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  1. Von Krieglitz

    OSP Musket Era 3D Art Jan Tuma´s Sturmhaube helmets Pack

    Wonderful work! It's really... stunning! I am really impatient to see your next masterwork...
  2. Von Krieglitz

    Warband: Renaissance

    The result is really awesome... Fine work!
  3. Von Krieglitz

    B Tutorial 3D Tutorial for heraldic armors, and mini-mod for testing some of them

    Have you also tested if these "black holes" are really black in game?
  4. Von Krieglitz

    Warband: Renaissance

    I haven't seem this update before... I want to congratulate you for the burgonet, it's awesome. The dress is also beautiful. I will be very happy to test this mod, as Renaissance era remains very underplayed in Mount&Blade. Good luck, you have all my support!
  5. Von Krieglitz

    B Tutorial 3D Tutorial for heraldic armors, and mini-mod for testing some of them

    Difficult to guess. It seems that the "tableau_mesh_heraldic_XXX_banner" don't apply to your armor. Perhaps have you done an error inthe last steps, in applying the new properties of the armor in module_items... Have you checked in items kinds that the line corresponding to your armor is...
  6. Von Krieglitz

    LSP Medieval 3D Art Medieval helmet pack(updated dec.28 2012)

    I had to speak my admiration for these artwork. I'm particularly impressed by the last renaissance helmet... I hope it will be soon released?
  7. Von Krieglitz

    WB Recherche testeurs et assistance pour un mod sur warhammer

    Une nouvelle version de mon mod est téléchargeable ici : Ce mod se déroule dans le monde de Warhammer, dans les Principautés Frontalières. Il est avant tout tournés sur les conflits entre des principautés humaines. Je ne suis pas totallement...
  8. Von Krieglitz

    B Tutorial 3D Tutorial for heraldic armors, and mini-mod for testing some of them

    I have edited my instructions, there were some error in the name of the material I quoted as exemple.
  9. Von Krieglitz

    [M] The Deluge - general discussion

    This mod is wonderful! The meshes and textures are really incredible! Thank you for all the work you have performed and thank you to release it to the communauty.
  10. Von Krieglitz

    Item distribution and multiple meshes

    I am also curious to know if anyone has a tip to assign "imodbits" items to troops. Have you found something? Or anybody has a suggestion?
  11. Von Krieglitz

    Tilting helm

    Congratulation for your mod, and awesome job for the tilting helm! I was searching for years for beautiful jousting helmets, these ones are superbe! Who is the author? Also: 1140 items? I was thinking that the item list was limited to 915? the limit is higher in Warband?
  12. Von Krieglitz

    LSP 3D Art Highlanders models *#:-)

    Really impressive meshes and textures! But I can not use in game the beret, as they don't have the good position. I was unable to modify it (my abilities aren't very important, it's true). I was demanding if it could be possible to release a new version with a fixed version of these beautiful hats?
  13. Von Krieglitz

    WB Problème avec le déplacement naval

    Le jeu te dis que tu n'as pas (ou pas correctement) installé les "meshes" du "longship". En effet tu dois télécharger des ressources comme décrit ici : Basically, I got tired of repeating this in PMs and I decided to make this thread. Also, it's a nice feature for lots of mods. Asrite, sailing...
  14. Von Krieglitz

    [M(Beta)] BNL-Eighty Years of War Multiplayer Open Beta (0.21 Released!)

    I want to congratulate the texturer who have made the dds variation for the 3/4 armor of Narf. The texture is really beautiful and give more variety to the renaissance armor. In the name of all the communauty, thank for your work!
  15. Von Krieglitz

    OSP Medieval 3D Art Narf's Transitional Armour Pack (Updated 07/19/10)

    Narf, I am unable to judge if your work about russian armor is accurate, but your work is all the manner the better ever done in any video games I have seem. I will be curious to have the opinion of the "Rus XIIIth century mod" team about your work.
  16. Von Krieglitz

    OSP 3D Art Shredzorz's OSP stuffs - updated February 26th

    Magnifique! It's really a beautiful pack. These weapons were what I was searching for years...
  17. Von Krieglitz

    OSP Medieval 3D Art Narf's Plate Armour Pack (UPDATED FOR WARBAND, 06/11/10)

    Here is my tutorial for making heraldic items:,121012.0/topicseen.html But alas it's impossible to do heraldic horses. Only shields and armors.
  18. Von Krieglitz

    B Tutorial 3D Tutorial for heraldic armors, and mini-mod for testing some of them

    I am really honoured if I have helped you in your work! But all I have done is to transcript what I have read in the source released by Rucchi in his "Fire Arrow" mod. All the instructions are Ok even for Warband?
  19. Von Krieglitz

    OSP Medieval 3D Art Narf's Transitional Armour Pack (Updated 07/19/10)

    Happy to see that my tutorial has been useful. I think that your models are really awesome, and it would be really sad to not introduce banners on them. But it's difficult to give OSP with heraldic armors, as they need some scripting for a good installation. Even if this scripting is...
  20. Von Krieglitz

    Warsword Fantasy Battles Mod / Warsword Baptism open test version out now

    ooops sorry I'm sometime losing the control of my primary visual cortex , and it gave me wrong informations...