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  1. Multiplayer ping

    I don't know is this right place to ask but please don't delete this (only short time to see answers). I bought game about year ago and then I had problems with high ping 1-2 days in month but now when I start playing multiplayer again I have really bad problem with ping. In one moment ping is...
  2. Napoleonic wars key

    I decided to buy key i have few questions about this. 1. I have non-steam Warband key if i will Napoleonic Wars work if i take key on Steam and can I buy from steam with wire transfer? 2. If Napoleonic Wars on steam can't work or i can't buy with wire transfer second solution is to buy game on...
  3. [WB][B] Mount and Blade Crusader (Looking for team)

    This is my first topic about mode so i don't know what i need to write. This mode is based on game Stronghold Crusader from 2002. Story: During the Third Crusade, Christian forces invaded the Holy Land, captured Jaffa, then stalled and failed to capture Jerusalem. They fought several bloody...
  4. module system error

    i add new troops (copy paste other and just change id) i didnt get any error now i try to add those troops in quick battle but i get this error in module_scripts i add this (before i delete old 1 for faction 3) if i delete first line (in which i get error) then i get error in second, but...
  5. question about map

    wrong forum sector for this question
  6. game crash

    i made new map and when i test that mapall work good with first merchant quest but when i leave town and try to enter again game crash how to fix that?
  7. troops mess up

    i try to edit troops (names, weapons, factions) but they mess up (i dont get any error) and when i start campaign in 1 castle there are troops from kingdom 1, 2 ,3... i edit kingdoms too and add kingdom 7 maybe that can help and i have 1 mode question how to delete some troop because i wont use...
  8. balkan map

    EDIT: i found way to do this
  9. Combination of SP and MP

    i come to idea to make mode where will u playing singleplayer and level your char and then go to multiplayer and play with him. There will be no changes all will be like native mode just need to disable cheats and inport character forever. So i need some1 to help me with scripts
  10. cheats

    can i disable cheats and import characters in game forever. I found on net is can be done if from menus.txt delete this line mno_tutorial_cheat 1 31 2 1 0 is this work and how to disable import.
  11. Models

    delete topic
  12. change color

    how to change color for faction name from this picture
  13. program for txt editing

    is there any program to edit txt file and add my custom items to game and then add them to solder in multiplayer i think i saw 1 program to add items to some solder but i can't find them again
  14. about american revolution

    i want to make mode about american revolution what u think about that and all who want can join i need help
  15. hide menu and change bg

    how to hide tutorial,single player and custom battle in menu and how to change in game background and loadscreens on begin and when u enter in mp,tuto,sp...
  16. Animate

    i need to animate 1 .obj file i think its possible i import file in Blender but i dont know what to do. If some1 can help me i will send that file to him that is job for 5 min
  17. quiver of arrows

    Is it possible to move a quiver of arrows on his back from belt and how
  18. crash

    when i run mount and blade warband and after paradox video i get this then i go ok and get this and after that this and just 5 min ago i was playing warband
  19. line battle

    is there any server with line battle and a lot of ppl?
  20. delete cd key

    I gave cd key for warband to my friend only to try game I thought it would be changed when I delete the game but now i try all how to delete that key i dont want to some1 use it.