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  1. Godfrey de Ibelin

    How to increase rate of spawning items ( czekan )

    Nice to know any little tips on how to get items your looking for. I use the teleport a lot to get to city to for things I'm looking for. But takes a lot f time.
  2. Godfrey de Ibelin

    The Complete Idiot's Guide to Installing the SVN version of Anno Domini 1257

    It is nice to see this mod still going. I just reinstalled the game & mod. love it
  3. Godfrey de Ibelin

    The Complete Idiot's Guide to Installing the SVN version of Anno Domini 1257

    Metaldwarf said:
    I downloaded the SVN version and everything seemed to work fine, when I try to start a new game it gets to the loading screen and then inexplicably freezes.

    I checked Tutorial and Custom Battle, they both loaded fine (though the face for my avatar in Custom Battle was pixelated). I'd really like to check out this fascinating mod, any advice would be appreciated.
    wait a couple of minutes and the game will start..
  4. Godfrey de Ibelin

    Painted Greathelms dev1257 sub-mod (*updated for r213*)

    Can someone do this for the 3 nice winged helms that were takin out please?
  5. Godfrey de Ibelin


    Thanks, I wasnt sure so i only hired the ones with the same religion.
  6. Godfrey de Ibelin


    When you recruit companions and have them rule one of your  fiefs, does it effect you in any kind of way if they are of other religion?
  7. Godfrey de Ibelin

    Latest update

    Try to delete 1257 folder, make a new one, name it, SVN it, and check out? Thats what i did/do when i have problems.
  8. Godfrey de Ibelin

    Painted Greathelms dev1257 sub-mod (*updated for r213*)

    Thanks very much for making this MOD even better. Now i just hope to see them 3 sexy winged helms brought back to the mod.
  9. Godfrey de Ibelin

    made some great helm retextures/painted great helms

    stevehoos said:
    stefan140 said:
    Ok will do  :smile: . Just out of curiosity though, what about them is historically inaccurate? I just wanna know because I myself tend to be picky about things like that. I tried to make the colours not too bright, but I really dont know. The sources I found (which may very well be unreliable) say that rich knights often had their helms painted and decorated as early as the late 12th century. How they were painted and what colours? I'm not sure. But seeing as a lot of research has gone into this mod I imagine some of you might know more..

    I am not sure myself what would be historically inaccurate about them, I was just saying they might be, but I don't think they are? Hope that makes sense! I will certainly use them, because they add some more options!  :mrgreen: :mrgreen: thank you! They certainly could have been easily made during that time period.  :mrgreen:
    They are very nice and I would love to see them added to this GREAT mod. like said before, the more options the better the game.
  10. Godfrey de Ibelin


    Krowanthus said:
    semigall said:
    Lone knight

    Bro i wish my computer could use Direct X9 without any crashes...what pc specs you guys have to make it run and look so cool.
    :wink: Im sorry i know this is a screenshot thread but just have to ask.
    I know my pc has 4g of ram...thats all lol
    Your better off spending the few $$$ or 1,$$$ and buy a NEW PC. That way it will meet tour demands for at least 6 years.
  11. Godfrey de Ibelin

    SP Native [WB] Swadian Interregnum 1387 [WIP] (3 Mirrors)

    This mod looks like it might be promising... Love the units armour. I'll be watching this one. Keep up the work.
  12. Godfrey de Ibelin


    Nu-Lz said:
    Godfrey de Ibelin said:
    That was one of the better helms in game. Why can that one and the version that had the black cloth over the top be brought back . Most of all, the 3 really nice winged helms back.

    Because these helmets are anachronistic in the Year 1257. And as far as I know the creators of this mod are trying to make it as historical accurate as possible.
    Right, that is the reason I and many others play this great mod. Might even be the best mod hands down. I'm 28 years old so i dont want no fantasy and fake hourse sh$t. More real the better.  But to add some nice items that just might be 1-2 hundred years off will not hurt anyones feelings. If they dont want to use it just dont use it.
  13. Godfrey de Ibelin



    You F*=K my wife?!?!
  14. Godfrey de Ibelin


    kuauik said:
    Batko said:
    Hi just testing.
    First of:
    Amazing mod,big big thanks to you guys for doing this.

    On first image just a little bit of hp.
    By some reason the prison in aragonian castle of Alcoi is outside the castle.
    the first picture is not from the new version :sad:
    That was one of the better helms in game. Why can that one and the version that had the black cloth over the top be brought back . Most of all, the 3 really nice winged helms back.
  15. Godfrey de Ibelin

    General Suggestion thread - 0.97Beta.

    It is sad to here this great mod is coming to an end/finish. I just hope the 3 winged helms are added back in. thanks for the time you all took to make this for all to enjoy. SALUTE
  16. Godfrey de Ibelin

    kuauik's sweatshop ;0)

    I would love to have the 3 winged helms and the full face mail coif back in game.
  17. Godfrey de Ibelin

    Latest update

    Never mind. i just did a fresh install,179290.0.html
  18. Godfrey de Ibelin

    Latest update

    i messed something up i think. I did an update, updated a few things but ended in an error msg before saying complete. So i tried again and says this error msg in the SVN updater ...                                     Update Failed Error Working copy 'C:\Program Files...
  19. Godfrey de Ibelin

    B Medieval [WB] Crusader - Way to expiation

    I have been watching this mod for 3/4 years now. So REALLY dont PaNiC. But i hope its not dead. Would love to play this specialy since 1257ad is done and i think that was/is the best mod to date.
  20. Godfrey de Ibelin

    1257ad future

    Well first here are the 7 virtual virgins for each modder. Hands down this is/was the best mod for M&B. In my case it gave a beat game great replay value. Which is always great to get your money value out of a game now days. Thanks alot for your time guys. SALUTE!!
    Just would like to say i would really like to see the armour set from pic back in game.
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