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    Unsolved Regarding the music loudness

    First of all, congrats to whoever composed the music for Bannerlord, I am overly impressed and amazed by sheer epicness of the tracks. However, there is one issue that I want to point out which is the loudness of some tracks.When I am playing the game with the headphones(Dt 990 Pro) on,the music...
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    Unsolved Crossbow Expert doesn't work

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    Battering Rams

    Okay, so the problem with battering rams in Bannerlord is that when the soldiers break the gate, they just leave the battering ram where it stands,and it just gets in the way of the soldiers while attacking the castle.In total war games, when the soldiers break the gate, they put the battering...
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    Bande Sonore

    Mes interprétations
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    M&B müzikleri

    Yaptığım coverlar
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    M&B Soundtrack Covers

    My covers
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    M&B müzikleri

    Yaptığım coverlar
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    M&B Music Covers

    Swadian Hall Cover
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    Swadian Hall (Cover soundtrack)

    Hey guys! I made a cover of swadian hall, one of the soundtracks of M&B
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    Medieval Rpg Music

    Hey guys i've been trying to compose some medieval rpg themed music lately and here's the result