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  1. Banned for 10years?

    Well, what did you say? Given the state of the game right now, I have to believe that your situation was personally looked into by someone with some sort of authority. I HIGHLY doubt that you've been banned for dropping a mere "Fbomb"...

    If I had to guess based purely upon my MP experience thus far, the chances are high that you're probably some sort of the deus vult/white supremacist trash that infests this game. If not, I hope it get sorted out quickly. If so, I applaud TW for taking steps to remove degenerate filth from their product.
    Deus vult/ white supremacist trash eh? Mate can't you leave your political ideologies on the doorstep and just play the game and enjoy it? Like your political viewpoint doesn't add anything to the game or this forum and neither does my ideologies so just put that stuff away and just play the game.
  2. Secret factions anyone?

    I think secret factions is something they should add to the game. You know if you plan to betray the kingdom you are with or splitting of from them down the road and forming your own kingdom, you could make a secret faction and recruit lords to your secret faction instead of the kingdom you are...
  3. Bannerlord SP First Reactions: Megathread

  4. Patch Notes e1.0.3

    Lol my saves are still getting corrupted and i can't load them and crash when i try
  5. Corrupted saves make game unplayable

    Hello. I have come to a point where i only have one good save left that i can actually load. I try to load that and play but when i create a new save it won't let me load it and crashes my game. This has made the game completely unplayable becuase if i can't save i can't quit the game which...
  6. Friendly AI is STUPID

    Okay so i had a pretty even match against the empire, my 35 units against their 40. I had basically killed all their infantry but i got sniped by a archer (really op btw pls fix) but i had told everyone to charge in before i died. The AI takes over my troops and proceeds to run around in circles...
  7. Every battle over 30 people lag and chops so bad its nearly unplayable

    When i try to raid a village or attack a bandit group and the battle contains more than 30 people in total it will start chopping and lagging so that i get killed really killed because i can't see anything/ respond when its sooooo laggy. Idk bought this game for like 60 dollars and i can't even...
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