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  1. Harkon Haakonson

    How to make character ageing slower?

    It seems once you reach age 30, you get older 1 year every 4 in-game months, which is really not that long and it's a bizarre characteristic. I only really want to play as my main character, or at least do it for a long time and not have to deal with this weird time compression. Any setting you...
  2. Harkon Haakonson

    Xenonauts 2 - Kickstarter

    Hello small sons. Xenonauts 2, the XCOM spiritual successor, is currently on kickstarter. It's already been funded successfully, but go back it if you want some cool stretch goals.  It's already been in production for quite a while but they needed some funding at the end. So the game will come...
  3. Harkon Haakonson

    Heroes of the Storm

    Blizzard's new MOBA. Pretty casual and chill, really. Just got in the closed beta, anyone else playing?
  4. Harkon Haakonson

    Computer won't turn on.

    Yesterday I was playing Assassin's Creed II and out of a sudden my PC shuts down instantly. I press the power on button and nothing, it won't turn on...Again and again. So I opened the case to check for loose wires and all is connected fine, and the Motherboard also had its green lights on...
  5. Harkon Haakonson

    The Drunken Ramblings Thread

    I have no clue how something like this has never been created. More than suitable. Think of it as a "What's on your mind thread?" without any judgemental comments whatsoever! Fire away guys, if I didn't take 5 minutes to analyse this very post for stupid grammar mistakes, I'd be contributing...
  6. Harkon Haakonson

    Mozilla Firefox crashes when I try to initiate a download or open Downloads tab

    Title. Has this ever happened to anyone? I have no clue how to fix it. Every time I wish to make a download, I have to specifically open Internet Explorer to do so. I followed a simple would-be-solution found on google but to no avail.
  7. Harkon Haakonson

    ***Prostitutes of Istiniar***(Hooker Istiniar is best Istiniar!)

    !The Prostitutes of Istiniar decided to seduce the militia and the guards and sex it up with the village of Istiniar! ! JOIN AND GET LOOT FROM PEASANTS ! Members list : Story : Rules and guidelines : "Combat" Results :
  8. Harkon Haakonson

    Good mods for Medieval Total War II (main game, not The Kingdoms)

    Sup guys. I wanna jump back into Medieval Total War II, and I',m trusting the wise TaleWorlds community to show me the light! If there is such a thing, I would basically enjoy a mod that makes the map more detailed (more provinces), as well as possibly having more factions in the campaign...
  9. Harkon Haakonson

    Not Suggestions (the derailed thread)

    Yeah, making one handed weapons not able to block two handed weapons makes a lot of sense in a gameplay perspective... Does this Phalanx guy ever think before he spews out his retarded posts.
  10. Harkon Haakonson

    Why does my breath smell like dog

    Seriously, everytime i wake up in the morning my breath smells like i just sucked off a zombie. i know its because im breathing with my mouth open, during sleep, but why does this cause my breath to smell like the anus of a homeless asian? I know i people say to brush teeth twice a day and...
  11. Harkon Haakonson

    Incorrect authorization key when trying to join Fyrningas server

    Yeah, as the title says, I can connect to any server just fine, but when I try Fyrningum it says "Incorrect authorization key" and doesn't let me in the server. I had no issue when joining their server before, this happened today when I tried to connect for the first time and happens repeteadly...
  12. Harkon Haakonson

    Regarding Freelancer add-on and assigned unit type

    Hey all, first post of mine in this mod's forum. So far I'm really enjoying the atmosphere of the mod, started playing some hours ago and I decided to see how it is playing as a soldier making of use of the Freelancer add-on, and here's the thing; The thing I want the most is to play as...
  13. Harkon Haakonson


    Refer to the stickied thread for the TS info! Come everyone ! :D
  14. Harkon Haakonson

    About foreign languages and the public server chat.

    Hi Vikingr community, Having just read the thread where the russian guy got banned, I just wanted to point out that it's not very polite to join a server and speak any other language other than english if the server doesn't CLEARLY state in the joining message that X language is allowed. I...
  15. Harkon Haakonson

    Gear/Gold related balance changes suggestions

    ---- POST UPDATED ---- Basically I quoted several suggestions that would fit well within the mod and concern gold balancing issues and even new features involving gold, in some way. This is so that the devs have an easier and quicker time when brainstorming over changes to the mod. Quotes can...