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  1. Do you enjoy smithing?

    Smithing is fine, just need a lot of QOL. Bulk refining, bulk smelting, bulk smithing. And hotkeys! Hotkeys for everything.
  2. Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    Voting as concept is kind of weird when speaking about time period game suppose to mimick. King was the decision maker. Any war waged was in the name of the king. Every village,caste,town conquered in the name of the king. He decides if he keeps spoils of war for himself or grants them to his subjects. And here is where this game is missing a lot.

    Every king had to watch that fragile balance between his supporters and oposition. To please everyone ment to project weakness. To favour only one house ment uproar among the rest of noble houses. And keeping this balance would be great game layer to be introduced. Inner strife between supporters,oposition,king.Noble house neglected by king, as example in case they would bare biggest costs in war conquering a city and not getting it as reward, would give this house right to wage war against king. But not to dethrone him. Just to get what is righteously theirs.

    ...and one more thing that always killed any of my previous playthrougs when I got to vassal and the king died. I was always voted as a new king. No oposition, no relations, not even member of ruling house...
    In many cases early medieval king was just one of top feudal's ruling on consensus basis and representing will of most powerful nobility group. You speaking about absolute monarchy, which is typical for later history periods. Voting in Bannerlord represents process of founding consensus among nobility, by spending influence, IMHO.
  3. Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    Is Metallurgy perk fixed? Or maybe it is working as intended? It does nothing for me :sad:
  4. MOD Request. Make Looters upgrade into Watchman instead of Imperial Infantry

    Well, I made it myself :smile:

    Mercenary army incoming.
  5. What is annoying in Bannerlord in july 2022?

    I rework all heroes with CharacterManager when I start a game ! Crazy, not sure it is efficient, and extremely long.
    Why do battanians have crossbow skills and why do vlandians have more bow skill than crossbow skills…they need me as design / lore / skills director lol

    I used to correct my companions with Character Manager, I called this process "undumbing". I must say, situation improved a lot since these times, but companions still have a lot of wasted focus points and have unreasonably high starting level because of this.
  6. Balancing skill tree...

    1.8.0 fixed almost all my issues with skill leveling for main hero. Last issue is Medicine, it is insane how much soldiers must be sacrificed to get it to high levels.

    Last long run I was deliberately sacrificing hundreds of melee infantry battle after battle for 7 years serving as mercenary and still don't get to 200 with 5 focus points and 10 attribute points in Intelligence

    Leveling skills for companions still painful for most skills. They get levels too slow, and have a lot of wasted focus points and attribute points because of badly thought templates.
  7. How tournament participation for companions work?

    In my experience companions enlist to tournaments if they have >100 in one of melee combat skills.

    To level up melee combat for companions you can use Aserai hideouts, there is no ranged units. so you can just tank for you companions with shield and kicks, while they keep swinging.

    Also, looks like companions count as "lords with renown fighting skills" to determine tournament reward. At one of my last long runs I had 6 companions + wife enlisting in tournaments and we got a lot of top tier helmets and good armor as rewards.
  8. What is annoying in Bannerlord in july 2022?

    Braindead strategic AI.
    Braindead tactic AI
    Broken defensive sieges
    Awful companion templates and leveling
  9. MOD Request. Make Looters upgrade into Watchman instead of Imperial Infantry

    Upgrading Looters from Aserai desert of Sturgian tundra to imperial troops make no sense for me. Can someone make mod to change looters upgrade into Watchman instead of Imperial Infantry. With some player investment it will allow to create true mercenary warband.
  10. Companions Skills Not Done Right

    Current companions is just a placeholder, so nobody will spend time and resourses to fix them, unless some modding enthusiast will take this burden. But, given extremely slow development pace, we probably never will see finished and working companion system at all, so modders is our only hope.
  11. Heir Skills, Leveling, and Experience

    What to take on main character? Let's see:

    Vigor and Control skills: All combat skills do nothing for late game, they can be 100% ignored without any significant loss in power. Bow or Crossbow skill somewhat useful to make few kills on sieges, but this is it.

    Athletics skills: Riding good to have at 225. more not needed. Athletics and Smithing not needed at all on main character.

    Cunning skills: Scouting good to have at 225, getting more is waste of time, attribute and focus points. Tactics is actually useful for late game, there you grind army after army and siege after siege. Saves a lot of time. Getting to 275+ is too slow to really aim for it. Roguery is a waste of time, some perks are nice, but leveling it up is such pain in the butt - not worth it.

