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  1. Unsolved How do I add bannerlord to my TW account if I bought it on steam?

    There is no CD key. How do I do it?
  2. Archery in captain 1.5

    Archers have so inaccurate that I doubt that they will be of any use with how the AI works at the moment. They used to be a good counter for the fast moving, high damage shock units, but now they can barely hit anything before they're like 10 meters away from the unit. It is terrible, and makes...
  3. Archers in Captain mode

    Archers should have a command to target a specific unit in captain mode to make them more useful. It's really boring when you get the jump on some 2h or other archer unit, and then there's a unit with shields just a bit closer, and your archers just shoot at the shields. Having the ability to...