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    Great idea
  2. Pre-Battle Duels

    I think it could be good if you say it is a way to avoid the battle, but just if you are honorable and you have a good relationship to the enemy lord. Or many that it could be some "random" if the other lord wants to save his troops life.
  3. Persistent Workshops

    I don't think that this is an "hardcore" feature. It's just unlucky that this happened to you, but you could deal with that if you buy a workshop in a safe town. An by the way, some hours later you are "boring" rich as hell
  4. Need more companions

    They told that there are going to be more hero's and hero's which have random generated stats. But they work at other things right now. So the mod is not from Taleworlds so the are not able to release something the don't have/is not finished.
  5. Clan party commands

    Would be so nice
  6. Patrols for Cities & Castles

    I would love the idea that the governor could be a party leader for patrols
  7. Sound Dialogs with fan service.

    I know that you are not planning to sound the dialogs, because there are so much. But this would be very immersive. Would it be not possible to make this as a fanservice? So that you make a website were the peoble can speak in the phrases? Like a random thing? So that everyone got some dialogs...
  8. More extensive ways to improve Castle/Villages

    Merged with previously somewhat active "Castle Scene Immersion" thread by Ragratt, his OP starts here I would love to have more possibilities to improve my settlements. They could be cost a lot of gold and time, but it would be nice. First of all the should be more ways to improve the food...