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  1. Vick Tide

    Necesitamos servidores latinos

    I do think that if there is a giant community of Latino's that they should make themselves appear here on the forum and ask the moderators and developers for a server in that region. They just need to know youre there.
  2. Vick Tide

    Solved Multiplayer Login Failed

    same thing happened on my client
  3. Vick Tide

    A thread on game modes

    I was sort of going to just use my op to discuss what kind of game mode I'd like to see this game genre try to emulate and has somewhat on other titles. So. you got me there. I'm sure some of you were like me and played Battlefield when they were younger, some of you were Chad Call of Duty...
  4. Vick Tide

    A thread on game modes

    as much as i appreciate the banter between you two, keep it civil or ill be reporting you for not following the op discussion
  5. Vick Tide

    A thread on game modes

    hey there its ya boy Vick comin atcha with a hot new thread I wanted to see if there are any devs that can give an update on what gamemodes Klebari was suggesting they will work on post-spectator camera. I saw the last Dev Update, the replay system looks sick and that it does need more work. I...
  6. Vick Tide

    Non-existing balance in multiplayer and another problems

    This game was just a cash grab anyway, nobody on that dev team gives a **** about your experience.
  7. Vick Tide

    Multiplayer Elephant In The Room. Khuzait Is Designed To Be Annoying To Play As And Annoying To Play Against, And Do Not Fit Into The Games Economy

    while i agree classes are meaningless, making them meaningful is a delicate balance. what about giving nomad an option to not spawn with a horse? what if a charger horse was just one of the perks?
  8. Vick Tide


    Now we are in 1.5. There are numerous threads about how Khuzait has become unbalanced in multiplayer. Let the nomad have 80 speed so that it can act as a medium-tier infantry/archer hybrid class. Buff its armor. Remove tougher horse. Add a mace in its place.
  9. Vick Tide

    Multiplayer Elephant In The Room. Khuzait Is Designed To Be Annoying To Play As And Annoying To Play Against, And Do Not Fit Into The Games Economy

    The problem with Khuzait is not that its too easy or too hard, but that you have to actively exploit the game to win. We all know horse archers have 1.43 accuracy in 1.5, which is probably changing soon. You have to hilt spam a mace and have ghost reach on it for you to get kills. You have to go...
  10. Vick Tide

    Bots in TDM

    As a further question to this - bots worked on warband and players were able to "poll" how many bots on each team. Implementing a polling system would be a great way of following up to this suggestion. The polling system could imitate warbands, but have a 51% majority threshold for acceptance...
  11. Vick Tide

    Royal Rat Rumble Tournament

    Steam Name: vick tide Do you have a mic? yes Would you be interested in being a captain? no Do you have prior team tournament experience?: some Are you available on weekends and weekday nights? yes Do you pledge yourself to Rat Royal Family? yes Question for the admins - how will you handle...
  12. Vick Tide


    there were some wonderful moments where we all died tremendously, that much can be said.