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  1. Gandamula

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    It seems that this patch still hasn't solved the problem with the Mod Calardia Expanded, there are a lot of people who stopped playing this game because they don't have that map, I play the latest version with the Mod from time to time, I have the updates turned off, but I would like to see what's new.
  2. Gandamula

    Ghost patch strike again. RMB already fixed.

    It broke the RMB mod, when the archers start to fire, but the mod was already fixed. Just a information.
  3. Gandamula

    Will changing the game version to beta 1.0.3 prevent the Update?

    Looks like the ghost patch strike again, the 1.03 beta version doesn't prevent it.
  4. Gandamula

    Will changing the game version to beta 1.0.3 prevent the Update?

    I'm in the official 1.0.3 version of the game, and I'm enjoying the gameplay with lots of mods, I don't want another surprise update who will spoil it and made me wait for all my mods updates. As I don't see nothing in Steam like, "Stop automatic updates", I change the game version to Beta1.0.3...
  5. Gandamula

    Patch Notes v1.0.3

    No problem with mods so far, I barley noticed the update.
  6. Gandamula

    Game crashes: Better or Worse since Official Launch?

    Few crashes and I use lots of mods,crashes only when the shadow patch the game.
  7. Gandamula

    Beta Patch Notes v1.0.3

    Take your time TW, a month or two, I don't need my gameplay spoiled to add almost nothing.
  8. Gandamula

    bannerlord son zamanlarda pingim çok fazla

    Eu não percebi uma única palavra.
  9. Gandamula

    Mods vs No Mods

    When you have to use a Mod like Party Screen Enhancements to have troops lined up by type on the screen, it's a sign that TW is also passing some onus to Modders.
  10. Gandamula

    Mods vs No Mods

    Playing the vanilla game after using mods like Banner Kings, Caldaria Expanded and so on feels like going back to an alpha version of the game.
    So,try some Custom Spawns mods and you will feel vannila Calardia as a desert,I really can't imagine this game without mods like that ones.
  11. Gandamula

    What is the next big update we will get?

    As I said a year ago, that's what the game is, nothing else will be added except in a future paid addon, and even then it will be accessory content that won't bring changes of substance or depth in the strategic component. It will never be a CK because let's not forget that this game is already on consoles.
  12. Gandamula

    Do you play by entering towns, villages and taverns normally?

    For the first time since several versions ago, today I entered in a city and walked around, it's amazing how so much and so beautiful work is wasted, there's no reason to go into cities or towns, nothing to do,is just to have a look around, and then spend several months without going back there...
  13. Gandamula

    Mods vs No Mods

    The vast majority of people use mods, I hope that at least this will serve as a warning for TW to end these updates without warning .
  14. Gandamula

    Crash on Start Up

    I am trying to get back into the game and loaded version 1.7.1 through the Beta selector.
    I have no mods installed, and the game crashes on start up!
    I then tried 1.7.2 and it's the same.
    Game files verified with no problems detected.
    Any ideas?
    Thank you.
    I'm not sure but that happens to me once and I have to install the 1.8.0,try it. Is something related with languages, you can try to fix it.
  15. Gandamula

    Do you ABSOLUTELY have to update the game every other day?

    There should be an option to do automatic updates or not.
  16. Gandamula

    Do you ABSOLUTELY have to update the game every other day?

    I miss the Early access when we can chose, now is a nightmare with constan and irrelevant Patches. Anyway to prevent the game update?
  17. Gandamula

    Patch Notes v1.0.2

    delete and install new version mcm and butterlib will fixs some issue but still some mods cant work
    and on my mod list
    changing culture
    better fief trades
    only those 2 doesnt work
    cuz json i guess
    so its fine
    Looks like it fix my game, tanks.
  18. Gandamula

    Patch Notes v1.0.2

    The crash is related with Butterlib.
  19. Gandamula

    Patch Notes v1.0.2

    the update kills my all mods thank u
    How to remove this piece of crap, 46 MB of nothing spoils my gameplay, I'm missing the Early access, we could chose install or not.I wish TW would go do something else, go on vacation, watch football, work in the garden, whatever.
  20. Gandamula

    Can't set my wife as archer?

    Assingn groups in Party menu was much better than this new mess system. But they want spoil the game even more.
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