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  1. Muzzle C

    How old are you, and how much you love this game?

    37 and still waiting for proper multiplayer experience.
  2. Muzzle C

    Your Bannerlord ea play-time?

    35h. Have only played multiplayer so far.
  3. Muzzle C

    Forum Feedback and Suggestions (NOT Game Feedback)

    We need a theme with similar look to old forum.
  4. Muzzle C

    "...met the three teenagers accused of his murder via a medieval video game"

    So sad news. Absolutely terrible.
    It's unreal how awful things some people are capable to do.
  5. Muzzle C

    Failing at Melee from horseback

    Just in case check your settings. There are two options which might give you headache.
    Those are:
    -Control attack direction
    -Lance control
  6. Muzzle C

    Warband Matchmaking Client (WBMM) [v1.8 BETA]

    Well, tbh i kinda feel sad for Mynes. I mean in worst case he could be sued for this.
    Coding + internet can lead into serious problems if you don't think what you do.
    It's obvious that Mynes really didn't think what he was doing, but that doesn't make him any more trustworthy in my eyes.

    Steam is not the only software which has in-game overlay. It's not about private chats alone since screenshots could be taken while you browse the web too.
    I never installed matchmaking. If you value your security/privacy you shouldn't install software from untrusted source. (basic thing actually)
    Doesn't matter how much people around here praise Mynes. I don't know him, i don't trust him. Nothing personal.
    If my screenshots would have been captured, i'd be furious and scared. Can totally understand those reactions.
    Now as the code is open source i start to wonder, does it also tell what installer does or includes? Not like i had the time to go through the code anyway..
    Just wanna advice you people to not use software you don't trust.

  7. Muzzle C

    M&B Warband Server Banner Generator -- Show Your Live Server Stats

    Cool app!
    Thumbs up for sharing the source aswell.

    I see there's not many images with medieval scene tho.
    Here's couple if you wanna use them.



  8. Muzzle C

    Competitive changes for future tourneys

    Dopey played by Dopey in Dopey starring Dopey with Dopey said:
    Would love to see some kind of small spawn delay (~5s) implemented, similar to the one cavalry has on IG. Would make upgrading, sorting out drops etc in the middle of a set much less painful when you have a dedicated window for it, instead of having to spend time at the end/start of a round.

    This. Doesn't make much point that atm you have to compete in speed for choosing equipment.

    Also competitive mod, client side is needed.
    I don't have much of an opinion for stat / price changes but using client side mod would add standard to competitive scene.
    You can't really tell what kind of mods people are using in matches these days.. NeoGK for example is pretty obvious problem, was just discussed in another thread.
    This would in other words give us protection against many potential cheats. (minimaps, healthbars, troopinfo etc..)
    Just to clarify this could still be made native compatible. Only with exception that you get kicked from tournament servers if you don't use it.

    Not sure what's the current state of modders in the scene, but i can provide the scripts if there's interest.

    Edit: I meant i can provide the scripts i mentioned above. Was not a "scripts by request" offer. Just to clarify
  9. Muzzle C

    NeoGK competitive combatible

    Efe Karacar said:
    Will your script check the textures / resources folder, too? Because, it is not the only txt files that are changed for cheats.

    Yep that's different matter, can't check them via ms as long as i know and modified exe files is not an option. (Not everyone trusts custom executables).
    But still good part of cheating could be eliminated with tournament mod and it would also open possibilities for improvements.
    OGL's point is good that it would create slight barrier tho, however i don't believe the barrier would be too big. People still want to play tournaments.
    Would be worth testing don't you think?
  10. Muzzle C

    NeoGK competitive combatible

    In my opinion tournament mod should've been forced a long time already..
    I dunno why it was not yet introduced.
    It's not a big deal to write a script to check if client has the right mod (so that simply renaming a folder wouldn't be enough).
    I'm sure it was thought before, would like to know for what reason it never happened
  11. Muzzle C

    Warband Server List: A Convenient Way to Check Warband Server Info

    There seems to be some bug. After we shut down our WNL servers they are still visible in the list.  :?:
    Search for "wnl" and you'll see "WNL_CCC_FR_" servers which do not exist anymore.
  12. Muzzle C

    Private Server Monetisation

    Bridge_Troll said:
    I dare say that I can speak for all sub-communities and such that host/pay their own servers if I say:

    Maybe there are some communities which run their servers through donations, but this is definitely not the case for all hosters.
    At least i can say that CCC run their servers on their own.
    I personally don't think that donations are bad tho. Some might want to support a hoster to keep their favourite server up.
    But gaining any sort of advantage or feature through donation is really wrong. Whether it'd be "whitelist" status, custom armour or whatever, it would be "selling" through warband and that should be stopped.
  13. Muzzle C

    WSE - Lua edition [Beta], a new way of scripting

    Just a thought. Since Lua gets executed before MS could it be that ids are not yet registered at that point.. Just thinking out loud. You could try workaround with ti_agent_hit and check whether damage is greater than receiver's hp.
  14. Muzzle C

    Warband Server List: A Convenient Way to Check Warband Server Info

    Real nice  :grin:
    Something i've been missing to be honest
  15. Muzzle C

    OSP Code MP [WIP] MB Anti Cheat v0.8.5

    Nice, keep at it Sebastian. CCC servers will most likely add this.
  16. Muzzle C

    Warband Christmas Picture Competition

    Good pictures  :smile: real hard to pick just one
  17. Muzzle C

    Ronin Battle Server

    Is this CC for Clan Cameron? I thought they perished from native years ago..

    Edit: nevermind, it's Calradian Confederacy. Just found it
  18. Muzzle C

    WSE - Lua edition [Beta], a new way of scripting

    Item triggers work perfectly. Thanks for the awesome support AgentSmith.

    About your idea of anti-autoblock. Not a bad idea, but instead of dark room you could make bot invisible.
  19. Muzzle C

    WSE - Lua edition [Beta], a new way of scripting

    AgentSmith said:
    Muzzle, I got it to work. At least in my testings.

    Glad to hear that  :grin:
    Gonna check it out tomorrow when i'm back to my pc.
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