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  1. Guillee

    Groupfighting Server

    Admin Application

    Community name: Guille
    Steam Name: [91st] Guille
    Age: 17
    Location/Timezone: GMT +0
    Regiments: 91st Regiment of foot Argyllshire Highlanders.
    About yourself: I'm 17 and I'am from London. I take things quite seriously believe it or not. I'm also a fan of military history.
    Why you would be a good admin: Since I have a lot of free time after 3pm when I finish school. Most of the time I play on Groupfighting server there are no admins on and lots of little trolls that go Partizani after being told many times to switch or just teamkill on purpose. I could fill the spots when everyone is sleeping or doing other things other than playing NW.
    Previous Experience (if any): Non but I believe a groupfighting server would be the best place to start for anybody.
  2. Guillee

    Groupfighting Server

    Name of the person causing trouble: KOA_Nr7_Klinkenhoof
    Nature of their offense: Shooting allies for no reason.
    Time and date of their offense: 03:10
    If needed, what your relationship was to the offense in question: I was the victim
    Any proof if you have it
  3. Guillee

    MP Musket Era (WIP) The Anglo-Zulu War (Alpha Release 0.04)

    Tbh. One of the only mods that lets me kill black people without any trouble. . :smile:
  4. Guillee

    Beginner guide and others Guides/Strategy/gameplay

    All I can say is that this Mod is really hard as you take more damage than native and Ai seems a lot smarter here.
  5. Guillee

    Pets pics

    My avatar.
  6. Guillee

    What pissed you off today v. IV

    I accidentally Jizzed on my trousers.
  7. Guillee

    Best Mods!

    Brytenwalda for sure.
  8. Guillee

    New weapons that you would like

    Can we have Spoons and forks?
  9. Guillee

    Napoleonic Wars - Meme Thread****/butthurt-dweller-meme-generator-worst-thread-ever-d3236b.jpg
  10. Guillee


    And there is bullet drop aswell.
  11. Guillee

    Looking for people to team up via Skype

    Just join a regiment and Morning.
  12. Guillee

    Toy Soldier Siege Map

    Looks great and fun.
  13. Guillee

    Official 'Ask Questions About Warband Multiplayer Here' Thread

    Will there be anyway of balancing the weapons like the sledgehammer?
  14. Guillee


    But there is barely any physics in this game.
  15. Guillee

    Multiplayer Class description/guide as of version 1.143

    This game is still to hard to understand.
  16. Guillee

    Beginner's Guides & NVIDIA SHIELD FAQ

    Good Guide shame I won't use it.
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