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  1. Kani

    [Beast #2] Free Agents

    Code: Name: Khani TaleWorlds: This Steam: Preferred Class: Inf Languages:English,Dutch,French
  2. Kani

    Warband Revival League Announcement & Signups

    Actual ignore my post, don't wish to play in this tournament
  3. Kani

    Warband Revival League Announcement & Signups

    Name: Khani Nationality: Polak Steam: Preferred Class: Swordman
  4. Kani

    [W6C] Warband 6-aSide Cup Sign-Up Thread [Groups Announced]

    Name: Khani Nationality: Everywhere Steam: Preferred Class: Inf
  5. Kani

    Bastards of Almerra [BoA] "The Bastards"

    animated version of you bro. next time dont be scared homie, ill cya in bannerlord
  6. Kani

    Bastards of Almerra [BoA] "The Bastards"

    I think you guys should like get your group, start a Minecraft server and scrim the mobs or something can't leave a cw there, i mean i know a few of you from warband you were dog**** on warband and you'll definitely be worse on bannerlord ROFL LMAO
  7. Kani

    Bastards of Almerra [BoA] "The Bastards"

    You boys better back up this passive aggressive talk when private server releases. I Can smell the fear through these forums, through your greasy hair, face acne and unwashed feet.
  8. Kani

    Poland vs NA discussion thread

    NA team preparing for finals
  9. Kani

    [TWC] €1000+ Cross-Module Tournament Signups

    Imagine beefing over a hybrid tourney of autism and down syndrome smh absolute tools
  10. Kani

    [TWC] €1000+ Cross-Module Tournament Signups

    let's do nw players vs native players irl  groupfight ill bring my bayonet shame u cant chamber it irl :')))
  11. Kani

    NC19 Fantasy Mini-Game

    Edited mine too
  12. Kani

    NC19 Fantasy Mini-Game

    Team Name: kech Name of player(s): Grand Total - 22000
  13. Kani

    NC19 Belgium & The Netherlands The horns of Allejoppa will sound one last time

    In-Game Name: Steam Name: Classes: Clan: Kleine introductie over jezelf of opmerkingen of mooie foto's of youtube filmpjes die je wilt posten of een mooie selfie of weet ik veel wat(Je bent verplicht hier iets te posten of je application wordt rejected): Nationaliteit
  14. Kani

    What tournaments should we have before Bannerlord EA?

    Someone rent a octagon and a ref and host mma tourney for warband players
  15. Kani

    [WBMM] Unban Appeals

    Your nickname: kani and the gooch goocboy42 Server & Time (if possible): yesterday A short description of the situation: i did nothing wrong i thought i was playing pk For how long were you banned?: untill i die so probably in a few days Who banned you?: probably the italian What rules did you...
  16. Kani

    [MP Discussion] Bannerlord Release Date - March 2020

    cant wait to play mordhau 2 sick
  17. Kani

    [WBMM] Unban Appeals

    Your nickname: kani Server & Time (if possible): idk A short description of the situation: i was rude and insulted my turkish friends For how long were you banned?: perma Who banned you?: dont know big man What rules did you break?: saying mean words Why should we unban you?: i am good in making...
  18. Kani

    Who Would be in Your Dream Team?

    Infantry (5): Lapache( I think he’s very underrated and in inf fights he’s always vocal and has great clutch potential), Kellerman, Caius (Can’t complain about the two, I think playing with them is very nice to have balanced teamwork and aggresion and just to keep the team moral up) ONeil (I...
  19. Kani

    [NASS] Team Rosters & Substitutions

    Add Niko_Bellic 58260 to our roster