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  1. Torrential

    Any way to increase the number of companions.

    Hey all, I understand you can get about 5 companions without a fief. As I mostly play without a fief it limits me a lot, and I was wondering if there is a way to tweak the number of companions that a mercenary can have? Even if there is a gamey tactic for this, I am all ears.
  2. Torrential

    What do I need to tweak in a troop file to make it evil and not hate undead?

    What do I need to tweak in a troop file to make it evil and not hate undead? I am looking at the immortal troop file and wanting to tweak it to not care about undead units, I know someone made vampires and I was wondering how he/she made a troop that was considered evil. What is the different...
  3. Torrential

    Fireball - What exactly is required.

    Hey all I bought my first spell fireball, what exactly is required to use it? Magic power skill 6. Copied the scroll to the spellbook. Stripped myself of all armor, put on a journeymen magic hat, bought a journeyman staff, and apprentice robes. Removed my boots and gloves, so not to add any...
  4. Torrential

    Early Game Evil Morale Dropping, tips?

    Moral is dropping? Any tips? Unit list: Endel companion Shadow warrior Shadow Drow recurit Drow man Skeleton Drow initiate Just started, necromancy level 4, the shadows were from character creation. I've fought a couple of times, not lost or had many casualties, just maybe 1 or two undead...
  5. Torrential

    Which Mod Option Disables Attribute Damage

    Hello all, Which mod option disables the occasional attribute damage when being knocked out? Does this effect companions? There are two possible options in wounding, and I was wondering which it was, thank you for making the time to offer any assistance.
  6. Torrential

    Basic Dialogue Question for Warband

    Fixed later down the page, hope it helps someone in search: -- The dialogue tutorial doesn't build correctly for warband, can anyone tell me what I am missing? Using this NPC (Who shows up fine in game) ["geoffrey","geoffrey","geoffrey", tf_hero, scn_town_6_tavern|entry(6),reserved...