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    It is, but there is a workaround:,202131.0.html
  2. Duel Mechanics

    Technically it should be possible. Just a reversal of the dueling code here and there.
  3. SOD Warlords - Suggestions & Discussions Thread

    I haven't played with Villian in quite a while, but it's true that the Adenian foot troops (both melee and archers) received a significant boost at one point, and at a certain range the Villianese can be out-shot (short bows fire faster than longbows and war bows). The fact that the Villianese...
  4. Mount and Blade II?

    Ah, that's because we were discussing what a potential continuation for the mod would entail (if we made a "SOD 3" for MnB 2). And if it would include a lengthy time jump, guns would logically be more widespread, but that doesn't mean compulsory usage of course.
  5. Mount and Blade II?

    Yeah, there's that, but just like you said, it's just an option. Plus Faith Troops are not really 'regular' units, you have to earn them.
  6. Mount and Blade II?

    Have you even played the mod ? None of the already implemented factions have regular troops with firearms, and they will stay that way. Future factions will be mostly free of them as well. To quote myself from the previos page:
  7. Mount and Blade II?

    Make no mistake, this is also in consideration. But the fact that you can effectively close out most guns from the game simply by not using them as weapons or hiring very specific mercs renders this option somewhat redundant. Yeah, I suppose I do  :roll:  but only because logic dictates so in...
  8. Mount and Blade II?

    A prequel would have much more limited opportunities; there would be a lot less weapons/armors/etc because they weren't in use at the time, not to mention many factions would have to be cut out: the SOD nations and the Calradians had minimal contact prior to the Invasion of Calradia, a lot of...
  9. SOD Warlords - Voice Acting! *Updated 11/01/2012*

    ATTENTION, VOICE ACTORS AND WOULD-BE VOLUNTEERS ! New material has been added to the first post. Duel lines will now be faction-specific, and thus will have greater diversity.
  10. Mount and Blade II?

    If - IF ! - we ever get to making SOD 3, wider inclusion of firearms is a logical necessity, the scale depending on how further we proceed in time. So if we only jump 20-30 years, that means guns are still scarce in general (unavaible to basic faction troops), but 100+ years is an entirely...
  11. Mount and Blade II?

    We'll see what MnB 2 will have to offer once it's out and mostly bug-free... and SOD Warlords still has so much to progress. The scary thing is, I've already accumulated ideas for a potential SOD 3, and in some manners, LibSpit's steampunk nightmares weren't far from what I've thought up...
  12. SOD Warlords - Voice Acting! *Updated 11/01/2012*

    Volunteers are always welcome, even if only to increase voice variety at the moment. Later on there will be more voice work needed anyway.
  13. Antarian Behemoth Sword

    Because it is an 'unfinished feature'. Currently all the Royal Set items are useless, precisely because they are not meant to be used until they are properly balanced and possibly polished.
  14. What i think every mod should have, including this one.

    It could be included, but it wouldn't really serve practical purposes - I doubt too many people would play 18-20 in-game years just to see those children grow up and actually become useful.
  15. A few questions

    Currently they don't have any, but they will in future versions.
  16. Original SOD vs. SOD Warlords

    I don't think there's much justice in comparing a finished product with a work in progress. The "original" SOD is a finished mod that has been developed for almost half a decade by a whole modding group and pushed vanilla MnB's technical capabilities to the limit in more than one regard. So if...
  17. Faction Super/Royal Gear?

    Then I'm sure you'll be happy to know that SOD Warlords will have several times more dialogues and lore material than classic SOD ever had, as well as a strong main storyline with multiple endings. But as LibSpit stated, that's a looong way... it is possible that the Royal Sets will be made...
  18. ->Sword of Damocles: Warlords | Download Here!<-

    You know it well, Notsure. The original SOD team pretty much dissolved after v5.0 was done; Computica came at a time when it was nearly complete anyway so ever since he worked almost exclusively on Warband. So another bugfix for good ol' SOD v5.0 is unlikely.
  19. Voting Poll:What's Your Favorite Type Of Firearm To Use?

    I'm doing a lil' picture dump again, in the hopes of inspiring Computica to include some of these beauties later on... Multi-barrel revolver carbines (barrels must be rotated manually) Three-barrel carbine (7-barreled, actually; 4 are hidden in the stock) Double-barrel blunderbuss (over...
  20. SOD Warlords - Official Faction/Religion lore

    Truth to be told, I based the descriptions on the mod original founder's (Vonmistont's) hints and whatnot when I made this topic, even though I roused an eyebrow myself at the Void resembling Islam (though I admit, I know little about Islam so I didn't argue). I think I'll simply remove the...