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  1. Olaf The Cruel

    Solved Weapon release when issuing command - cap mode.

    When you press and hold left mouse button with a weapon, a command will release it.
  2. Olaf The Cruel

    In Progress Running speed bug

    This is a very old and super annoying bug in captain mode. After your captain gets killed and you are taking over one of your bots to fight on, your movement speed sometimes, very often actually, gets impaired. Sometime running speed only gets a little impacted, but often you only got "snail...
  3. Olaf The Cruel

    Running speed

    How come Heavy shield inf and 2h can run faster than light archers?? Archers can't kill or run away from inf now, after the disaster update 1.5.0. I would like to hear someone at TW explaining me the logic behind making inf super overpowered vs archers. Because I simply don't get it. Was the MP...
  4. Olaf The Cruel

    1.5.0 - Game Breaking Update

    I usually only play Captain mode, but I think this update also affects the other modes. I have 100% an objective mind, I don't have any favorite units or factions that I want to be overpowered. I like the challenge of finding tactics, and implement them, to counter any enemy force and tactic we...