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  1. Hope and self improvement are the foundations of mount and blade 2

    I think I bought the game when it was initially released a few years ago, for like 40 bucks or so, i don't remember the precise amount. But I would unironically spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on this game. This is one of the best financial investments I've made. A game bought for 40...
  2. I pray for micro battle management

    I think that micro management is sometimes way more important than general management of the units. For example, I want archers to target mounts that easier to down than to simply target the riders if they are too well armored and arrows are not too efficient against them. I want cavalry to...
  3. Why is everyone dumb and superman in the native combat mode?

    If you want to talk physics:

    Every one of those flying shields is a dead infantryman.
    Seems reasonable. Btw if that makes sense then not only do I not mind but I prefer it. I like the idea that I win a battlefield fairly and that my opponents gave their best before going down.

    Now, there has to be some technique or some very basic tactic of handling some damage to cavalry. These horses can trample over people and send organs flying in different directions, especially when it's a big horse going at a high speed. But there has to be some countermeasure historically speaking. I can not imagine that simply having horses is like an ace card promising 0 casualties. btw you are more than welcome to critique the physics and natural logic of the combat. Constructive criticism means a better game for all of us.

    But horses going at relatively low speed will definitely feel a spear, I think. So the difference dictated by speed and energy is a big one. If the spears were stuck to the ground pointed at the horses and not that fragile I assume some horses would get pierced or at least trip somewhat.

    I just want death, that is all. And I want a battle where people aren't superheroes but actual people that get injured and die very easily, like in real life. Not endless stamina.
  4. Why is everyone dumb and superman in the native combat mode?

    Real medieval battles took hours to conclude, often going all day and only stopping with sunset, and the majority of the losing side generally walked away alive and unharmed from it.
    The behavioral aspect is hard to get right because true realism would mean a much more boring game to many people. There is a difference between human behavior AI and physics. I mostly talked about the physical aspect. The human one is much more debatable. But under the presumption that no one is afraid to die in battle and only the numbers count it seems to me that they should be more effective than they are in native mode. RBM is a very good example of massive improvement to mount and blade 2 in my opinion.
  5. Why is everyone dumb and superman in the native combat mode?

    I'm not an expert on medieval warfare but I have watched a fair few programs about it and read a few books. The whole idea of using a horse as a living battering ram sounds like a good idea until you realize how much training goes into making a horse, which is prey animal, obey commands when combat is raging all around them. Medieval knights formed a bond with horses which makes sense because of how much time they spent together.
    While a horse certainly could be used to knock down an opponent they're still flesh and blood and eventually they're going to take an injury too. Would you want to risk the life of an animal you've spent 1000's of hours working with and training just to knock down a few soldiers in hopes you'll take them out more easily? Think about it another way, I own a 100lb American Bulldog I believe he would and could disarm a few guys who had knifes. If I were put in such a situation there's no way in hell I would just send it after them so I could have an easier time. He's my friend and just wasting his life is not something I'm willing to do. I imagine that it would be something like that for a knight, probably even more so because of all the training it takes. Just my 2 cents.
    It sounds about right that a person won't want to lose his horse. In the RBM mod cavalry seems to be more chill and smarter, staying away from pikes and spears and not necessarily rushing to ram infantry.

    However as a simulation game to me it is less of a concern what humans would do, and it's more important to have the physics aspect done right. I know of cases of car crashes where people hit a camal, yes an actual camal, and they died. It makes sense that people won't want to go on a suicide mission, but it is a simulation game where we as players want death and we want kills. Medieval battles weren't a pc game, so they didn't seek out death but we do. I think that at the very least it is agreeable that physics have to change in the native mode. And even if the behavior AI doesn't change, at least the physical aspect should match reality.
  6. Why is everyone dumb and superman in the native combat mode?

