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  1. Alene

    Unsolved LAN not working anymore for mount and blade warband

    This is reported multiple times in the last few months. Unfortunately no fix for it is presented yet.
  2. Alene

    Unsolved In Progress Warband Launcher is not starting (steam version)

    Can you try if this helps
  3. Alene

    Unsolved Unable to install mount and blade warband

    Weird... See if you can find the solution from here:
  4. Alene

    Solved Warband.exe contains a Trojan? seems to be connected to a Persistent Kingdoms mod. 7242 is the port Warband uses for MP connections. All in all, the malware detection looks like a false positive to me.
  5. Alene

    Unsolved Serial For Script Enhancer GOG Version

    WSE seems to have it's own .exe. Go to the WSE thread and read the OP carefully. You can also ask help in that thread with things regarding it.
  6. Alene

    Unsolved Serial For Script Enhancer GOG Version

    I am not sure I understand the problem correctly, but you could download the game from Taleworlds website. GOG key should work on that.
  7. Alene

    Unsolved 100 days into the game, my character doesn't have hair when he enters castles and there is no tavern keeper, no tournament masters and no ladies

    Sounds like a corrupted save game. Unfortunately nothing can be done about it, at least to my knowledge. Try keeping backups of the save game on this run; save on multiple slots etc in case it happens again.
  8. Alene

    Solved Audio Crackling

    Open Documents\Mount&Blade Warband\rgl_config.txt There's a line "use_winmm_audio = 1" change it to "use_winmm_audio = 0" , save the file and try if it helped If already is set to 0, then we have to try something else. You of course can try setting it to 1.
  9. Alene

    A question for forum moderators

    There was a bait for Cri11e? Did you take it before I saw it?
  10. Alene

    A question for forum moderators

    If dev reports a member of the community, the report would be handled as any other report would. If Callum bans someone by himself, then he does it. He is not a moderator though, and does represent the company. If he asks someone to do it for him, then it's up to the moderator's discretion if he...
  11. Alene

    A question for forum moderators

    Of course they have. But I doubt they'd ban people it just because TW told them to.
  12. Alene

    A question for forum moderators

    Moderators do not represent the company, they represent the community.
  13. Alene

    What happened to KhergitLancer80?

    There is some discussion about the ban here. Edit: apparently he was unbanned, but I guess he did not learn his lesson and got banned again.
  14. Alene

    Unsolved One game lost

    Warband savegames are located in Documents\Mount&Blade Warband Savegames\{name of the mod, or Native} There's a file called last_savegame_backup.sav, and that might be your only chance, but unfortunately the chance of it being the correct save is very slim. Anyway, copy the file, and rename the...
  15. Alene

    How Co-op could function

    I didn't. I think there might be a third person somewhere who did not either.
  16. Alene

    Unsolved I am banned from my own dedicated server

    There has been a number of reports of the issue in the last month or two. Sadly there is no fix yet.
  17. Alene

    Were feminine titles removed from dialogue intentionally?

    Some of the men are rather beautiful, are they mistakenly called ma'am or lady?
  18. Alene

    Debating implementation of a Reaction/Like system

    I wish there was a reaction based system in these forums so I could show my dislike on ideas like reaction based system in these forums without actually trying to argue my point with words.
  19. Alene

    Solved Serial Key recover

    I can still try to help if I can, yes?