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  1. oolonglgx

    Steam Workshop Support [BETA] - GAMECHANGER

    Need help with the following problems: 1. The folder for the mod installation has an additional mod number, which leads to error in Multiplayer game, as above those players feedback. 2. Can't see the pictures in mod introduction. 3. Sometimes there's just an empty folder for the download. 4...
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    Light & Darkness - Halloween Specials. Single&Multiplayer both! (Nov. 1, 2015)

    v1.803  (Apr. 14, 2014) [ADD] The 4th level - "Desert Oasis" with new NPC and quests. [ADD] In "Desert Oasis", you may buy horses and whistle to call the horse. [ADD] In "Desert Oasis", you may hire several kinds of soldiers and order them to fight. [ADD] You will have "Leadership" points as...
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    Light & Darkness - Halloween Specials. Single&Multiplayer both! (Nov. 1, 2015)

    Hi, guess you had a confusion with the two different mods. "Light&Darkness_upgrade 1.000_to_1.040.rar" is for Light&Darkness - Heros of Calradia:,240713.0.html "version (1.730)" is for "Halloween specials"...
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    Halloween specials. Multiplayer released! (Feb. 14, 2014)  :)
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    Light & Darkness - Halloween Specials. Single&Multiplayer both! (Nov. 1, 2015)

    You must know, the Halloween is a special day in the 'Light and Darkness' world. But...I bet you never guess what strange things there will happen, do you? Kindly reminders from "Paocaitanzi": Do NOT go out of the village at night! When you meet a pumpkin, DON'T just think of eating BUT jab it...
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    Light & Darkness II - News arrive! (Sep. 21, 2016)

    :) There are a lot of text work on the story now, not easy to use screenshot shows. Please be patient, thank you attention!
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    Someone stole your mod

    Thank you for reminding me. I have already sent a message to the author, I hope he corrected as soon as possible.
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    Can´t equip horse armor?

    Warband 1.158 has fixed this problem, upgrade it now.  :D
  10. oolonglgx

    Can´t equip horse armor?

    It's wield. I checked the codes for the "Combination Horse And Armors " and "Troop Settings" parts and tried to find any difference between v1.153 and v1.157. But no change have I found yet, which might lead to such problem. Just guess if there's some bug for these parts in v1.157?
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    Bug report => 2 Rolf's??

    It's really possible, I will fix it. Thanks.  :)
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    IS there a source code?

    This mod is not open source, may be released after the completion.
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    Any Progress?

    :grin: It certainly still alive, in fact, we have been working for this mod. Indeed it is a bit slow progress, because there are too many ideas in my mind  :oops: , and a lot of paperwork in the story. I've been posting Chapter II Previews, demonstrate new features and progress, I will update it...
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    Light & Darkness II - News arrive! (Sep. 21, 2016)

    Yeah, I understand what you concern. But the catapult's aim rate and firing speed are both low. Besides, the defending party has some devices such as ballista and will also send troops out to attack the siege devices (something like 'Fight and Destroy" in warband multiplayer mode). Chapter II...
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    Light & Darkness II - News arrive! (Sep. 21, 2016)

    Has moved all the pictures to another address, cheak again pls?
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    Light & Darkness II - News arrive! (Sep. 21, 2016)

    Light & Darkness - Chapter II Previews In the new chapter, the wars will become white-hot on Calraida, and you will encounter more struggles and make your choices as part of the future history. As the story goes, the five kingdoms will present different states; the history of Leon...
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    Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

    :D Hi all, It was such a pleasant time in the past one year to share and enjoy with you here together. For your love and support to this mod all the way, we will go on making it better and better with all our best efforts. Let us bless a happy New Year eachother!
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    Help with Mainline Quest

    Hi man, see what is your first gem? If it is NOT the ''Guard of Earth'', you will find the second gem around Emer. Otherwise, search around Shapeshte.  :wink:
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    Guide for the mainline quests [SPOILERS]

    :D Nice! Thank you buddies.