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  1. Play-to-Earn mod on Bannerlord, is it possible?

    Either you have never ever played Full Invasion 2 or @Maroon has never told me about their website stuff. I would put my money on the first option though :iamamoron:

    I think @Dejan will have some good words for you regarding this topic.
    I know I'm probably wrong because it's been so long. It was a mod that I don't remember the name of, where you could play in co-op with other players and face waves of AI. And you had access to a site to manage your equipment and increase your character stats. I was really unsure about FI2, but now you've given me confirmation that it wasn't that lol.
  2. Play-to-Earn mod on Bannerlord, is it possible?

    Man, you really need to see their work. I received a demo mod from Bloyt also we are testing it in multiplayer atm.

    @LeGenDdS what do you think?

    Looks really cool. So, he created a mod where is it possible to mine NANO tokens, and the transactions are made automatically in your wallet. That's right? Tbh, this is amazing, but the question remains the same: earning crypto by playing a mod is it allowed by TaleWorlds? If yes, I saw infinite possibilities. Making the first Play-to-earn mod could be really awesome, if this is accepted of course.
  3. Play-to-Earn mod on Bannerlord, is it possible?

    Now you explained currency conversion, how cabbage trade and economy around that works and why you should be dedicated for your own work for better results.

    Yea sounds fun!
    Yes that was a very random example haha. But we can imagine an economy that works with classic Golds as in-game currency (so no real value), and this economy can be structured in different ways depending on the mod. But the idea is to be able to convert in-game Golds into $KNIGHT tokens first, if we re-use the same example. So, in this case, everything would happen outside the game via a website (it's the easiest), a bit like Full Invasion 2 if you want. So, to summarize, you could convert your Golds to the $KNIGHT first, and then you could swap your tokens in another crypto, and ultimately standard currency as the USD.
  4. Play-to-Earn mod on Bannerlord, is it possible?

    Isn't that like ...working for money?
    If so, no thanks.
    More complicated than that xD. But in reality, by playing the mod for example, you have the possibility to earn rewards in a token (so crypto) linked to the mod. So, if for example your $KNIGHT token is worth $1 and you receive 100 KNIGHT in rewards, you own $100 in $KNIGHT that you can trade later against USD, BTC, ETH, etc. etc. This can be very interesting for MMO mods in which you have a real economy self-administered by the players. By doing your cabbage trade for example, the idea is to have the possibility to get tokens, and thus to have access to real money for your involvement and dedication in the game. The value of a token is of course determined by the players and the community of the mod: the more players there are & the more the game is popular, the higher the value of the token usually is.
  5. Play-to-Earn mod on Bannerlord, is it possible?

    I know a modder named Bloyt. He is the new golden russian modder of Bannerlord. He is planning to make stuff like that.
    Oh ok. So could be possible. I wonder though if TaleWorlds tolerates or accepts this. I know that for example Minecraft tolerates Play-to-Earn servers, but it's still unclear whether it's really accepted or not. And legally, it's really a big question mark for me.
  6. Play-to-Earn mod on Bannerlord, is it possible?

    I think I feel the answer coming, but I'll ask the question anyway... Personally, I'm very involved in the cryptocurrency world, especially the Play-to-Earn games sphere. So my question is: what is the TaleWorlds position on this? And then, is it possible to create a Play-to-Earn mod on...
  7. MP Fantasy [WB] Chronicles of Middle Earth (CRP Open World Mod)

    Hey everyone!

    We have some news to give to you concerning the project. We have published a complete article about these important updates in link with the development of Chronicles of Middle Earth. You can access to the full text here:

    Don't hesitate to give us your feedbacks about that on this thread or on our ModDB page.  :wink:
  8. MP Fantasy [WB] Chronicles of Middle Earth (CRP Open World Mod)

    La Grandmaster said:
    So if I understand correctly Teoiss  and PLoTR are accussing you of stealing resources? I dont know if this is true or not (its a common trend in these types of mods so probably pretty likely).

    However next time if they do - ask them where they got this oliphant from? And who they think made it?

    Ill tell you who made it - me around 2 years ago,
    I wasnt asked if they could use it, nor was i given any credit or mention, and hence i never gave permission for them to use it.

    Lots (not all, but lots) of these small time LoTR mods do the exact same, its common place to steal resources.

