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  1. Hosting a Dedicated Server Guide

    I'm working on hosting a server for organized line battle events, and the original plan was to use the Captain mode with no respawns, and cavalry disabled, but since Captain is a deathmatch gamemode this doesn't really work.  As this is the first MnB server I have hosted I'm not sure if it is possible to change the weapons/classes available by default or if I would have to create a module for it.

    So my question is: is there a way to change the items/classes that players can use in the Native game, or do I need to make a module that has the setup I want to use?

    Also if anyone has any suggestions on how to set it up so that players get to command a squad like in Captain mode, but there are no respawns, that would be great to.
  2. [S] Diplomacy (old discussion)

    Here's an idea, I have no idea if this is feasible but it would be cool so here it is: Protectorates

    It would be cool if you got into a war with another kingdom (as a monarch not a vassal) and you had the option to turn them into a protectorate when they were severely weakened.  The protectorate would keep any lands that it held when it was made into a protectorate, it should still have control over who it goes to war with, and still be able to assign any lands that it takes by itself.  However when you make it into a protectorate you should have your relation set to like 70 or so, and if it dropped below 30 ish it would rebel and reform its own nation.  While it was your protectorate you should be able to give orders to its lords, though with a high chance of them refusing, as well as have anyone who declared war on you automatically go to war with them.  Also the protectorate should pay you tribute based on how much income it normally would be getting from taxes (if the whole protectorate would have gained 20,000 then you should get 7,500 or something).

    Again I don't know if this is feasible, but it would be pretty awesome.
  3. Bug Reports [V4.5] Read First Post! BUGFIX RELEASED! 11 II/21(GMT+1)

    Serious bug here:

    So i started out a game as a Villians, imported a character with pretty god stats and some gold, then went and hired some black army mercs.  After that I went to Praven, hired as many slavers as i could, and then used my forces to take over Praven.  I built my forces up for awhile, fighting off the occasional raid from the swadians, then went to take Uxhal.  Immediately after taking over the city I got a message saying that my own kingdom had declared war on me.  Sure enough my towns were all hostile and I had to sneak into my own city.
    When I was inside of Praven (after sneaking in) I could garrison my troops, and control what was being built there, but I could not get into the castle to talk to my advisers, and when I left it was still hostile and I needed to sneak back in.
    When i attempte4d to save the game into a new slot, it caused the game to crash with a runtime error.

    I installed the bugfix and am playing on Windows 7, if that makes any difference.
  4. [V4.5] Coming Soon (alpha released)

    Whitestrake said:
    Khadmus said:
    X-mas is shorter, I guess? Sort of a silly thing to post twice about.
    Last time im posting off topic, Its Christmas for a reason, and if everyone just started calling it X-mas, Then you would need to take christmas out of the Holidays because X-mas goes against the very meaning of "CHRIST"mas. Again, its called "CHRIST"mas for a reason, To celibrate Jesus Christ's Birth Day and no other reason, and if you cant add 6 letters to a 9 letter word than theres something wrong.

    First off I apologize for this having nothing to do with the mod.

    That said before ripping on people for saying X-mas maybe you could rip on the Catholics for dropping their own holiday on top of an original pagan holiday, around waaaay before the Church.  Seriously Santa Claus was not originally Saint Nick, that was Catholics trying to make their religion and the pagan ones seem the same to ease conversion. Not only that but the idea that most people actually give a **** that Jesus was supposedly born on X-mas, and that that is why they celebrate, is just ridiculous.

    Again sorry about this being off topic, but people whining about **** they pull out of their asses pisses me off.
  5. [Development] - Suggestions, Brainstorming Thread for V5,62492.0.html

    If you added in this (or something like this) that would be epic.  One thing that might add a little to the feeling of being on the run from the Legion would be if only the Legion AI actually used the formations.  That way the player would feel like they were coming from an advanced land, destined to unite the kingdoms to resist the Legion etc. etc. but the Legion would also be advanced in battle tactics.

    Please don't add fantasy races as a built in feature of the mod, just make them a downloadable add on.

    -As for the Legion coming from overseas would you be able to intercept them as they launched an invasion?  If so it would be nice if you could create patrols on the water that would help to chase down any fleeing enemies.
    -Also for the taking over ports to stop further invasions it would be cool if when you attacked the port from the sea you started the battle on your ships and sailing toward the port, with the defenders fortified on the docks to repel your soldiers from landing.

    DiabloSP said:
    Have you ever upgraded 100+ soldiers in a row? Easy to do with lots of companions with high Trainer bonus.
    You have to upgrade one by one, to get from "Peasant+" to "Peasant*". 100+ clicks.
    I have done it many times. And my index finger is starting to get hurt.
    Is it possible to add a button in the interface for training, to upgrade all soldiers that can be upgraded? Or an option in the Marshal Menu. Anything to avoid the 200+ clicks!.

    The Horde Lands mod (with the magic and fantasy stuff) has a feature that allows you to upgrade soldiers through the camp menu using a little slider bar.  The feature is a little buggy right now but I agree that having to click once for every unit sucks.
  6. Update Notifications?

    Hey guys, I've been playing the beta since the first batch of testers, but I haven't seen anything notifying me when there was a newer version.  So far I have just been checking the download page every few days, but shouldn't there be an email or something when there is a newer version?  Just...
  7. Shields vs Arrows

    Swadius said:
    Skot the Sanguine said:
    The infantry agreed on forming a shield wall to cross the field while the x-bows fired from the ruins.  At a slow march the troops made it halfway across the field before the shields began breaking and a general slaughter ensued.

    That's the problem, you shouldn't clump together in one relatively tight glob if there are people shooting at you. Doing a little crab walk in a loose formation would've helped, at least until you get within the range where a side to side stepping isn't going to throw off the projectile of an arrow.

    Are you serious?  From a realistic stand point the most effective anti-archer formation ever was the roman phalanx.  A true shield should be able to block more than 3 or 4 arrows.  On the other hand sacrificing realism is necessary to some extent, otherwise archers would be almost useless.  Currently even the best shields break fairly quickly but having the shields unbreakable would just suck for archers.

    I recommend making it so that the price of the shield/50=number of arrows to break (or something along those lines)

    That would create a direct correlation between the amount you are willing to invest and the amount of beatings you can take.
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