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  1. SP Dark Ages [SUBMOD] VAGN`S Armour mod for Viking Conquest (Released v 1.1)

    Do you think you could make this mod work with Blood Eagle 2.0 vanilla?  The newest version of Blood Eagle removed all their armors, weapons, and other textures and went back to vanilla and only modifies stuff like vassal opinion, quests, vanilla item stats, quest relations bonus, ship capture chance, etc.
  2. Kidnpped Girl still bugged?

    Still bugged for me as well.

    Can't get rid of the kidnapped girl on .951 because I asked her to come with me and spoke to the Guildmaster and nothing happened, she won't leave and he won't take her back and I can't tell him that I can't complete the mission.
  3. SP Musket Era Modern Pirates mod! Released! V2.5 for 0.751 updated 18/4

    Oh yes, another bug I've found: With merchant quests, the Native merchants give you the quests to guard a convoy, but afterwards the convoy starts out on land in a ship and cannot enter the sea. This makes it impossible to do other quests with merchants until that particular convoy is killed by land raiders or enough time passes by.
  4. SP Musket Era Modern Pirates mod! Released! V2.5 for 0.751 updated 18/4

    You should put in light helmets and cuirrasses for the highest level troops of the Spanish, French, and British troops.

    Here's what a Spanish helmet of the period would look like:

    Here's a British cuirass that was used up until the 19th century:

    Possibly only land forces should be wearing them but they were definitely used in warfare and I think they are owed their place in this mod.
  5. out of static buffer memory

    I use an Nvidia GForce FX 5900XT. It has 128mb. I can't find anywhere in the device manager or in the Nview desktop helper thingy that allows me to change my static buffer vertex memory. I also have this problem and it's a pain in the butt.
  6. SP Musket Era Modern Pirates mod! Released! V2.5 for 0.751 updated 18/4

    I found a bug. When you get a mission from your lords about delivering ketches the dialogue freezes.

    Also, another bug that seems to hit me when I venture too close to the bottom of the map in South America, my comp runs out of static vertex buffer memory and M&B crashes. That only happens to me in massive battles with 200+ combatants so something must be wrong with the campaign map in that area.

    A third bug I've found is that when I try to enter Dorak Keep it crashes because some kind of object is missing.

    A small suggestion: You should have a wooden fort manned by the Natives somewhere.

    Love your mod anyways.
  7. SP Native Knights & Merchants/Calradia Capitalism for 0751 (Alpha)

    I downloaded the mod, it said .51, and the Manor is completely broken. It won't allow you to individually go to any of the places listed when you first enter it, and then you are automatically booted to the main area where all the buildings are 15 feet off the ground so you can't enter any of the rooms.

    Also, the farm overseer guy in front of your keep will just lock you in dialogue without saying a word if you talk to him.

    I have the newest version of M&B, it just seems like your manor is screwed up because the beginning menu doesn't work, you can't click on any of the options and it will just send you to the main place after a few seconds, which is full of floating buildings that you can't enter.
  8. SP Fantasy Northern kingdoms v.0.570 RECRUITING.

    I've been playing your mod for a while and I haven't seen a single Boar Leather Vest anywhere in it. It's not for sale in any of the towns at any of the shopkeepers I've been to. How in the hell are you supposed to get it?
  9. SP Fantasy Northern kingdoms v.0.570 RECRUITING.

    Yeah I also downloaded your newest version and although I'm still soloing at the moment, the enemy still spawns and just sits there until I get close to them, which indicates some spawning problems still going on.
  10. SP Fantasy Northern kingdoms v.0.570 RECRUITING.

    What's a boar leather vest? I've never seen a boar leather vest in any stores. I've seen leather aprons, leather vests, leather jerkins, leather armor, something that looks like Khergit armor but is labelled "Tourney armor" and that's it.
  11. SP Fantasy Northern kingdoms v.0.570 RECRUITING.

    Here's another suggestion: Iron Mountain is a real pain in the ass to climb up because some of those steps don't even work, so it's actually quicker to simply go back and sell them at Zendar. Make it less steep and possibly make the player start out in the center of the village in the starting town so that he doesn't have to walk for a minute each time he completes an arena match or training mission.
  12. SP Fantasy Northern kingdoms v.0.570 RECRUITING.

    Marnid is in some forest area in the very middle of the map.
  13. SP Fantasy Northern kingdoms v.0.570 RECRUITING.

    I just downloaded the newest version and the spawns still seemed bugged. When I attack an enemy most of them will just sit there, and when there are large groups half of my guys will spawn right into the enemy.

    Also, when I initiate dialogue with rangers, they attack me for no reason.

    I also can't get Marnid to join my party because I can't seem to find a padded cloth in any of the stores.
  14. The Last Days v2.4 (for .808) ---Next Release Date Unknown!

    I really wish there was a way to only recruit some of the prisoners out of those freed prisoners but not all of them. You know, pick the ones you want and send the rest on their way. Shouldn't be too hard to implement and would be a good way to get rid of all those freed prisoners roaming the map by just absorbing them into your forces.

