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  1. Brentimus Maximus

    Can't flirt after a failed romance attempt

    I've had a similar problem, my character is under 25 but I didn't think it was related to a failure on another chick. I thought the courtship had timed out or something.
  2. Brentimus Maximus

    Patch Notes v1.1.1

    How do you find out it failed? Haven't seen that. But what I have seen is if after finishing both sets of dialogues, you go to the clan leader, but the spouse had been captured or in a cool down, the finalizing the marriage dialogue won't be available, it doesn't tell you this, but later if they are freed you can get it.

    Should really take the time to write a line for NPC to tell the player "????? is a prisoner so you can't get married right now".
    It only gives the option to "give me another chance" and It says I'm sorry we just aren't compatible but I never got a chance to do the three dialogue options in the first place.
  3. Brentimus Maximus

    Patch Notes v1.1.1

    Several of my courtship failed without me even getting the chance to talk to them and try the speech options. Does courtship have an auto time out now?
  4. Brentimus Maximus

    Fog of war is extremely annoying and time consuming.

    Personally I like it as a first step but sure it could use some polish especially with enemy troop compositions.
  5. Brentimus Maximus

    Patch Notes v1.1.0

    Nobody else is getting the issue where members of your own faction are becoming your prisoners?
  6. Brentimus Maximus

    Patch Notes v1.1.0

    I had a very bad bug that may have ruined my campaign. I was defending my castle I was granted, I hadn't visited it yet. Joined a Vlandian army against the Aserai besiegers. We lost but I had a chance and abandoned the army. However, the Aserai took massive damage and abandoned the siege.

    Now for the bug. All of the prisoners who were fighting on my side (Vlandia) ended up in the dungeon in my new Castle. So about seven nobles and tons of Vlandians are now my prisoners and I'm getting ransom requests from my fellow nobles. I have an autosave that I think replicates it.
  7. Brentimus Maximus

    1.7 - Too many noble troops available

    - again, I personally suspect that the majority of players want T6 elites to stand above the rest; so just making them weak enough that you dont want to bother with them is hardly going to be a solution.
    There really isn't a "rest" of them to stand above if elite troops are common. Then its more like there are normal troops and sub-par troops. And sub par troops aren't fun to anyone.

    If elite = common then elite isn't elite.
  8. Brentimus Maximus

    Percentage values next to dialogue options

    Yeah, Warband courting was better and more immersive.
  9. Brentimus Maximus

    1.7 - Too many noble troops available

    Some people want their forces to be primarily or 100% elite units and say the AI will always have fewer elites than the human player. In that case why not just get rid of the regular units? Its a silly argument in my opinion. By making them common your saying they aren't elite at all as elite implies superiority over the rest of a group. In other words, by making elites the common unit you take the uniqueness of them away and make regular units worthless.

    This is coming from someone who prefers the elite units too. I just want some grounding here.
  10. Brentimus Maximus

    1.7 - Too many noble troops available

    I should say glancing through this thread I find myself agreeing with five bucks. We definitely need the elites dialed back. They're my favorite troops, but I want them to stay special not be the default units for a player.
  11. Brentimus Maximus

    1.7 - Too many noble troops available

    Just dropping my 2 cents that, yes, nobles are way too readily available but I don't want to go back to the days when they were impossible to get.
  12. Brentimus Maximus

    Beta Patch Notes e1.7.1

    I understand people want to be miserable but is this necessary? The encyclopedia is awesome in Bannerlord and 1 millions times better than how it was in Warband. Not only does it look better but the functionality is there to easier and quickly find information on anything you need. There is so much more information in it and you can even pin cities to the map which is like something that I always wanted to do in Warband.

    I also find it ironic that everyone wants Feasts back, yet in all my 500+ hours of Warband the main point of feasts was to get everyone together to so I can easily find and track down a lord. Well with the Bannerlord encyclopedia this is trivial and very well done.
    The encyclopedia is nice but I would like a notes section. Also, I completely disagree on feasts. Feasts gave a more convenient opportunity to seek out a wife, and the dialogue about previous encounters and battles was, at this point, better and more flavorful in Warband, IMO. I enjoyed the peace time opportunity to interact with the nobles and hear little tidbits about previous campaigns.
  13. Brentimus Maximus

    Beta Patch Notes e1.7.0

    Oh, awesome. I see it now, you two guys saved me some frustration. Much thanks!!
  14. Brentimus Maximus

    Beta Patch Notes e1.7.0

    There is an option in the settings to disable it.
    To change out of full screen? Thanks. Yes, I've seen that. I like borderless fullscreen, I just want my game to not lock up.
  15. Brentimus Maximus

    Beta Patch Notes e1.7.0

    The game is consistently locking up when minimizing the game (in full screen mode) in taverns and in castles. Didn't have this issue in 1.6.5

    Also, I don't like the new behavior of the game bringing up the main menu when I shift to a second window to manage a playlist or go to word to make notes. It blocks my ability to see what I wanted to notate.
  16. Brentimus Maximus

    1.7.0 the Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and suggestions!

    I agree with a lot of whats in the OP, more filters would be better. I feel I've lost all control and prefer the old system at this point.
  17. Brentimus Maximus

    Beta Patch Notes e1.7.0

    I love the concept of pre-battle formations - not liking the implementation. I need to be able to assign faction troops to certain formations, my companions where I want them, bodyguard troops aren't easy, etc.
  18. Brentimus Maximus

    Beta Patch Notes e1.7.0

    Order of Battle system was working well for about 7 hours of gameplay, then all of the sudden shieldwall looks like a loose formation. This is true for all the formation groups I tried for infantry. I tried restarting the game and can't get it to work as it was.
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