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    Here you can discuss the possibility of an Anti-Filaharnism Coalition and Anti-Filaharnism, and of what happens to the Gray Brotherhood. Sorry for a **** intro post, I'll update it later. Go post.
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    Timeline Discussion

    This is what I think is what the timeline of the more recent EATRC times is like, do feel free to suggest and contribute. Might help with those confused. note = unfinished. Stuff in red aren't confirmed in "proper" lore, just random discussions. 1391 - Battle of Lubnie 1392 - Second Battle of...
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    95th (Rifle) Regiment of Foot

    "Hark now the drums beat up again, for all true soldiers gentlemen. So let us list and march I say, over the hills and far away! O'er the hills and o'er the Main, through Flanders, Portugal and Spain. King George commands and we'll obey, over the hills and far away." Do your part! Fight for...
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    Grenades & Grenadiers - Your Views

    I'm beginning to tire of Grenade Spam, and hope to discuss it with the team to ban them outright or to remove them from Grenadiers. I am also going to request that Grenadiers will be toned down - less accurate but better in melee rather than good at everything. What are your views on this...
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    Mount&Musket - Battalion FAQs

    1. What is Mount&Musket - Battalion? Mount&Musket - Battalion, commonly abbreviated to Mount&Musket or MM is a modification for Mount&Blade Warband. It is currently developed only for Multiplayer, but we hope to venture into developing a single-player mode. 2. What is the time phrase of this...
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    Mount&Musket - Battalion Rule Book

    General Rules 1. You shall not disgrace your colours by using them to fight. Instead, you must rely on your comrades and on kicking. 2. You shall protect the colours with your life. 3. You shall accept the surrender of prisoners. 4. You shall lay down your arms upon surrendering. Officers may...
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    Mount&Musket: Bug Reports and Technical Help

    Well, you know what to do. Known Bugs: - Possible crashes with texture sizes. Possible fix for crashes check this topic:,146196.0.html
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    Discussions on Lore in the Mod {Trading and Production} *NEW*

    This topic is for the discussion for the representation of lore in the mod, as Universe Expansion or C3 Expansion don't really fit... While you can discuss it generally, I'll put up an idea (around every month or so) and you can discuss that, both concerning lore and in game. Should it be openly...
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    Re: The Eagle & Radiant Cross Wiki

    Hm, I suppose you might be the only person who might offer to start the wiki.  :lol: I feel like doing some lore soon myself. So what's this new lore on then? This was bloody fail. Hm, I shouldn't mess with the forum when I'm tired.
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    If you don't already know, there's an EATRC RP in the Duck & Spackle Tavern. (,94827.0.html) We aim to have around 8 RPers. Around 8 have pledged but not actually announced to join. Follow this when you go to the topic: Time setting is not...
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    [Suggestion] 3 New Objective-Style Game modes

    I have several ideas in mind, depending on the map. The two sides may try and complete various objectives in order to win. There would be an option of limited respawns, a respawn timer or no respawn. Assassination/Lord/Regicide Both sides have a lord in a castle, constantly guarded by one top...
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    Calradia Invaded - Information Storage.

    This topic is for storing information from the RP Calradia Invaded since the poster of the OOC topic no-longer appears to want to RP. I'll post one topic after another to keep it a bit tidier. PM me if any of this needs to be changed. MUSTER ROLL Sir Corey Farrow (Swadian) - Corndawg Sir...
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    Napoleonic Units Add-on Comments and Bug Reporting Topic. *New poll!*

    Basically, I don't want the Add-on collection clogged full of posts and my comments thread on MFB is practically empty. Napoleonic Units Add-on Pack v.2 Link (v.2 (NEW))= Please install this fix after installing v.2. Link...
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    Ranks/Feudal System

    Well basically, I was thinking that considering M&B is set about a few decades before the High Medieval Period, there should be an expanded feudal system. Military System Enlisted System Recruit Levy Militiaman Soldier Sergeant Sergeant-at-arms When a player joins a faction, he joins as an...
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    World War II Online

    Well I play this rather pricey MMOFPS, based during the Battle of France during 1940. Once again, Allied got trashed. The graphics aren't the best, but there'll be a new update including ragdolls and blood. So when that pesky 109 strafes you and 2 others as you charge up that road, your blood...
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    Anno 1404 (Dawn of Discovery)

    Well it's been out for a few weeks or so, what do you think of it (if you have it/the demo...)?
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    Congratz on getting a sub-forum! You don't mind if I upload my British Heavy Cavalry mini-mod here do you?
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    A compilation of TEATRC lore, universe expansions & codices

    I decided to do this so that good pieces of writing and lore information would not die and fall to the bottom of the sub-forum. Note that some of these aren't the full titles of the threads/topics. If you find any other lore bits that aren't here, PM me or post in this thread. This is intended...
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    [YET ANOTHER Lore/Universe Expansion thread]The Reign of Iohann I

    The Reign of Iohann I A year after the great Hälmarian victory at the Battle of the Hyrmadon River in 759, the King of the Hälmarians, Magnus VIII died. And so his son, nicknamed "The Blade of Hyrmadon" ascended to the Throne in Heranthis, the ancestral Capital of the Hälmarians. Wielding...
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    [Yet another Lore/Universe Expansion thread] Battle of the Hyrmadon River

    Battle of the Hyrmadon River (759) Result: Hälmarian Victory Hälmarian Order of Battle Crown Prince Iohann (Later Iohann I) levied 3,000 Halbardiers, 3,000 Swordsmen and 1,000 Heavy Cavalry. Jarl Erik Furgilforson levied 2,000 Nord Border Axemen and 100 Border Cavalry. Captain Carl of...