    Horses aren't invincible. It's dumb that the enemy doesn't shoot the horses in their feet. Spearmen use spears, which is what a reasonable unit does against horsemen. Horses should naturally break the ever living duck out of anyone in it's way, broken bones spilled out brains. The horse will...
  7. Mods make this game

    I have a few and few mods. Realistic Battle Mod is in my opinion one of the things that make this game 3 times better. It's bizarre how a non-official party manages to set up a system that improves the game way beyond its initial form. And I am left wondering why and how it is that work is left...
  8. Battle tactics in this game are so bad and dumb

    i think you bought the wrong game...
    Considering what I expected this game to be I suppose I did.
  9. Battle tactics in this game are so bad and dumb

    I am literally limited to 10 types of formations, unable to save these presets, unable to separate units of the same type into different formations, unable to name or design formations in any way, and I have to do it in real time as if it's a mindless shooting game. Literally 0 room for...
  10. Seriously, what is going on with the development team?

    I can not fathom how normal regular people can come up with mods like Army Formations Made Easy, improved garrisons and Companion Party Control while the actual team, the people who get paid for this, can't even come close to such basic concepts? Seriously. Someone tell me what is going on, how...
  11. The troops limit on big armies is so dumb

    I had a faction ally party of 90 troops join my 240 troops army against a 500 troops army. The battle begins and I get only 100 of my troops in bad percentages of different formations as I needed more cavalry, the ally party charges like idiots, get slaughtered and I don't even get my entire...
  12. A few questions about battle formations and behaviour

    1. Is it possible to tell a cavalry unit to protect another like archers? 2. Is it possible to separate say 50 infantrymen out of 100 BEFORE battle into a different formation? The menu only allows for changing formations for complete units, not parts of them, so if I have 100 battanian heroes I...
  13. Party speed abysmally low

    I have hundreds of spare horses in my inventory and I'm still too slow. I can't get anyone or run away from anyone, I sometimes move at a speed of 1. Just what? I failed quests because of this. At my best with an only cavalry party i was at best at 3.3 while bandits get 4.9 and even 6. This...
  14. Battle layout - Is it possible to create sub-groups and even do it prior to the match?

    It doesn't exist and I'm not sure it should, micro-managing your troops to such an extent seems like overkill to me.
    what do you mean overkill? What kind of a mindset is that to overkill in sophistication? I swear some people don't want this game improved.
  15. Will this game ever get optimize???

    a 3080? lol this is a cpu intensive game, not gpu. If you buy a 3080 especially on 1080p you will barely see any difference.

    If anything, I would assume adding more cores would be the main difference in effect. Like a 3950x with 16 cores 32 threads, not a gpu.
  16. Battle layout - Is it possible to create sub-groups and even do it prior to the match?

    When I'm in battle, there a few groups like cavalry, footmen, bowmen and horse archers that are default to the layout. But I need something more, like to have one of my companions command over a few sub-groups, which could be composed of different types like both archers and footmen, and me...
  17. I need to be able to command over multiple armies

    As an example, while I'm at vlandia which is at the western side of the map, I sometimes get attacked from the eastern side. So I need one army for vlandia and another for the khuzait, because parties alone are very limited in numbers, like 120 troops which is nothing. I need to be able to...
  18. I wish there were more very basic stuff

    Dont know why people still dont understand what early access means after this long line of early access games.....but sure its been confusing to when the line has been drawn in so many different directions and excuses to safeproduce something.

    However the game is still in production and not finished yet which they have stated
    And? The point remains, I didn't doom this game to failure, just pointing out very basic stuff that everyone agrees on.
    And particularly because of that reason, people like me adding pressure and suggestions will come into play and manifest in the end result.

    If nobody says anything now in this early access stage you mention, then the implied conclusion is that it's fine as is, which shouldn't be the answer.
  19. I wish there were more very basic stuff

    It's really not complicated to add just simple behavior content, like - Being able to send a separate army to conquer a town Being able to station soldiers outside of some village with commands like ambushing or waiting etc. Things like that. I find the current game even with many mods added...
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