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  1. Matim

    Statement Regarding Plans For MP Vol.3

    how about bows dealing cut damage instead of pierce?
  2. Matim

    Disable background shouting?

    Seems like ure not playing skirmish if u never heard that line xdd
  3. Matim

    Disable background shouting?

  4. Matim

    Disable background shouting?

    Any way to disable the shouting in the background? Can distract mid-fight as well as the voice acting quality is imo poor and annoying.
  5. Matim

    Final Solution to Unfair Matchmaking

    I would answer no to that question just to stomp some noobs
  6. Matim

    Inf with shield vs archer - kick-shoot combo

    In case someone has the same issue and finds this thread by search function - I did some testing and it seems that the go-to action is to use the new shield bash as u approach the aiming archer. It has an ok range and I have not yet been shot close range mid-shieldbash-animation, yet I am not...
  7. Matim

    Inf with shield vs archer - kick-shoot combo

    Then I give him time to run away and keep shooting. Not really the best way to neutralize an archer, slowing yourself in front of him. Also, doesn't quick turn give him area to shoot me outside of my shield? Despite holding block while turning
  8. Matim

    Inf with shield vs archer - kick-shoot combo

    Hey there, trying to get better at Bannerlord. So due to the speed at which u can shoot the notched arrow it is possible to kick the approaching inf and have enough time to shoot him while stunned after being kicked. What is the best and the fastest strategy of neutralizing the archer threat as...
  9. Matim

    Intel I7 10th gen, launcher uses 20% of cpu

    Can someone explain to me what is this? What are the resources used for? Bannerlord bitcoin miner confirmed?
  10. Matim

    Patch Notes e1.0.7

    if we pretend there is no multiplayer there will be no multiplayer issues
  11. Matim


    The only actually viable sturgian infantry. All other are straight down inferior while have similar cost
  12. Matim

    Menavlion Infantry

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  14. Matim

    The M&B MP 'feel' from a veteran

    Playing this game since 2010, even if you wanna focus on ranked skirmish you can't castrate your game by removing core Warband MP elements - battle and eq selection. Warband owes success to its modding community, battle game type and eq selection was essential for many mods. Not to mention lack...
  15. Matim

    Are my specs too low ?

    I've got similar specs and similar issues - witcher 3 runs smooth, bannerlord lags like crazy. At first buying ssd was enough to play bannerlord somewhat comfortably, now it is unplayable again. I don't think that a mindset "buy better computer for a game" is a good one, especially since one can...
  16. Matim

    Weekly Saturday Shieldbattle [EU] (Dead and Buried)

    Clan/Legion name: Argyraspides Approximate attendance: 5-10 Desired class: (light infantry, infantry, heavy (elite) infantry, cavalry, skirmisher): Pikemen Forum thread/Website: Steam/Forum contacts: Admirał Matim, me on this forum
  17. Matim

    Balance this **** please

    Maybe start using the renaissance formations (units) instead of those medieval ones? Keep in mind that it's not crpg
  18. Matim

    "Official The Deluge Organized Warfare" Saturday at 20:00 (CEST)!

    I will no longer administrate the event, which means that it's halted for the time being. If anyone is interested in organising, contact TiCz on steam Cheeryo
  19. Matim


    Another very important suggestion - add "skip the fun" option, so the people who dont want to no-life this mod could still participate in the events
  20. Matim


    Big +1, remove all those medieval armours, weapons and viking stuff (especially that two sided axe). It ruins the renaissance atmosphere And remeber to add some stuff from the OSPs instead (more firearms please)