    Social skills: Charm is must have for late game character, 275 perk is insanely good and for a change it is not hard to get. Leadership is great for late game king/vassal, useful perks and main skill effect.Trade, hmmm, Trade is a waste of time, doing absolutely nothing to gameplay and leveling it is chore of nightmares.

    Intellectual skills. Steward, Surgeon and Engineer useful for late game. Sure, they can be outsourced. but why? Why risk loosing your 330 skill quartermaster or high level surgeon? To free some focus points and put them into useless combat skills you'll never use past very early game?

    This is all lead to boring, but effective 2 Vigor, 2 Control, 3 Athletics, 3 Cunning, 7 Social, 7 Intelllect builds. Very suitable for miind numbling late game experience .
  12. Scout XP Broken in 1.7?

    Anyone know if Scouting is broken in 1.7?

    I have earned 0 XP with 5 Focus Points and I'm at level 1.
    At level 1 you don't see any tracks unless it's from huge army and don't get any experience. To kickstart your Scouting leveling process you need to search for bandit hideouts or follow huge armies.
  13. 1.7.0 Update Review: After improvement, the game still sucks

    This is harsh, but I have to agree with at least some points:

    • At some point main character progression stops dead. Gear progression, skill progression, clan power progression - all this completely depletes in few in-game years. No development in RPG game = no fun, don't know how developers can expect us to play this for several generations.
    • Combat AI need few mode difficulty levels introduced, current maximum need to be average.
    • If this is true - this must be error of some sort. If this is not error, but deliberate change - one who made it need to see doctor.
    • Regional bandits are fine in my 1,7 games.
    • Smithing was broken OP moneymaking tool and somewhat fine companion leveling tool. With exp gain nerfed it is just OP broken moneymaking toll which any reasonable player will avoid or heavily restrain it's use.
    Roguery, Medicine, Engineering - all too slow to level up. Trade level 300 is nice 300IQ move to make players hate this game and never touch it again. I tried to reach it once, I gave up around 250, it was painfully boring playthrough.
  14. How is Medicine going for you? My INT character got 123 Medicine at day 287.

    In the hundreds!

    More like in the thousands:wink:

    Edit. Actually, from what I can tell (1.65) it appears you get 10 base xp for each wounded, killed or healed soldier. You need 3,8 mill xp to get to 275. Assuming a learning rate of 10 you should then be able to get there for the bargaining price of a mere 38.000 wounded, killed or healed soldiers.

    So, tens of thousands! "but my lord, there is no such army"
    At least now I know exact number of troops I need to sacrifice. Gonna take a lot of time to recruit and kill so much, though.
  15. How is Medicine going for you? My INT character got 123 Medicine at day 287.

    Medicine definitely too slow to level up through normal gameplay. Even taking hard fights and losing like 50-100 from my 250+ party barely moves the counter. To level it on purpose you need to recruit trash and kill it in hundreds, I guess. I can do it, but it feels unnatural.
  16. The siege still isn't finished.

    Current iteration of sieges heavily biased to attacker favor, to the point there it is better to simulate if you are on defending side. I guess this is because attackers AI got some improvements while defenders still act as clueless muppets.
  17. INT character woes, 1 week re-roll blues, character build discussions, Engineering, Medicine.

    I started 1.7.campaign with "I don't need companions at all, and F smithing too" motto, so my build is 10 Intellectual, 7 Social and a minimum of 3 Cunning needed to reach "Keen Sight". Took a lot of solo looter shooting to get all attributes and focus points, though.

    I'm holding all roles for my party and it's going pretty good. I running as mercenary making absurd amounts of money from loot and contract and waiting for rebellion to crush and start my own kingdom. Maybe I will forfeit this part and join as vassal, because rebellions is too scarce in my game, got only one in 10 years.
  18. Do you think smithing skill should be removed?

    Smithing is fine, item prices still ridiculous.Weapons and armor must be cheap as dirt in this realm of constant war, but TW feel need to make good gear incredibly expensive. They are on the right track, though, with last patch changes.

    Iron and steel weapons must go for few hundreds gold, not thousands. Absolute top for crafted weapons must be a few thousand denars, not tenths of thousands. And creating one high-end sword must take all smithing stamina of master smith. This way players will still be able to craft nice items for themselves and have some income from it.
  19. The Great Bannerlord Mod Ideas Thread

    I wish were mod to switch between family members on-demand, without need to die first.
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