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  1. Cynfar

    Dev Blog 23/08/18

    I am currently at Gamescom, but was told that the Taleworlds booth is not open to the public, just to devs, journalists etc.
    Is that true for all days?
  2. Cynfar

    MP Fantasy [WB] Chronicles of Middle Earth (CRP Open World Mod)

    This Mod however stands out from all the others, of course not through its setting, but through its concept. Instead of usual PW Mods, which die after 2 weeks, due to beeing a simple reskin, this actually takes another approach. In this Mod wont be Clans ruling the servers, and terrorizing new people, or everytime you log in you have to first look for a new faction, instead there are set factions with set leaders, creating a way better atmosphere, more alike to an MMO, with Sandbox features.
    Hopefully it will be a great environment for RP and long-time playability, instead of all those PW Mods with their promising new settings, however not bringing anything actually new to the table.
    Besides this setting will drive many people just to check out the Mod, since everyone likes LotR :smile:
  3. Cynfar

    SP Native [WB] Blood for Land (December 10th = Alpha release!)

    Looks good, will there also be workers though? Could the Maps also be a but complexer, and maybe some AI ordering for the enemy troops?
  4. Cynfar

    SP Fantasy Kingdoms of Arda (Lord of the Rings for Bannerlord)

    Good luck  :party: , hopefully you can start working on this soon:grin:
  5. Cynfar

    SP Native [WB] Blood for Land (December 10th = Alpha release!)

    Cant wait,so this is basically Age of Warbands?
  6. Cynfar

    SP Fantasy [WB] Norsca - BLOOD & GLORY

    Yes! Can never have enough Warhammer Mods  :party:
    Good luck with this
  7. Cynfar

    SP Native Fantasy Nysne - Metamorphosis (Version 1.2 - check p.5)

    That looks awesome! Gotta download this tomorrow or so  :party:
  8. Cynfar

    Off Topic Thread - The Banterbrigade

    Is this Mod still a thing? Are there still Events?
  9. Cynfar

    works vikingr on mac?

    Try it out:wink:
  10. Cynfar

    SP Fantasy [WB] Hyrule: Zelda's Warband

    In what time of Zelda does this take place though? Not a big Pro on Zelda, but I figure the games played in different ages, right?
  11. Cynfar

    SP Antiquity [WB] Dawn of Man - Reborn/Redone/Remastered

    Awesome. Any idea when the Mod will be released?  :grin:
  12. Cynfar

    SP Antiquity [WB] Dawn of Man - Reborn/Redone/Remastered

    This is still a thing? Sweet :party:

    Do you guys plan to have dinosaurs? Saw one in a Screenshot, but didnt remember you mentioned it any time when you first released the thread.
  13. Cynfar

    SP Fantasy [WB] Gothic - The second war

    Wow, those orks look, well certainly not sweet  :lol:
    Good luck to you!  :grin:
  14. Cynfar

    Vikingr is NOT dead event | Temporarily stopped (more info in the thread)

    Danke for organizing the Event!  :grin:
  15. Cynfar

    SP Antiquity [WB] Gallic Wars

    Interesting setting, some of the other roman mods have some nice textures already, so you could also ask their authors for advice or even ask to use them.

    Also, Singleplayer or Multiplayer or rather both?
  16. Cynfar

    PREVIOUS EVENT: Battle of Maldon (November 16th)

    Ohhh great news  :lol:
  17. Cynfar

    PREVIOUS EVENT: Battle of Maldon (November 16th)

    Is the Map actually still saved by someone?
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