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  1. The_Lonely_Owl

    My view of the MP as an Alpha tester.

    The OT kids accused me of cheating because I was in Mercenary Franks discord as 'LaPache's Dad' and tried to get me banned from mercs hahahahaha go back to mercs lad. Not every good player cheats, just because you and your friends are stuck at the same average level of skill its not our fault. & Maximou even admitted to trying to cheat and was even too stupid to do that, i guess its hard to install DLL's lol. Trying to cheat and actually cheating are two different things.

    I don't have anything against you Bradley and you know I like you a lot, but most of the "cheating" videos that were submitted to the mercs admin team by you or the fantastic lads you surround yourself with were hilarious at best. Literally one out of 20 was indeed a cheater, and at the minimal chance that someone (known player or not) did something weird it looked as if you treated it as certified proof of someone cheating and therefore had to be reported.
    Yeah no harm done, we are friends ofc and your view is always welcome. Ill acknowledge that we didnt always get it right and apologise for that but Ill stand by what I said. Not getting into it further though since I dont wanna derail Captains thread (For around the third time, sorry!)
  2. The_Lonely_Owl

    My view of the MP as an Alpha tester.

    lol. Most of the cheaters I encountered were actually just casual players wanting to **** around on mercenaries. All the actual cheaters were kicked out of comp scene quickly
    Mercs was where people tested their cheats before they went native and I dont think you guys picked up as many as you think. For example though, Quake is not a legit player, Hagrid was confirmed cheating, Matafiks of the same team has not been legit for a long time, yes Caius, Maximou was cheating and the reason none of us respect Unity is the constant lying and covering for your friends. Not to mention a ton of players using macro feints and the fact that most of the unknown russians went Finna, Mercs then native comp, we had to record and ban half of them. Watch some of these guys in bannerlord though early on, because it has some form of anti cheat and the mechanics arent changed enough that people will suddenly not know how to fight and I gurantee there will be a huge difference.
  3. The_Lonely_Owl

    My view of the MP as an Alpha tester.

    It was insanely common for people to cheat and I say it as someone who played comp for years. Veteran players hit their skill cap and started toggling and their friends would hide it. Not to repeat old arguments but Maximou for example.
  4. The_Lonely_Owl

    My view of the MP as an Alpha tester.

    Anyone that thinks a game with no anti-cheat, CD keys that cost next to nothing and a whole group of people willing to cover for their friends had no cheaters is just being naive at best, at worst, willfully stupid, for all this talk of being a veteran players, It doesnt even look like you were paying attention. Catering to certain older players is a great way to kill the new game though, considering most already made up their minds within hours of the beta being released and wont be happy until its warband reskinned with better graphics. There are certain people I trust of course but there are others that have made a habit of being toxic idiots for years and that they are sudddenly demanding a say in how the new game is made is a joke.
  5. The_Lonely_Owl

    My view of the MP as an Alpha tester.

    The point people keep making about there being a lack of customization on Bannerlord compared to Warband is completely overblown. Once the metas were established in Warband, nobody deviated from them anyway up until the game died. The variety came from CRPG and mercs. Ive been around since Warband beta and by and large, the community has been toxic, completely uncooperative, adverse to any sort of change and half of them resorted to cheating anyway, I dont blame the devs for lumping everyone together and not wanting to listen when the community has shown that they cant self regulate - Bradley
  6. The_Lonely_Owl

    Let leeds play

    Fietta said:
    -Darius- said:
    Fietta said:
    To sum up, Wales Leeds is allowed in the NC17. Anyone choosing to play for Wales Leeds now cannot be considered for a future NC as English - if there is a welsh Leeds team playing they must play for wales leeds or noone)
    As I have mentioned, there is nothing admins can do about deciding what a persons nationality really is. Though, I require that the players of Team Welsh Leeds declare themselves on Steam or Taleworlds to me, that they are Welshies Leedies.



    You're a lot more stupid than the rumours made you out to be  :party:

    That moment when Rey spend 40 minutes talking to you about how wrong you are. 'We're not friends now Rey becuz u rejekt mi team even tho u eksplain urself' dis is very emotional.

