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  1. The Sign of 33

    [POLL] Opinions About Current Multiplayer Speed

    Just curious about the general opinion.
  2. The Sign of 33

    The improvements which are vitally needed for Multiplayer

    Bold texts to save time for those who wants to skip the context. My primary focus was Singleplayer like most of the M&B fans within the first month of EA launch but as I observed the development for singleplayer was much slower than I expected, I found myself playing multiplayer (first skirmish...
  3. The Sign of 33

    [BUG] Suddenly back to login page while in a match without any message

    The title kinda explains it all. Just out of nowhere, I get back to login page when I'm in a match (happens often in a critical moment as well, lol), started to happen more often recently, I don't have a stat about it but might be up to 1 out of 10 matches.
  4. The Sign of 33

    [Poll] Remove Streets of Syllianon or Create Map Preference System

    I just think the map takes away from the experience and I've seen general discontent with it especially when we encounter it in succession. TW should either remove it or give us the option for map preferences.
  5. The Sign of 33

    No Systems for Reporting and Teamkill detection and yet Punishing Leaving

    That's just absurd. You need to start punishing leavers when there're needed systems in place. Otherwise we're just restricted from playing because we don't want to just sit through a match in presence of griefers. Noone in the dev team thought about this?
  6. The Sign of 33

    Sign's Priority list and Suggestions

    Current version: 1.1.0(beta), Playtime: 90 hours My top priority suggestion list for content updates; 1 - Main Quest should be finished (I think there's not much left but if I'm wrong and there's significantly more quests, at least save us from the repeating "Stop conspiracy" nightmare, I...
  7. The Sign of 33

    Main quest should be completed

    I created Empire of Calradia and got the Stop conspiracy quest. If there's no way to finish that quest like it has been said in some posts it shouldn't have been implemented in this state. It keeps failing and restarting again. We need to see an update finishing the main quest, or it should be...
  8. The Sign of 33

    Can I try again to have a relationship with a lady?

    I answered one of her questions wrong, because of the fault that indicator of success for the wrong answer was higher than the other two, I was going for the right one but I changed my mind because of the indicator misleading me, I failed at the attempt and it autosaved right after that. When I...