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  1. Bows are WAY too accurate.

    Most people here are f1 + f3 player and they unit die by their archer and cry and post PLS NERF ARCHER. pftt git gud
  2. Bandit Seems Rare Nowdays

    what i mean is they spawn seems rare after new patch e1.0.11, Usually steppe bandit and desert bandit swarming at certain area but when i go to the area just a few bandit around. this day i play liked 12 hour and roaming the map and it confirm that they spawning rate are not liked they should be. Maybe Dev and the team nerf they spawn rate bcus people keep complaining about how certain bandit overpower. Sorry for bad english its not my main language.
  3. Bandit Seems Rare Nowdays

    Where are they? why so they spawn seem decrease? Just started new games > go to desert > Find desert bandit & stepee bandit > Where Are they? > Found 1 group of desert bandit > Group of 3 desert bandit > Laugh
  4. Khuzait horse archers are OP AF

    Learn History kids. Gengkhis kan counquer Rome, china whith they horse archer. They just good and they should be.
  5. Khuzait horse archers are OP AF

    You just noob againts them. GIT GOOD noob. Terrain , Formation. Its all about stratergy, if you cant Deal with them dont fight them Pfttt
  6. Were the graphics DOWNGRADED?

    They probally twerk the lighting for people who always crash maybe. but i dont like if they downgrade the game for the crasher to play :sad:. i enjoying the graphic.
  7. SP - General Battanians need adjustments

    I disaggre with this because their are noble troop and not easy to get everyday(ingame) . i think they are balance enough.
  8. Patch Notes e1.0.7

    So reduce the money you get from caravans, fiefs, and workshops?

    Perhaps, but I'd rather see town upgrades that cost upwards of 50k. Perhaps even upwards of 100k. It would be better for the game if the devs created something for us to do with all the money rather than just nerfing it.

    Either way, equipment needs to be a lot cheaper. They're basically vanity items in the grand scheme of things. A player's personal input on combat is negligible to the outcome in all but the smallest battles.

    And if you nerf equipment prices you also nerf battle-loot, which is a much bigger contributor to all the late-game wealth players have than enterprises. It'll balance eachother out.

    I aggre with this guy +1
  9. Patch Notes e1.0.7

    About Nerfing the money gain from tourney? Horse reduce from inventories after winning the battle? this is not importhing to do right now and also not good for early gameplay. The main thing is to add where the money player get to spend it. Increase XP perk/skill player because it reallyx10 hard to level up. Sorry for my bad english. Love from Malaysia.
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