    There have been so many reincarnations of lord of the rings mods it does my head in, if your going to create a mod why not come up with something unique that stands out on its own - be creative. And if you really must make a lotr mod make something unique that makes your mod different from the army of other LoTR mods out there.

    PLoTR do the exact same, they steal resources to make some shoddy ass remake of a mod that has been done a thousand times over.

    Rant over  :lol:

    If you take time to read all the thread and consider our real intentions, you can see already that our mod will be very unique, and even innovative. I think right now that we have a gameplay really unique, a kind of gameplay we can't see everywhere else. And it's precisely this innovation level who motivate us to continue the devlopment of this mod. Everybody in the Dev Team works on COME by motivation and passion, especially because they hardly want to see this mod alive!

    Also, as you can see with the message of domipoppe, some new members have joined our Dev Team. Illuminati (domipoppe) is one of those; he will substitute DanyEle in the Dev Team as Lead Coder. DanyEle no longer part of the Development Team because lack of time to devote to the mod. All COME team want to thanks him for all his contribution in the project!  :grin:

    Don't worry, more details about the new comers will come soon in the next Status Update.
  9. MP Fantasy [WB] Chronicles of Middle Earth (CRP Open World Mod)

    Gathon said:
    I am very much looking forward to this, as I have said on the ModDB page. I am an old RPer, and I am tapping into my old circles, and telling them of this mod. I even went as far as buying an extra copy of the game to gift to another gifted writer I know.

    Anyway, I am very much looking forward to playing this mod and getting to know the community.

    Also wanted to ask, will NPCs be available in the mod? For example perhaps to make battles just a bit larger for it to have more impact?

    The only bots you could see in the Open World will be in the Journey areas. Indeed, as we explain in the thread, players could participate to the Journeys who will be available in specific closed areas. Technically, these Journeys will be the reproduction of some great moments of the Ring quest, and will take almost all time the following form: players have to fight against waves of bots to win the Journey and obtain a generous reward.

    We wanted to make something similar to Nord Invasion for this aspect, because we think that this format will be more interesting and a more great challenge (since the difficulty level of Journeys will be very very high) for all players. We don't wanted to have classic quests that players do one time, and never after; with the Journey system, players will have the possibility to try and re-try again to succeed or re-succeed (if already won) the Journey.
  10. MP Fantasy [WB] Chronicles of Middle Earth (CRP Open World Mod)

    PinkGuy1303 said:
    Teoiss explained everything in yours topic on moddb... what a shame guys  :grin:

    ,,Teoiss 1hour ago
    I'll try to make this as short as I can, not wanna waste too much of my time here.
    This whole situation, as well as this mod- is a joke.
    Not really funny joke, because it all started with Danyele saying about trust.
    When he offered help with PLoTR after licking Kael's ass, he started to ensure us, that with his help, mod will grow, be better etc. etc.
    When he first asked for our code so that he can add some features, we said no, because why would we need two different codes?... He got part of it so that he
    can add these features.
    He started working on it, he kept informing us of his progress.
    And then out of nowhere Danyele told me about his little friend called Legends, that he also wants to "help" us. They offered (as they called it) "expanding" the mod, and also changing its name from PLotR to something else (like it was hard to ask to just merge our teams to make a new one, insted of ploting something else behind our backs.
    Anyway, they got mad because we didnt want to change the name, and so they became "quiet", stopped responing to our messages etc.
    And here it is, a mod-miracle that was created in a matter of week, and for God's sake please.. dont lie anymore.
    Don't think we accuse you unprepared... We will show everyone how pathetic you are, enjoy:
    And this is one of my favorites, when some guy messaged Kael (out of nowhere) about "our mods mapping needs", and tells us (dont even know why) about other LoTR mod with open world feature. Funniest thing is that they both were "with us" then, 9th of September.
    Cheers, "fellas"...''

    These guys (from Persistent Lord of the Rings) spam and attack us for a few weeks already by saying that we have stolen their source code. All of these stories are not true. PlotR's dev team can't accept the fact that we did a LotR open world mod, and the only way they can find to hurt us is to spam misleading information and false accusations everywhere. It is just unacceptable! This behavior is just a shame to the community and to the game.

    The thing that find even more deplorable is that they try to deface the reputation of DanyEle (who is an experienced coder on Warband), aswell as mine. I hope that TaleWorlds' admins will deal with them accordingly, as it is inadmissible!

