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  1. Lidor

    Duel Server Information

    He deserves ban.
  2. Lidor

    Native Fantasy League [NFL] Sign ups!

    Name: Lidor ID: 1202470 Main Class: Infantry Second Class: Archer Steam: TaleWorlds: <--- Interessted in leading a team?: (Yes/No) No Would you mind/Do you want to call for your team even if you aren't the captain?: (Yes/No) No
  3. Lidor

    [NA] rat 2v2 tournament [NOT ASSOCIATED WITH rat 3v3 TOURNAMENT]

    Team name:ToMaYuS Players (MAX 3): Lidor,Tomayus Steam contact: Faction desired:Nord EU/NA:EU
  4. Lidor

    [WT5T-2] Başvurular - Kapandı - (16/16)

    Beni Vyincourd TR'den çıkartırmısınız.
  5. Lidor

    2017 North American Dueling Tournament Platypus Victor!

    Name: Lidor Contact Information:
  6. Lidor

    Blademaster Duel Tournament -Complete-

    I was try to contact with max but he is offline for 5 days.
  7. Lidor

    Blademaster Duel Tournament -Complete-

    we both didnt know that rule, since garde aggrees it wont be a problem in my opinion.
  8. Lidor

    Blademaster Duel Tournament -Complete-

    Lidor 10 - 5 Garde Lidor 5 - 10 Garde Lidor 10 - 6 Garde gfs
  9. Lidor

    Blademaster Duel Tournament -Complete-

    Lidor 10 - 8 The_Egg Lidor 9 - 10 The_Egg Total: 19-18 gfs
  10. Lidor

    [YDT 2] Yaz Duel Turnuvası 2 - Turnuva başladı! - Şampiyon Yobaz!

    Nick: Lidor Steam:
  11. Lidor

    Blademaster Duel Tournament -Complete-

    In-Game Name: Lidor Steam Contact:
  12. Lidor

    North American Duel Tournament v2 Trox wins Version 2!

    Remove me from this tournament
  13. Lidor

    North American Duel Tournament v2 Trox wins Version 2!

    Name: Lidor Steam ID: NA or EU: EU
  14. Lidor

    European Sword and Shield Tournament 2 - ESST 2 - Do Your ****ing Duels Edition

    In-Game Name: Jufasto Steam Contact: Faction Desired: Nord