    Despite what you might think. You dont actually need to guard your virginity like a dragon with a hoard of treasure, This is the one thing you have and no one is going to take it from you so please stop speaking like that.
  7. The_Lonely_Owl

    Let leeds play

    If a tournament moderator is willingly disregarding the rules to play with their preferred team then the whole system falls apart anyway. Dont see why having a Leeds team would matter.
  8. The_Lonely_Owl

    [WNL6] Suggestions

    Fietta said:
    No, I completely understand what you're saying Caius, however, Ascarion did warn Graf about the screenshots but Graf didn't remove them. I think the deed is done.

    Actually if he removed the Screenshots then the same people wanting Graf, his children and his grandchildren banned from competing in the WNL would have yelled about a cover up because they love pointless internet dramas and want to crucify someone. Graf is probably one of the most trustworthy people on Warband so please stop trying to stir things up as if some grand crime and conspiracy has been committed. Punishment was given and accepted, Its over.
  9. The_Lonely_Owl

    [SL2] Scramble League - Balanced Version

    SeánC said:
    zebradley said:
    Signing up for friend.
    Name:  Monopolis
    I think you've mistaken, neither of these people have friends.

    Not my friend, I assume he is someones.
  10. The_Lonely_Owl

    [SL2] Scramble League - Balanced Version

    Signing up for friend.

    Name:  Monopolis
    Steam: :
    ID: TBA
    Main Class: Inf
    Do you want to command? (Yes/No) No.
  11. The_Lonely_Owl

    [NC2016] Nations Cup 2016 - Announcement and Sign Ups

    GlorvalhirSRB said:
    Bradley, come on, you being one of the older Brothers should know.
    Go to ZHG siege and click Show game rules and voila ! Your ID is printed !

    Your meant to make it sound difficult so I feel better, Thats how this works !
  12. The_Lonely_Owl

    [NC2016] Nations Cup 2016 - Announcement and Sign Ups

    Ireland team will be submitted soon, Any tips for finding GUID's these days?
  13. The_Lonely_Owl

    [SL] Week 3 | Deadline 14/12/2015

    Ardi will also be disbanding, Lack of interest in matches and second week in a row that I've got 1 player showing up despite announcing and messaging people personally. Not much else I can do.
  14. The_Lonely_Owl

    [SL] Week 2 | Deadline 07/12/2015

    [Carthage]Hannibal said:
    Ardi gave default win due to lack of players
    Bradley can confirm

    Confirmed yeah, We announced for a week and 2 people showed up.
  15. The_Lonely_Owl

    [SL] Betting Corner

    [Carthage]Hannibal said:
    RobinWar said:
    Ardi - Taafeite
    Finnaly someone with common sense

    Clearly been drinking
  16. The_Lonely_Owl

    [SL] Server Bookings & Mod

    Team you are from?: Team Ardi
    Teams involved?: Ardi vs Taafeite
    Scramble Match?: Yes
    Server Location: France if possible (But we dont mind)
    Date & Time: 6th/12th/ 19:30 GMT
  17. The_Lonely_Owl

    [SL] Week 2 | Deadline 07/12/2015

    21:32 - Zebradley: We ban ruins
    21:32 - Hannibaru: We ban Field by river
    21:32 - Zebradley: We take Veloren
    21:33 - Hannibaru: Sandi Bush

    Will confirm the time soon and post.
  18. The_Lonely_Owl

    [SL] Scramble League - Sign-ups are closed!

    trot888 said:
    Team Ardi will have no chance against jadeite aswell as Team Garnet.
    Clearly never heard of the power of Prayer.
  19. The_Lonely_Owl

    [SL] Scramble League - Sign-ups are closed!

    Wub Wub Wub Wub Bwaaah said:
    zebradley said:
    Your name: Bradley
    Players Name: Asediado
    you no commander?? :?:

    I put down that I didn't mind commanding (Having led clans and things for years) and was contacted earlier about it, Can probably quote when my steam lets me log on.
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