    They did the same spam on our ModDB page, and we have answered, you can go check our own version of the facts here.

  11. MP Fantasy [WB] Chronicles of Middle Earth (CRP Open World Mod)

    mike56 said:
    Looks really promising, good luck  :smile:

    Thank you!  :grin:

    Also, I have a little announcement for you guys: our ModDB is now releasing! Here is the link: All news, discussions and status updates of our mod project will be on this ModDB page. So, don't hesitate to check this page regularly, and especially comment this one: your feedbacks are very important for us.  :wink:
  12. MP Fantasy [WB] Chronicles of Middle Earth (CRP Open World Mod)

    Efe Karacar said:
    If you need animations or artworks, I could help part time.

    Thanks for your interest, I have added you on Steam.  :wink:
  13. MP Fantasy [WB] Chronicles of Middle Earth (CRP Open World Mod)

    If you are interested by the project and you want help us, feel free to contact us. At the moment, we actively looking for coders/scripters, mappers and 3D modelers!

    Our Moddb page is still in construction, but it will coming really soon!  :wink:

  14. MP Fantasy [WB] Chronicles of Middle Earth (CRP Open World Mod)

    Thanks to all for your feedback, it is really appreciated!  :grin:

    usnavy30 said:
    Amazing OP presentation. Finally some custom scene props being made for this theme.

    I'm mostly speechless of the thread design but I did have one question in mind right now. When you state some regions will be Neutral in this system, is that scripted to be so or rather enforced?

    Yes, neutral areas system is a script who doesn't allow kills (by players of neutral factions) or teamkills (by players of the same faction) in specific areas. In the case of our Open World, these areas will be almost always present in the faction towns; indeed, spawnkilling will be nothing more than a bad memory  :wink:. I hope I have answer well to your question.
  15. MP Fantasy [WB] Chronicles of Middle Earth (CRP Open World Mod)

    Ruthven said:
    :shock: This looks amazing! Can't wait to see it in action. I can imagine droves of LotR fans will flock to this mod if it is probably advertised, even people who have no interest in Warband. How many slots will each server have?

    Thank you!  :grin:

    Each server will have 200 slots, so the Open World will have a potential of 1800 slots (for 9 servers in total... that is our final plan). Of course, we need to consider that reach 1800 players in the OW is technically impossible, since some slots will be reserved for travelling. So, a potential of 1500 slots in total is more realistic  :wink:
  16. MP Fantasy [WB] Chronicles of Middle Earth (CRP Open World Mod)




  17. MP Fantasy [WB] Chronicles of Middle Earth (CRP Open World Mod)

                                                    Chronicles of Middle Earth (COME) is a multiplayer open world mod that allows players to venture out in the LotR universe. COME brings a very new type of gameplay to Warband, ie. the Open World perspective. The mod will host a real open world...
  18. MP Musket Era [NW] New World Conflict (Video of Early Test for Open World System - PAGE 3)

    Hey guys! Here is a little update of the project. Indeed, we have finally finish to make the little video of tests for Open World system. We found interesting to present the large features of the Open World system in setting the scene of three little fun stories.

    It is important to note that these early tests are specifically realized on a modified NW module (all NW ressources are retained... only the Open World sytem has been added), and not on NWC module. So, you can't see any NWC ressource on the video. For the precision, these early tests were made on three real multiplayer servers available on Mount & Blade server list (you can still see them on multiplayer server list).

    Like the video description said, you also have to take consideration that each travelling between servers was accelerated (normally, a travelling takes 30 seconds to 1 minutes) for not that the video being too long and boring for you.

    Here is the video and enjoy it:  :grin:

    P.S: Stay tuned! The dev team prepares a surprise for you! Public tests on Napoleonics Wars (to test the Open World system) coming soon! We still thinked about how we will proceed... the idea to choose the testers among our fan on our Dev Steam group is a possibility that we like. So, feel free to join the Steam group  :wink::!
  19. MP Musket Era [NW] New World Conflict (Video of Early Test for Open World System - PAGE 3)

    Don't worry guys! thehir will rework the textures of DarthTaco models.... The 3D models are the important thing, and we are happy to have it.... textures are necessary, yes, but are secondary according me: we can modify them all the time. :smile:
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