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  1. Alyss

    TW are you really banning people based on the reports?

    The same people are still here, every day, doing the same things: teamkilling, glitching, being racist, homophobic. Giving them 15 minutes bans won't change anything; I know you are desperately looking for players, but letting trolls keep ruining matches will only kill the game even more...
  2. Alyss

    Opinion on how to make skirmish more balanced overall and more enjoyable

    The 1.5 update made skirmish way more enjoyable, but the game mode is still far from being balanced and I believe that an overall rework of how the 3 classes work is necessary for the game to improve. I will talk about the classes in general and I'll avoid talking about specific factions because...
  3. Alyss


    I believe shield hitbox needs to be improved because right now you can shoot through all shields at close range because how small the hitbox is. Then, the small hitbox makes 1v2 frustrating because the enemy can pass through your shield even when he is in front of you. There is basically no way...
  4. Alyss

    Harsher punishment for noobs who rq

    You need to stack leaves and make a one month ban when someone leaves 10 active matches. It's boring to do 2v6 every game because some dude just rq.
  5. Alyss

    Two Handed Weapons shouldn't be faster than One Handed Weapons

    The Two Handed Weapons currently do More damage, are longer and are faster or equal speed. They should be slower.
  6. Alyss

    Javelin as a melee weapon is absurdly fast

    Just watch this video, sometimes it feels like the video speed was modified, but it wasn't. I don't think it was intended to have a weapon that fast I also believe the dmg of javelins in melee mode should be reduced by a lot. In my opinion, this weapon is better than all other one handed...
  7. Alyss

    Stance system

    I don't know why the stance system is still a thing, with the removal of block delay we made one step closer to a game with interesting melee combats, but I feel like the stance system ruins it for me. To be honest, I have no idea how this thing works, and I think that this is the problem. Some...
  8. Alyss

    Hilt spam glitched animation

    You can attack twice with only one animation. I don't think it is intended, but it's completely op. Please fix.
  9. Alyss

    Give the choice for players to decide where to spawn on TDM

    Hello there! I was thinking on how to fix and improve spawning on TDM, and after realizing that all the options given had flaws (current spawns, rotating spawns, and fixed spawns) I thought about games that had a good spawning system, and the first that came in mind was Battlefront II (2005)...
  10. Alyss

    Remove invisible Hitbox for horses

    It's so frustrating to aim at someone's head and see that the horse takes 5 dmg instead and then get couched with 540 dmg. Just makes the cavs even more OP.
  11. Alyss

    In Progress Kage Bunshin No Jutsu bug

    Summary: So basically, after I walked in water, everything was doubled even tho i wasn't looking at the reflection How to Reproduce: So I found out that you had to go in water, look at your reflection and then start walking again and the reflection was still there. Quest/Settlement Name (if...
  12. Alyss

    Bannerlord not working on GeforceNow anymore

    Please fix this issue, Bannerlord can't be launched on geforce since the new update and Geforce forums told me the issue came from taleworlds.
  13. Alyss

    Bug while loading map

    Hi, my game crashes each time i join a server with a password with map Arena playing. Does someone know how to fix this?
  14. Alyss

    Alyss' Sword and Board Duel Tourney

    Alyss' Sword and Board Duel Tourney RULES : SIGN-UPS : In-game name: Steam contact: Faction desired: EU/NA: LIST OF PARTICIPANTS : Factions : BRACKET : [SIZE=24px]ADMIN TEAM : -Alyss -Cow -Nessa
  15. Alyss

    Admin abuse on IG Battleground

    I was on IG playing as crossbowman when i headshoted an admin (he was in other team) then i got kicked from the server for "aimbot". The map changed and OGL killed the admin and he got kicked...