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  1. Noudelle

    Why is attack delay still in the game?

    I would genuinely like to know.
  2. Noudelle

    Bannerlord's camera system needs major improvements

    This thread is a re-post of a thread I made for the multiplayer section of the forum. While the issues listed below are more disruptive in multiplayer, I believe they are significant enough to warrant a separate thread in the singleplayer section, for the sake of giving these issues more...
  3. Noudelle

    Boob armor authenticity

    Being an aficionado of authentic-looking armor, I am quite displeased at the absolutely immense busts of female characters in Bannerlord. Peep this: I think this is self-explanatory so I won't bother writing paragraphs explaining why boobs don't work this way.
  4. Noudelle

    Per-object motion blur

    For those who may not be sure what I'm refering to, have a look at this video: I'm not a fan of camera blur, especially in a game like M&B where visual clarity is very important, and even more especially in multiplayer. It makes frantic fights very difficult to read since everything is being...
  5. Noudelle

    Bannerlord deciding which direction to attack in for me

    In Bannerlord, if you don't move my mouse at all after attacking, the direction you're attacking in will consistently switch to the opposite one. I get the reasoning behind this. It's how a normal person would attack in real life. It feels right. But I'm the one deciding which direction I want...
  6. Noudelle

    Bastard swords are clumsy to use

    In Bannerlord, bastard swords don't 2-hand automatically when you don't have a shield. You have to manually press a button to switch between 2-hand and 1-hand. This makes bastard swords very unwieldy to use, and I personally avoid using them at all due to how slow this action is to perform in...
  7. Noudelle

    Blocking thrusts with side blocks

    In Bannerlord, thrusts can be blocked by side blocks in rare occasions. Here is a video of Vic and I testing this mechanic. How it works: In Bannerlord there is a mechanic called "Active blocking", which occurs when an attack is blocked just at the moment when it's about to land. What this...
  8. Noudelle

    Attacking over your mount's head while rotating

    This also works with other weapons such as a 1-handed sword In the video, my spear, instead of thrusting in the direction I'm pointing, decides to follow my horse's head while rotating. This only happens when starting an attack over your mount's head. Otherwise, if attacking to the side and...
  9. Noudelle

    Horse hoofbeat audio is too quiet

    Hoofbeats audio volume is too quiet, allowing cavalry to sneak up on you even though that shouldn't be possible for a galloping horse. Have a listen at this video where Vic rides his horse around me for a bit. Try to visualize where the horse would be based on the volume of the hoofbeats...
  10. Noudelle

    Hitting people who have been knocked to the ground

    NOTE: Downed horsemen pivoting has been fixed. Knocked down infantry can rotate their characters towards the end of the animation, resulting in janky, unnaturaly fast movement, again making it more difficult to hit them. The problems - Downed characters sliding all over the place. - Downed...
  11. Noudelle

    It is too easy for cavalry to knockdown infantry at low speeds

    It is far too easy for cavalry to knockdown infantry in Bannerlord, especially at low speeds. I made a mistake while recording this, and as a result the game's audio has vanished. And I made another mistake during editing, which is why you can hear the clickety-clack of my keyboard. This is a...
  12. Noudelle

    Height as a variable is terrible and has no place in multiplayer

    This has already been talked about a lot previously, but I feel it's needed to bring it up again, because of how disruptive it is to the combat experience. In this clip, I'm at maximum height, while Vic is at minimum height. Because of that, I thrust my spear completely over his head while...
  13. Noudelle

    Everything wrong with kicking

    Merged with "make kicking like warband" by @shatti , his OP starts here The problems: - The stun period on a kicked opponent is too short to take advantage of with the vast majority of weapons. - Kicks can push an enemy too far away for some weapons to successfully land a hit during the stun...
  14. Noudelle

    Bannerlord's camera system needs major improvements

    This video shows what happens when the camera collides with walls and compares it to Warband. When walking back into a wall in Bannerlord, the camera pulls down closer to your character's head. This is why it's so difficult to see anything when backed up into a wall in Bannerlord. It's...
  15. Noudelle

    Chamber blocking is non-functional

    I find it strange that such an integral part of M&B's combat, chamber blocking, doesn't work and yet nobody seems to care. Here's an old video of me during the beta trying to understand chamber blocking in Bannerlord. Whether or not I clicked the button when I should have to get a successful...
  16. Noudelle

    Delay on release of attacks

    The major reason why the combat in Bannerlord feels so unresponsive is the delay between the release of an attack, and your character actually attacking. It's not a delay in that there's a certain amount of time between the release of the attack, and the start of the animation. But rather the...
  17. Noudelle

    Taleworlds, this is false advertising and you know it

    From today's update regarding the Early Access release: Get real. Edit: It's a bit rowdy in here. It's indicative of something that most of my proper feedback threads struggle to reach 1K views, but this ****post has reached 2K views in an hour. No one cares about the innumerable issues that...
  18. Noudelle

    I hope to see more variety in lords' equipment in Bannerlord

    One aspect of Warband that I find boring is how samey the equipment loadout of every lord is. Almost all of them are mounted and none of them use ranged weapons or polearms. That leaves room for only 1-handers with shields and 2-handers. Personally, I've always found it jarring to use bows...