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  1. [OSP] Shield Toss

    Couple of suggestions

    you can check whether it has itp_wooden_parry to play the wood instead of metal sound, or even play the gong sound when you hit a hero.

    Aim at random, different bones to achieve different effects, for example disarming if it hits arm bones & lowering movement/dehorsing if it hits leg bones.

    You can also store the item's other parameters to tweak how well it performs, such as
    • Use weight to determine cooldown period between uses similar to shield bash, perhaps checking player agility
    • Calculate the ratio of height/width of the shield & speed rating to determine how aerodynamic it is (as a modifier alongside ST_Time_Factor)
    • Take shield resistance as the min damage, modify max with power throw so it requires investment into multiple skills?
    • Add in the unfun chance to break base on shield hp + imod, or even not returning so you have to do a walk of shame to pick it back up
  2. troop_remove_gold and troop_remove_items, how to remove everything?

    You set the inventory slot from 0 through 10 to -1 to clear the equipped items.
    Losing items is calculated in script_loot_player_items
  3. Beta Patch Notes e1.4.1

    Empire castle, Sturgeon town and Vlandian city.

    Fixed a visual glitch on clients where the lance is flipped like a javelin when the alternative usage is toggled soon after a couched lance collision happens
    yeah it was annoying to aim unless you kept it down all the time
  4. OSP Kit QoL Heraldic Shields

    Forum thread for an old OSP, indexing a MBRepository file. This resource pack contains Native shields modified to use the tableau system in order to display banners. These include the various heater/kite/Norman shields in older versions, and I have also taken the liberty of generating normal...
  5. OSP Kit QoL Heraldic Fur Coat

    Forum thread for an old OSP, indexing a MBRepository file. Heraldic Fur Coat. Original textures by Native & Silver Wolf. Copy paste into ["heraldic_fur_coat", "Heraldic Fur Coat", [("fur_heraldic",0)]...
  6. Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine

    Looking forward to the new quests!
  7. Resolved 'Confident Contender' in The Spy Party quest has wrong description

    Not all the rumours are accurate, if you track the quest you can see that there's a clue you're certain about.
  8. SP Native Militia tree + Armed Trader + Caravan Guard upgrade tree

    Download here (Nexus Mods) Quick and dirty xml fix to connect the troop tree, allowing peasants to upgrade to militia spearmen/archer->armed trader->caravan guards. Fix for mercenary guard loadout (added bolt/spear alternate set). Added 70 ranged skill to Armed Traders (was 0 before, 90 to...
  9. Resolved Can deploy right at gate as siege attacker

    Summary: You can double click the first gate with troops selected and they'll deploy there. How to Reproduce: Start siege as commanding attacker, select your troops and pan to the walls and double-click the gate.They'll all pile up at the gate past the normal deployment range. Infantry still...
  10. Resolved Wounded and prisoners intermittently showing.

    That's a feature to show more information when you hold alt.
  11. Is there an upper tier limit to prisoners "converting" to your troops?

    Tier 5/6 do not gain compliance currently. There are mods to fix this if you look for other bug reports.
  12. Resolved [e.1.0.9] Vasalls and Mercenaries, Banner Bug when using Banner Creator

    On the website it tells you what the primary/secondary colour will be based on, so I assume you have white on both the first and last icons.
  13. Resolved [e1.0.9] Family Feud quest - the person under player's protection never spawns in another village

    Use the leave member in settlement button and then talk to the target NPC
  14. Resolved Allied Parties 'Self-Wounding' to 0 Strength

    Looks like starvation, if you get them in an army/enter the same settlement you can check their party tile for food amount.
  15. Resolved Can add clan caravan to army

    Summary: Caravans led by companions in towns can be added to army How to Reproduce: Create an army, check the location of your caravans and wait until they're in a city. When you enter the lord's hall your companion will be there you can exchange troops and add to army (for 0 influence). When...
  16. Some Serious Game Breaking Exploits

    3 was fixed in in 1.0.8 just now (new clan parties start empty). Not sure about the other 2.
  17. Gaining a Companion

    You go to towns and talk to named characters in taverns, then pay a sum and add them to your party. Then they become part of your clan and you can give them roles, change their gear etc.You can also press n and filter by heroes -> wanderers to get a list of their locations and a preview of their stats.
  18. Need More Info Drag and drop has mechanical issues with clan party leader

    Summary: Drag and drop can change a clan party's leader How to Reproduce: Exchange troops with a clan party, then move a fresh stack cross-party to the top, or by lowering the leader stack manually Version: 1.0.7 Normally, you can't drag and drop troops from the other party (clan party or...
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