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  1. oolonglgx

    Light & Darkness - Halloween Specials. Single&Multiplayer both! (Nov. 1, 2015)

    You must know, the Halloween is a special day in the 'Light and Darkness' world. But...I bet you never guess what strange things there will happen, do you? Kindly reminders from "Paocaitanzi": Do NOT go out of the village at night! When you meet a pumpkin, DON'T just think of eating BUT jab it...
  2. oolonglgx

    Light & Darkness II - News arrive! (Sep. 21, 2016)

    Light & Darkness - Chapter II Previews In the new chapter, the wars will become white-hot on Calraida, and you will encounter more struggles and make your choices as part of the future history. As the story goes, the five kingdoms will present different states; the history of Leon...
  3. oolonglgx

    Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

    :D Hi all, It was such a pleasant time in the past one year to share and enjoy with you here together. For your love and support to this mod all the way, we will go on making it better and better with all our best efforts. Let us bless a happy New Year eachother!
  4. oolonglgx

    [S] Light&Darkness - Heroes of Calradia. Upgrade to v1.040 (Jun. 6, 2013)

    :smile:  Hi,everyone, this is my mod: "Light&Darkness - Heroes of Calradia" for Warband 1.153 Mainfile download (v1.010):!g5xg1KrS!R1W5pNdl55NSj_ZxIM6DaFTaApOm5dScszd8mJorFPQ or or...
  5. oolonglgx

    Realm of freedom(自由王国). for M&B Warband 1.143

    :D Hi,everyone, this is my mod: Realm of freedom, for M&B Warband 1.143 Features: You can enter the Battle Settings planel to select the general commander, set the group leaders, set the troops, and arrange initial formation. 1. If you have other NPCs in your troops, you may select...
  6. oolonglgx

    "Light&Darkness - Heroes of Calradia" for M&B1.010/1.011. Feb 6, 2010 Updated.

    "Light&Darkness — Heroes of Calradia" for M&B1.010/1.011 (name used before: NativePlus) February 6, 2010 Updated. :D Hi,everyone, in this mod, I've defined individual config files for both DX7 and DX9 mode, default config file is for DX9. Rename "ForDx7 module.ini" in the MOD's directory to...
  7. oolonglgx

    OSP Code QoL Blackjack Poker For M&B1.0 (Dec 11, 2008)

    :D Hey everyone, I've made a 21K minor game(Blackjack Poker) in M&B It's a patch for native 1.0, just unzip all files to the folder of native to activate it.   Main feature: The game's rule is based on the classic rule of Blackjack, player can Hit, Stand and Double down, but no...
  8. oolonglgx

    Realm of freedom(自由王国) for v0.960

    :D Hi,everyone. I'm from China Forum of M&B : This is my mod "Realm of freedom" for v0.960. The original thread: Download link ...