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    180 Movie Thoughts? The perspective the creators of the movie take are obvious if you've watched it, but I don't think that it's a problem, since they are arguing a point. Some have said that it is stupid because these people they are interviewing are uneducated about the topic, but I don't care...
  2. Xekez

    Future of series

    Kittenhuffer said:
    And I hope there will be many more games by TaleWorlds in the future. It's one of the very few game makers that I can honestly say I fully support. Simply the best game series I've ever played... has kept me entertained for about two years now.
  3. Xekez

    Khergit Strategy

    Yeah, it works pretty well, it is more difficult against Swadians, Vaegirs, and Sarrinids, but it is definitely do-able.  If you have about 75 Horse Archers, it can be devastating. Imagine that many arrows coming down on you constantly!
  4. Xekez

    Pros and Cons of all factions

    Hey, cool list livingdeath62, do you think you could color code the OP? It is fine if you don't have the time, it would just be helpful.
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    Whats going on in you're game at the momment?

    I went right from the start into the Swadian faction, they have treated me well and it has been a good 80 days. At about Day 10, the Rhodoks declared war on us, and then shortly later the Nords declared war on us. We were getting spanked by them, until we finally got a treaty with both of them. We had peace for about 30-40 days. During that peace time I was wife-hunting, I had my eyes on about 3 women, but all of there relatives hated me. I finally found Lady Nelda, daughter of Count Clargus (who I was in great standing with), Nelda was easy to impress and shortly after, we were married. The Khergits declared war on us shortly after, we have been slamming them to the ground, we have all of their main cities, except for Tulga. I personally took Narra, and it is now my own, with about a 140 garrison in it, I have about 80 men that I usually go out campaigning with though.

    On a side not, the Vaegirs are getting stomped by the Nords.
    I fear the Sarrinids and the Rhodoks are growing too much in strength and prosperity in their peace time.

    I plan to keep moving up in the Kingdom of Swadia. I will depart from them if they either start getting owned, or if I get bored with them.

    Things seem to be going good in this campaign.
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    The Knights Retalion

    I would like to join  :smile:
    I sent you a pm.
  7. Xekez

    How do I change NPC (Lords and Ladies) clothes?

    Haven't done this in a while, but I believe it is still the same.

    Go to your party screen, click on the lord or lady you want to change clothes on, the click the "Talk" button or something like that, then go to view inventory or something similar, then you should be able to change their clothes.
    Hope it works.
  8. Xekez

    How to set money?

    Oh wow, I'm an idiot. lol, thanks.
  9. Xekez

    How to set money?

    Hello, me and my brother have been dueling each other, I host the LAN server and he joins.  It is a blast, but we want to have it so that when we join, we will have more money than usual, so that we can buy anything we want and don't have to fight a while to get that much money.  I have seen...
  10. Xekez

    What should I be next?

    How would you bring in a black market?
  11. Xekez

    [Map - WIP] Bull Run, 1861 : A Western Persistent World map by King Harkinian

    Awesome!  Can't wait to give it a go.
  12. Xekez

    The City Watch (22nd Server)

    How come so often when I'm at the gate asking for entry (being a neutral with expensive armor), and then the city watch just pops me in the head with an arrow and kills me instantly?
  13. Xekez

    It's too bad 22nd is the most popular server... :(

    tnok85 said:
    Don't really mind if you don't believe me. Other people who have seen/experienced this know that it happens. If I stumble into the 22nd servers again, I'll keep my print screen ready just for you.

    Yeah, its happened to me also, I was in the Nord village and I was just having a hard time buying a axe and then these guys, one of them a 22nd dude, circle around me and kill me, breaking the rule which says you can't attack unarmed people while they are arming...

    Still a really fun server despite certain people, but when you get a pretty good RPing faction, it can be a blast.
  14. Xekez

    [Suggestion] Keep Money and others

    Yeah it is quite annoying when crashing or having to leave when you have wicked armor and weapons and a lot of money and then you come back and all of it is just gone.
  15. Xekez

    Problem with game....

    The same thing happens to me.
  16. Xekez

    No Faction Colors?

    Hey guys, I have a pretty annoying problem on my campaign that I have been playing for a while, all of the sudden, there are no colors for each faction, they are all gray... Heres some screenshots of what it looks like: Thanks.
  17. Xekez

    Rescue or Ransom a Prisoner: He ATTACKS ME

    Go to or any other photo sharing site then:

    1. Register a free account with them. Don't bother entering your cell phone number if they ask for that.

    2. Go back to the PhotoBucket home page and click the button that says upload.

    3. Click the browse button to browse for the image on your computer then upload it.

    4. Look in the lower left hand corner, a thumbnail of your image should be there with a box labled IMG. Copy this code and paste it directly into your post here on this forum.
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    Warband beta open to everyone with a key...

    Arch3r said:
    Xekez said:
    Pick it up on Steam for $5 over the weekend
    5 Euro's not Dollars.

    It is $5 too.
  19. Xekez

    Warband beta open to everyone with a key...

    Pick it up on Steam for $5 over the weekend
  20. Xekez

    World War II Online

    Starting the trial now, looks like a blast, hope I don't get sucked into it too much.
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