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  1. fedeita

    how's the AI ?

    I don't get how there will be better mods than the ones for warband if the AI is almost the same.
  2. fedeita

    Beta Patch Notes e1.4.0

    Armagan is a man of honour, he would never allow something like this.
  3. fedeita

    Roads on the map?

    +1 for roads
  4. fedeita

    I wish spears have swings without shields

    I don't know, I'm not an expert but if I find myself in that situation I would use a shorter grip.
  5. fedeita

    Spearman Video series

    The whole spear combat in bannelord is just wrong and obsolete, you shouldn't be able to block a thrust except with a shield. I suggested a new system for deflect thrust way before the closed beta but nobody listened, I'm sure it would have been amazing and innovative.
  6. fedeita

    character models and animations critiques

    No, the neck protection is small because they kept the old model structure of warband, like the sectioned legs at the knee that you can't find in any other game.
  7. fedeita

    I wish spears have swings without shields

    spears aren't made to be swinged like in warband
  8. fedeita

    Armor/weapon looks potato in the field.

    Again we are taking into consideration the lighting on metal surfaces, not the whole scene. I don't get your joke, I don't understand why a photography have to be worst example, do you think a video of the same scene would be any different? My picture have similiar lighting and time of the day...
  9. fedeita

    character models and animations critiques

    Having two stances, combat and relaxed, is the most logical thing and used in most rpg since ages.
  10. fedeita

    Armor/weapon looks potato in the field.

    Op was talking about armours so I thought it wasn't necessary to specify it, again.
  11. fedeita

    Armor/weapon looks potato in the field.

    The lack of direct light from the sun doesn't mean that the lighting have to be flat and dull
  12. fedeita

    character models and animations critiques

    Hello johncage it's always a pleasure to see old dear friends! yes, as you I was expecting more progresses but overall I like how the humans move in bannerlord, I find them much better than KCD. That pose in the first pic is exagerrated but nothing not human or totally innatural, look at this...
  13. fedeita

    Spears and potential to improve them

    How the spears are portrayed in bannerlord is archaic and obsolete, it was already bad for warband but still acceptable for it's age but now, it's just inexplicable.
  14. fedeita

    Bannerlord SP First Reactions: Megathread

    This is so sad, that's everything I do expected improved... what about diplomacy?
  15. fedeita

    Two Critical elements still missing from AI Combat Behaviour

    +1 I'm very disappointed to see this issue transferred directly from warband to bannerlord
  16. fedeita

    Why has it been in development for so long and so little was done?

    Armagan has previously claimed that the bottleneck was the creation of the scenes
  17. fedeita

    Does anyone else think spears are utterly useless?

    Fighting with spears is as bad as it was in warband, it's nice to note that they had no idea to improve it.
  18. fedeita

    Bows are WAY too accurate.

    This is my personal opinion but for me, while aiming with bows, there should be some sort of sway related to breathing and tension of the string. I don't like static aim crosshair with a randomizer for the precision of the arrow.
  19. fedeita

    The Big Problem with Combat -- Unit collision and mass

    In the gamescom video of 2016 it was so much better, in 4 years they just messed it up for no know reason.