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  1. Rhodok Sargents

    I haven't played M&B in a while, but last I heard Rhodock Sharpshooters were better at melee than the Sergeants.
  2. Great game! but economics make no sense

    Sometimes the cattle will go down fast enough as to become a very high positive number where you can get lots of cattle cheap.
  3. Nordic Cavalry

    DamienZharkoff said:
    ATM all you need is about 50 mounted units and you'll own any nord group with minimal losses using basic scatter techniques. If they had some normal troops on horseback they could easily break up your nice formly swadian knights by just being somewhat faster then the normal troops
    That is because the Nord lords have no idea how to use their Nord troops.

    Furthermore, as a Khergit/Nord, I find that I take decent losses from nords with Khergits, and order all of my mounted units to dismount as Nord (don't want to be like mountain bandits having my forces come in two waves). The only thing that I would like is an AI that will actually mount horses when you order them to and not several minutes later.

    Grimworg said:
    -Rhodocks are supposed to be the best Spearmen in the game, and essentially they are, you cannot engage the Rhodocks in battle without some sort of causalties to your mounted forces.  Unless of course, your extremely lucky, or in my case, use them only after the infantry has engaged them.

    while I agree with everything else you said, Rhodocks suck against cavalry, suck against infantry, and suck against archers (but not crossbowmen). I often fought Rhodock forces as a Khergit without losses. I'm hoping the Dinosia implementation of the Rhodock fix will lessen this problem, though.
  4. Lords loyalty

    I like
  5. Border Wars & Bigger Armies

    Triosta said:
    I'd rather see borders themselves. You know, stone walls separating the factions, with 3 or 4 paths through said wall.

    This is not China, there is no Great Wall

    In medieval times they really didn't make such walls, what they did instead was have castles. Castles would prevent anyone going past them in medieval times. They could attack you in any number of ways, send a force after you, attack your supply line... Instead of walls, castles should just have a garrison that can sally forth to defeat an invading army. This will also require castle garrisons to be larger, and lord friends that follow you to help you with sieges.
  6. regarding recruits

    good idea, bythorsbeard.

    bythorsbeard said:
    Plus it would keep me from having to travel all the damned way across the map to get my own faction troop type.

  7. Gimmie back my castle

    indeed, those Rhodocks are really annoying, they know how to play diplomacy. In my current game they have Ismirala castle and jamiche castle and are at war with none of the surrounding factions to my knowledge (they have never been besieged since the rhodocks took them). It is especially annoying since I have coveted ismirala castle since I got my fief (Tismirr)
  8. 3 way battles

    I oppose >4 way battles, but 3 way would be nice. As has been pointed out, this will not restrict the player in any way because an AI party would work to maximize the gain/loss ratio in terms of troops only and thus always wait for a battle to be over, leaving the player as the only possible 3 way participant.

    Furthermore, this greatly decreases the amount of AI work that needs to be done. Also note that just because it "works" in a free-for-all arena doesn't mean it will work on the battlefield.
  9. Veagir Elephants and Khergit Camels!

    war elephants were a historic mount, but we are talking Persians here, not Romans, and definitely not medieval. Furthermore, I do not believe elephants were too effective in their time, and with medieval steel...

    Khergit camels? It would be a possibility...if they didn't live in the mountains and steppe.
  10. Dionisia (Custom Order Equipment, +) for 0.960 Updated: Mon, July 7

    I have not experienced it but I know other have. It is not a problem with this mod.

    There seems to be a bug when recruiting swadians from the swadian knight. The top tier has no name and all the tiers before it have the name of the next tier.
  11. Dionisia (Custom Order Equipment, +) for 0.960 Updated: Mon, July 7

    bornfree said:
    Dan_Grr said:
    To everyone having some difficulty, here's the 3 main NPCs you want to interact to take advantage of this mod:

    - DIONISIA is in a village near the castle. She's on the biggest building of that village. Enter it. There is one guy standing on the right, in front of you. Pass the other door. You're there, on Dionisia' shop. There are also other NPCs there. Go talk to them and you will understand how things work around there.

    - BERNARDO (spelling). Also called Myyrnid (sp). He's in the Myyrnid Library, which is in the castle. Enter the castle, and go to any one other, either on the right or on the left it doesn't matter. Go up whenever you can and you will find the library. In there there are 2 NPCs directly in front of you. Talk to the guy in the black robe (Bernardo), he is the lord of the castle and the NPC responsible for changing all the ON-OFF options. There is another NPC in there guarding a sword, but I don't really know his role in the game, except to swarm you with word tricks.

    - GEORGE. This guy is responsible for several types of mercenaries recruitment. Talk to him to know how things work. You'll find this a most welcoming feature. George is in the barracks, the building located right next to the castle. It's easy to spot once you know there's a building there. There will be 1 Charger and 1 Warhorse resting outside.

    Thank you Dan_Grr
    I had already found her in the large building (with banner hanging at the entrance) in the village near the Castle - All of them inside the Castillo del Aguila. I am sorry for any trouble I gave you.  :smile:

    And I found Bernardo in the castle. He is difficult to locate as I had running around the Castle going to the top (roof level) of the Castle, then go downstair to other part of the room.....dungeon....especially an underground tunnel leading to Dionisia's shop.....and finally, I was so lucky that I found a DOOR to Library and Mr. Bernardo was standing inside it. Thanks GOD !!

    Then, George was found in the Barrack right next to the Castle, the barrack was attached to the castle at the side with a stair in front of the entrance (with banner hanging at the entrance).

    Actually, I was a little bit angry at that time, as there are so many NPC running arround say something - like nothing - but I could not stop them. It was very very very annoyed when you have to search a person inside a huge village & complicated castle, approach everyone but find nothing, only rubbish conversation  :evil:. Especially the castle, it was dark and have so many doors/rooms/stairs leading to different area (I treated it as a TRAP !!)  :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Me too. Thanks Dan_Grr
  12. Morale and routing

    the AI actually needs to have some sort of  troop "cohesion" (ie. work together) before a morale system gets implemented. The khergits are strong enough thank you very much.
  13. Scrap the party size limit, increase the upkeep cost of troops.

    pop limit is just a bad idea to begin with, I say the whole thing should be scrapped for a morale-only system. The morale system keeps party sizes at reasonable levels (greater than 100 troops is somewhat difficult to do), and is not particularly arbitrary. I don't think it would unbalance things either, especially if lords retreated when at 40 party size.

    check out this thread for another (better) approach to getting rid of party sizes and splitting higher/lower tier troops:,38867.msg1002867.html#msg1002867
  14. Remove unit type limits!

    Its probably just an arbitrary limit that was included to avoid wasting space/time (probably using an array to store the data). That said, When dealing with 2-3 faction's troop trees and sticking them all in a castle, I sometimes find it annoying.

    If I am correct in the diagnosis of the problem (the limitations of arrays), then the logical solution would be to increase the unit type limit to 1.5 times (or possibly even double) what it is, or to switch to a linked list implementation (probably would take too much work for the benefit).
  15. Controlling a campaign

    I did that once to a marshal myself. He gave me the follow me quest and I was going to help him, but then I realized that if I didn't the quest would be over :razz:.
  16. Between Siege rounds

    The 0.903 system was much better (and equal with the current AI)
  17. Simple AI change

    When an AI footman is attacking cavalry, the footman should choose the side that will generate the most speed bonus.Too often my horse is whacked in the butt when the footman could've knocked me clear off my horse.
  18. SP Native Battle Morale (v1.5 for 0.960Native)

    Does this make the AI work together more or just run away when they are scared?
  19. Observation mode

    I may try that.
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