    Maybe you could have a code where you can manually talk to a group of freed prisoners and tell them to disperse and they get added to the reserves of your faction.
  15. The Last Days v2.4 (for .808) ---Next Release Date Unknown!

    Are there going to be Dunlander, Easterling, Haradrim, or Corsair heroes?
  16. SP Medieval The Second Crusade Mod (Released for .711)

    The Turks are an entirely different faction and if you want to put them in the mod then feel free, as they also participated vigorously in the crusades. Also the Byzantine Empire did as well. Their style of warfare was mostly like the Black Khergit Raiders, using lots of mounted horse archers and then heavy cavalry. During the time of the Crusades the Turks primarily relied on ranged fire and being able to shoot their opponents full of arrows, but they also had heavy elite cavalry like the Spahi and the Janissaries who made good cavalry and infantry.

    The lowest level Arab troops should be Beduin and Arab tribesmen, the higher level ones should be Mamluks. You can have one set of bandits called "Beduin Bandits" who just ride around wearing headcloths and coarse tunics. You can have another set of Christian bandits who are crusade deserters.

    If I may point out, a lot more people had facial hair in the Middle Ages simply because it was a lot harder to shave back then, which doesn't even go into the question of Muslim men considering it pious to have a beard. Nowadays mustaches are gaining in popularity in many Arab countries but the more poius men still wear beards.

    Oh yeah, and it's true that the Muslims didn't use platemail until later (mostly the Turks). They preferred lamellar and chainmail for its flexibility and light weight during the time of the Crusades.
  17. SP Native Farms, guilds, craftsmen v 0.24 (+ howto guide for modders)

    Sounds great. Do these places generate a fixed amount of income based on wages and whatnot? It would be nice if you included more specific details about your mod in the post if you want more people to use it.
  18. The Last Days v2.4 (for .808) ---Next Release Date Unknown!

    I'd also like to point out that the availability of Captains of Gondor is very limited. There are only so many Lesser Hosts that the enemy puts out and the only one on my map at this moment had it's Captian killed in another battle. Right now I've got 3 Leiutenants of Gondor in my prisoner train and I'm angry because I'm eyeballing this Lesser Host of Haradrim that has 3 Captains of Gondor as prisoners, 2 of which I personally knocked out for them, and as of yet I haven't gotten a single mission to capture a Leiutenant.

    And yes, when you are high enough level, you can take on that whole big Lesser Host of Gondor by yourself if you want to cheat your pants off and continually hit Ctrl-H during a battle, but when you play with High level AI and the battle size changer that puts the number of men on the field to 80-100 and you've got over a dozen Knights of Dol Amroth running over your Uruks and taking out your horse, then things get a bit hairier when you are trying to solo and be Rambo whilst simultaneously trying to keep that enemy captain alive so you can knock him out.

    I'm just saying it would be nice if you could bribe a stack of your allied troops to hand him over to you. You don't get very many missions as Isengard so the ones you do get you have to complete them if you want to advance in rank.
  19. SP Medieval The Second Crusade Mod (Released for .711)

    The heaviest armor that the Muslim troops should wear should be guard helmets and lamellar armor. The Kataphract horse from the Hugemod with it's lamellar style plating would be perfect for the Mamluk Khassaki (the elite horse troops of the Mamluk armies).

    Low level Muslim soldiers should have headcloths and coarse tunics, light should have nomad armor and nomad caps/steppe caps, medium level ones should have Padded Armor or chain hauberks, spiked helmets, leather gloves, etc.

    Weapons should be scimitars, fighting axes, hand axes, spears, lances, spiked maces, nomad sabres, glaives, and any specialist weapons you guys would like to make.

    All Muslim men should be wearing facial hair, as it was and still is considered pious to have facial hair in Islam.

    Muslims not wearing shirts would be immodest and totally out of the question. When you are in a hot desert climate you need robes of some type to keep the sun from directly hitting your skin, usually sandy colored or white. Muslim warriors often wore brightly colored clothing along with their armor and weapons. It is also considered pious for Muslim men to wear some kind of covering over their head, like a turban, headcloth, those little beanies you see modern ones wearing here in the US, etc.

    Here are some pictures to give you a few examples:

    I would also recommend you replace the Dark Knights with Mongolian War Parties, and the Khergit Raiders with Mongol Raiders. Whichever side you choose to be the Muslims, like say the Vaegirs, their deserters should be changed into the Hashishin. That's just my two cents.
  20. The Last Days v2.4 (for .808) ---Next Release Date Unknown!

    You know what would be really cool? If you could bribe or buy off a captain or leiutenant from the prisoner stable of one of your allied stacks. My mission to capture a Captain of Gondor has failed twice because I can't take a Lesser Host of Gondor on my own and every time I manage to knock the bastard out, the other stack of Mordor/Isengard troops takes him as a prisoner at the end of the battle.

    It's really frustrating to have spent all your faction points on artifacts only to have 2 quests that you can't complete (the other being 3 guardsmen of gondor, which is bugged but will be fixed) be your only ones as Isengard. Right now I'm just wandering around killing orcs, refugees, and bandits trying to build up faction points that I really really need to get my mithril armor, but instead have to spend them telling my lords that I can't get the job done.
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