scene made offhandedly, sneaking in town as pilgrim without actually pilgrim cloth etc. They should've wait 2-3 weeks more and polish it better.
    2. New map is bad, it is to much simplified - 2D, combined 3-in-1 locations, unproportional size of lands and parties, and decorative - what the point of beautifully painted mountains and rivers if they do not affect the movement in any way?
    3. New town screen - painted better than previous but even much more simplified, and takes to much time to load
    4. New command system - maybe advanced in some way, but hard to command with map over your screen and using mouse while in fight and lack of microcommands, or it just i can't find something like Form n rows, Volley Fire, Use melee, Dismount horses etc.
    And you can command in siege/boarding - totally stupid :neutral:
    To be honest, i do not see much point to add so strategic command system in game about fights of parties consist of only few dozens of pirates, colonists or irregulars mostly
    5. Quests - except patents nothing so special, kill bands, get something - analogs is in Warband as well
    6. Taverns is a one big decor, they should add more 'life' to it, at least some belligerent drunks
    7. Sea fights looks too arcadish for me
    8. Not interesting start with soldiers, vessels, money, in WB where you are no one with almost nothing is much more interesting. However, looks like rising from zero here is much more harder.

    But the biggest problems are:
    -  The game lack of personal acting - the only places where you acts as single individual are -  quest jail escaping, fights and tavern room, in other cases you are a land party or ship. It follows because of minimum of places you can visit in fact, and minimum persons you can interact with very few dialogs - quest you take from abstract boards, hire soldiers in abstract garrisons, buy properties from abstract town window, visit harbor, town hall etc. only nominal. While in WB you in real running by yourself to return mails, find killer, find spy etc.
    In this case their hard work on new beards and faces looks as waste of time - what's the point of it, if there is almost no one to talk, and most of them can tell you almost nothing? :roll:
    - Lack of characters, especially no females, and places make world quite 'empty' and 'simplified', also it is cuts a lot of WB mechanics/quests or their adopted to the era analogs, there could be - like no tournaments or some fights; no female - so no wedding, troubadours and poems, duels, lady helpings, quests to ransom daughter of guildmaster's friend; in taverns i also did not met any book sellers, travelers and drunks; no villages - so probably no elder's quests, cattle, raiding villages or helping farmers to free it from bandits; no scenes - no quests like find nervous men, or spy in town, or kill trader, also no night robbers; if lords do not give quests - so no bringing letters, gathering taxes, scouting and bringing the food quests(?); and probably some more
    - Many elements are universalized - one for all tavern room, one same city screen, same standard icon for same standard colonies, for part of resourse etc.

    Game at once lost a lot elements from one side, but do not get a lot from other, now it looks like undone 'already not a WB-like RPG, but not yet a complete strategy', and i doubt it can be completed on this engine. :roll:

    Maybe all this transforms called by lack of resources - team/money/time to end the game, but then question why did you started if you can't end this? :neutral:
  10. Ukraine Today

    rejenorst said:
    I am just curious... why wait till the last minute to evacuate an encircled (near encircled) position?
    He believed in Minsk agreement to much :roll: Now it looks like that PP do not even has some plan what to do, if something goes wrong, which is happens now :neutral:
    And probably keeping Debaltsevo required some strong artillery support and other actions which we can't perform because of obligations we got from signed agreement. :roll:
  11. Ukraine Today

    trueten said:
    Latvia - 26% russians
    Something already is there
    Comrade Temuzu said:
    It's not like it happened "suddenly".
    Russian special services and propaganda works on Donbass since Ukraine became independent.
    The very first photos of DNR as a political movement you can find since 2005, also there are photos from russian supplied DNR military training camps from 2009, so it was a planned operation, not some sudden "riot"
  12. Ukraine Today

    Vicccard said:
    Didn't even blink lol.
    Because he is a Separatistenführer :roll: (translate may be correct, but still sounds so ambiguously)
  13. About empty server list/unable to connect the server massive(???) issue

    No, it is for sure IP-related things.
    However, on local forums i found solution for this, and now can connect to the game servers using VPN
  14. Suggestions and ideas

    All above suggestions can be placed in one - 'please make players like superheroes in Invasion, so they could kill even more bots, but not by this boring and hard way as it is now' :roll:
  15. Caribbean!

    Rigadoon said:
    YourStepDad said:
    Well, it's a standalone game after all, it's kind of proper for it to be. :wink:
    Seems like it was a mistake not to advertise this as a Mount&Blade Warband DLC or at least a stand-alone part of the MB franchise. Viking Conquest was able to reach #2 on Steam charts while Caribbean still has very little attention.
    Because VC done all quite fast - first leaks, then announced, first screenshots, first gameplay trailer, released - it took little time between, so at the moment of release  still was a lot of noise about, and majority do not tired from it yet. If Caribbean! would have been released at 2012 or 2013, or if at least did not have periods of few month without a world about project, they would have had much more attention. But for now, a lot of those who gave it attention at 2011-12-13, do not bother about it now in 2014.

    Also this partly related to that it looks more polished. Players meet there critical bugs as well, like crashing when enters town or battle , but because there are much less players, no subforum etc. it is not as noticeable on the background of VC
  16. Napoleonic wars update

    Naval battles and ships are in there. Actually they were added in 1.104 patch
  17. Napoleonic wars update

    Napoleonic Wars most recent stable version is 1.104
  18. [M] The Deluge - general discussion;u=17331
    Slawomir of Aaarrghh
    External Developer :eek:

    As it looks from latest posts on forum, you working on the Viking Conquest? :roll:
  19. Mount & Blade: Warband - Viking Conquest DLC (Release Date: 11th December)

    What will be the policy regarding usage of BW content in the mods?Will there be some key validation system like NW did?
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