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  1. Economic balancing issue: Smithing

    As we should expect.
  2. Economic balancing issue: Smithing

    I decided to test smithing, so i bought 2 hardwood and a sword in the shop, and smelted it. Before I bought anything i had 4589 gold, and after selling the iron from the sword I had 4887. This does not make sense to me, seems like a very unrealistic way to make money. Other than that: Smithing...

    Will Taleworlds make more money if i purchase from their website as opposed to Steam?
  4. Dev Blog 26/09/19

    Thanks a lot!  :D Didn't know about this!
  5. Dev Blog 26/09/19

    Dear Callum! I understand that you are getting tired of all the nagging about the beta keys, but could you perhaps include some information about it in the next dev. blog? To be concrete, I am wondering about this: Which groups of players have received keys so far, and what changes have you...