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  1. Taleworlds: Is this all we can expect?...

    But I deserve more, much more!
  2. Paid double for a buggy game and feeling like a stupid now!

    Disagree. They will get more timed exclusives because their distribution fees are significantly lower than Steam. At the very least, it will force Steam to lower theirs. This benefits independent developers as well as large publishers.
  3. Why isn't anyone porting mods for 1.4.2 beta?

    I'm really puzzled by the reasoning. It is BETA of an Early Access. No one is stopping you from using 1.41. I have beta tested several softwares. Not one company that produced plugins for any software ever said "OMG too many updates on beta." I mean the answer is self explanatory.
  4. How did 1.4.2 change your game experience about PERFORMANCE?

    I have been testing using one of the premade siege battles. It has been very good for me but my system is top end. BUT there is always wild fluctuations of FPS. As low as 30-34 fps. Generally it holds at 50+ fps. As each version is released the fluctuation has become less likely but still...
  5. What do u think is missing for this game to have a soul?

    LOL. Skyrim without mods is unplayable bore. You even need a mod just to have a usable inventory menu. Even the "best" fight - vs dragons - is so repetitive no matter which dragon or what level. Players playing Vanilla Skyrim is as rare as a unicorn.
  6. Battle Spawn Points Need to Change Dynamically

    They need a better system for the spawn point and system in general. Maybe break it down or have user control over when and what will spawn (assuming criteria are met).
  7. One SIMPLE Question.

    What version are you on?
  8. Thank you TW for breaking all the mods again, sigh...

    What is the point of mods if the game crashes?
  9. Map Mod - Thermopylae

    LOL. Looks interesting. Funny enough, I thought about this when I reached Hot Gates of Thermopylae in Assasins Creed Odyssey. BL + 300.
  10. Almost two months into EA. Satisfied?

    Value and price are 2 different things. Value is subjective. You can attempt to quantify value, one way is to count how many hours of usage you have gotten out of something. If the cardboard box did not exist and a company one day said, "I guarantee your child will have dozens and dozens of...
  11. Almost two months into EA. Satisfied?

    You can criticize many things about this game, but no way price is objectively one of them. It is an EA game and a lot of players have played it for 100+ hours already. When the modding tool is released, the modding scene will further increase replayability. I played WB for years and several...
  12. Almost two months into EA. Satisfied?

    The size of the company is not what defines an "indie" company. It is their relationship to investors, specifically to a game publisher. And indie companies are usually BOTH the developer and publisher, thus independent creative and financial control of the game. This means a separate party has...
  13. Lime Kiln removed?

    In general expect this kind of fast undocumented change with any beta software, especially in EA, will happen. When patches are released often changes cannot be documented in time.
  14. What are you Waiting for Before you Jump Back in for Another Playthrough?

    I play custom sieges mostly. I'm playing AC Odyssey now so I don't want to spend too much time on BL's SP. But I do play a little with each Beta. Trying to wait out a more complete end game so I don't ruin my first playthrough. I had several hundred hours with WB. I recently reinstalled it...
  15. CPU temperature getting high at large battles

    Maybe you need a new cooler? A proper cooler should maintain safe temps for an extended period of full CPU load. Maybe case airflow is the issue and not the CPU cooler? There is nothing magical in this game that forces CPU to operate above specs.
  16. Hardcore request... and other things

    It doesn't have to be a different server, just a different game option. But yea I like the idea of hardcore mode PvP.
  17. Bannerlord is mis-advertised by the devs on Steam (yes, even taking into account Early Access)

    Why do you resort to ad hominem attacks? Why not just address his arguments? Anyways, some people obviously do not understand what EA is or refuse the reality of it. They came in with a perceived notion and do not understand why some of the caveats are written by Steam to be intentionally...
  18. Address missing CONTENT as a priority over fixing BUGS..

    100% Certain bugs must be addressed. If you can't start the game (see Beta 1.4) then new features are useless. That being said, in order to move EA forward, features must be rolled out.
  19. Taleworlds, where is the Transparency & Communication? :(

    In no shape or form, we are "stakeholders". We are as much as a stakeholder as a coffee drinker is a stakeholder of Starbucks. There is no statistical evidence, that I know of, which implies "good forum communication equals development success." Games are mass media products. It is not...