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  1. Gorukha

    B Fantasy [WB] GRIM AGE - Skirmish MOD is CLOSED

    Dark Elves are in north america so they pretty much never fight against Kislevites.  Norscans, Chaos invasions are the main worry obviously.
  2. Gorukha

    B Fantasy Lotr: Blood İn The West (V 0.25)

    Frodo almost became a Nazgul cause he was a ring bearer like the 9, or it would have killed him who knows :razz: I havent read the books in forever.
  3. Gorukha

    Bug Reports - E1200 Warband (solution to crashes in first post)

    Tried looking over the full thread but didn't notice if this has been reported.  Permanent truce, they never expire.  Every day it just stays at 40 for each faction.  Joined order of Santiago , captured castles but could never recruit Santiago troops,just Aragon.  Order factions can hold towns ? I captured Avignon and it got awarded to me.  You start out on your own horse in every pitfight, is this normal ? Makes it prty much impossible to lose most of them.  Avignon defense points are wierd. The melee defenders back away from the entry point, making it easy to go in yourself and kill all archers on left side , also place all your troops on the wall and then attack on even footing.
  4. Gorukha

    B Fantasy [WB] GRIM AGE - Skirmish MOD is CLOSED

    Sylke said:
    hoe12moe said:
    this looks great :grin:
    one question; how will you balance the fightings? i mean those chaos warriors look quite powerful...  :smile:
    The empire has guns and numbers.
    Each chaos warrior will take up more than 1 slot in the party. Most empire troops take just one slot. So, Empire armies are way bigger.

      Actually lore wise Chaos should have bigger armies, but no formations. Empire has elite units also  I'm sure it wouldn't be so one sided if there were Empire champions and gunners in the battle :p Just a wild guess.
  5. Gorukha

    B Fantasy [WB] GRIM AGE - Skirmish MOD is CLOSED

    Well I'm not surprised he was dropped as it is a rather redundant concept . Chaos worshippers kill and turn on each other all the time, not to mention Khorne followers who will shed the blood of their "kin" when no other is present.
  6. Gorukha

    B Fantasy [WB] GRIM AGE - Skirmish MOD is CLOSED

    Bretonnians are French, England = Albion, Spain is represented too, forget the name and too lazy to look it up.
  7. Gorukha

    Roman Troops

    You didn't know Romans made their weapons and armor out of poop ?
  8. Gorukha

    B Medieval [WB] Warband: Total Realism, 1148 A.D. - (MAPPER needed)

    Oh ok, thought you meant you would calculate the taxes exponentially. If town growth is exponential then taxes are not, since they are still the same per citizen.

      It's not that technology for setting bones was advanced, if you can call it that. It's the obvious threat to life from one compared to the other. 
  9. Gorukha

    B Medieval [WB] Warband: Total Realism, 1148 A.D. - (MAPPER needed)

    Why are taxes increased exponentially ?  Health should be though since the more people the more problems you gain. 
  10. Gorukha

    New Berserk Anime Project Launching

    full CG ? :/
  11. Gorukha

    [S] Teutonic Campaigns

    Well it should be the Polish-Lithuanian alliance as one faction shouldn't it ?
  12. Gorukha

    [S] Teutonic Campaigns

    Someone doesn't like to acknowledge the existence of Poland :p
  13. Gorukha

    B Fantasy [WB] GRIM AGE - Skirmish MOD is CLOSED

    I like the idea that more powerful units should take up more space in the party. It goes in line with how the actual Warhammer game works. I am kinda surprised this hasn't been used to balance OP units in any other mods.
  14. Gorukha

    [v4.6][P#8] Beta testers needed

    My mistake, didn't notice this was a thread for v4.6. Days of playing down the drain I guess since new version will not be save compatible. Hate when that happens.
  15. Gorukha

    How do you make enough money ?

    Tournaments combined with running trade routes is very lucrative till you start investing. Build up a decent warchest before you take your first castle or town. Just keep asking the tournament master in each town where the next tourney is and keep doin that while doing maximum bets.  Also a good strategy , well at least works for me is bribing other kingdoms to make peace. Took a town from Swadia, first noble I met I paid off 20k and all was well :p Gives you enough time to build up a homegrown garrison in case they attack again, but obviously they won't for a whole month. 
  16. Gorukha

    [v4.6][P#8] Beta testers needed

    I have played for around 3 months in-game, capture a town and 2 castles but I don't see the option to build a Knight Chapter house. Playing as the Republic of Marina.
  17. Gorukha

    SP Oriental [WB] Asian Dynasties

    Watched the korean series bout Yi Soon sin, was very cool.  One Q Why do some people say Lee Soon Sin and other Yi ?Forgive my ignorance of korean.
  18. Gorukha

    |Mysterious Old Man

    I got this companion, but he has no weapons and I don't get the option to change his this normal ?
  19. Gorukha

    SP Fantasy Warsword Fantasy Battles Mod / Warsword Baptism open test version out now

    freakin wat said:
    Gorukha said:
    Lord Benrir said:
    I can't remember how it works, but I think that you have to choose your faction culture from the camp menu. I might be messing this up with 700 other mods, though..

    Did that, still can't recruit from my villages. Not really a problem now since I only have 2 castles, but long term it might become a gamebreaker.

    What is their relation to you?

    All relations are positive. One is 7 other is 5 I think
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