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  1. MauledByABeer

    Have you noticed that all the characters will be evenly matched in unarmed combat

    Hey guys, I've been away from the forum for awhile. What'd I miss?
  2. MauledByABeer

    Does the Bannerlord map make sense, when compared to that of Warband?

    i would like to see a map rework the placements are just off it's seems wrong to me but they have bigger things to work on right now and changing the map now would set back development so maybe later down the track maybe they could make a change

    I think I read awhile back that they wanted to move Sargot back to its original spot further north but that doing so would be save breaking so they wanted to hold off for a large update. Can't remember what my source was on that though. Seems like it would make northern Vlandia very cluttered and leave a big gap on the southern border so I wonder how much else they would move.
  3. MauledByABeer

    So, how could the main quest be salvaged?

    Besides rescuing my siblings, I've never really bothered with it. It seems like a decent enough tutorial but I'd personally rather have a pure sandbox mode with a more customizable background than a more in-depth main quest.

    Aside from that, I've thought for awhile now that instead of having a "main quest" it might be nice to have a selection of story scenarios with their own branching quest chains. It would be an easy way to add the occasional bit of extra content and if they paired it with a mod tool to make new lines of story quests and upload them to the Steam Workshop (or wherever) there could be a steady stream of new quests for players who like a little more direction or story than the traditional Mount and Blade sandbox experience.
  4. MauledByABeer

    Bannerlord Refunded

    Also "You knew what you were getting into" is a terrible argument, because if they did "know what they were in for", they wouldn't have bought it and wouldn't be complaining. Just became callum said "the game wont be finished" a few times doesn't mean people were expecting a game this mechanically bereft.
    A fool and his money will soon be parted.
  5. MauledByABeer

    Bannerlord Refunded

    Just I want to point out that a simple measure of hours-played doesn't equal hours-enjoyed.

    But it does equal hours consumed. You might get a few bites into an entree at a restaurant and send it back if it's not prepared to your liking or you might return a pair of pants after a few days if you decide you don't like the way your butt looks in them but you can't expect a refund for a meal you've already finished or a grungy old pair of pants you've already worn holes in. There are grey areas in what one might reasonably consider appropriate when returning a product but 500 hours? I don't care if he sustained brain damage from playing the game, at some point you have to make a decision whether a product is or is not worth the money you've spent on it and if you can count your play time in weeks, that point has probably passed.
  6. MauledByABeer

    Bannerlord Refunded

    And people have the audacity to call gamers entitled.
  7. MauledByABeer

    Does anybody like current Clan system (Singleplayer)?

    I think it's fine for what it is. As with many of the systems in Bannerlord, I would prefer a little more depth but suspect TW have their reasons for making things as they have. There's a lot of overlap between Mount and Blade fans and Crusader Kings fans and I think a lot of us were hoping that Bannerlord would be more of a hybrid of the two. That said, not everyone is into CK2 and Mount and Blade has always been a fairly accessible series. I think from a design perspective there's a bit of a balancing act being done to create systems that allude to a more dynastic focus where families and court politics feel important without complicating the gameplay with Paradox level complexity. That's not necessarily an easy balance to find. Just look at all of the different iterations of Total War games over the years and how they've struggled to make families and court politics seem meaningful and interesting without complicating them and stealing focus from the actual warfare. While my personal preference would be more complicated systems, I think Tale Worlds have done an adequate job of taking steps in the direction of gameplay that brings an element of feudal dynasties while keeping things simple enough that the game is still focused on battles and accessible to players who just want to build an army and drink from skulls. There's more I think TW can do to make clans more interesting of course, but I'm ok with the system in general and hopeful that there will be mods to bring the level of depth many of us are looking for.
  8. MauledByABeer

    Cheats are now disabled?

    Dev response from elsewhere:

    We have implemented a fix for this internally, will be live with the next patch most probably.
  9. MauledByABeer

    What happened to cheat keys?

    I didn't even realise how much I relied on teleport until last night when I wanted to talk to an NPC halfway accross the map and ended up just turning the game off instead.
  10. MauledByABeer

    Do you believe the game will be finished in 10 months?

    No, but then I didn't really believe that the EA would release in March either.
  11. MauledByABeer

    SP - General Land and Housing

    It would be nice to be able to invest in and upgrade villages similarly to how we can with towns. Personally, I would love to be able to buy land in a village and select something to be grown or raised there (like the workshops in towns). This would add a little extra depth for economic activity...
  12. MauledByABeer

    Will the Banner editor get an upgrade at some point?

    This editor works pretty well already so I don't know if I would want it to be a high priority but it would be nice to have some more customizability without having to tab out of the game and go to a website.
  13. MauledByABeer

    Waring factions should not be able to bypass choke point castles to invade enemy territory

    It's a shame we don't have something like this already. It's clear TW put a fair amount of thought into designing choke points into the world map but controlling them gives no strategic advantage. It doesn't even keep caravans from passing through. I think some form of zone of control would be good. Maybe not a hard barrier that bars movement but perhaps some sort of attrition when you are behind enemy lines. For example, a decrease to morale, faster food consumption and cohesion decay, slower movement speed etc. That wouldn't completely bar armies from bypassing a castle but would make it tougher for a doom stack to wander halfway across the map without repercussion.
  14. MauledByABeer

    When is Bannerlord playable?

    Most people understod what I meant by that and I got the answers I was looking for.
    Most people have been playing the game.
  15. MauledByABeer

    When is Bannerlord playable?

    Is it unplayable? I wish I'd known sooner so I wouldn't have spent all of those hours playing it.
  16. MauledByABeer

    Your highness... I have some concerns

    I have the same issue in my campaign with Vlandia. Every kingdom seems to really want my fief too. It's just doom stack after doom stack headed straight to Pravend.
  17. MauledByABeer

    Patch Notes e1.0.8

    Neat, might do a mercenary only campaign next.
  18. MauledByABeer

    [e1.0.6] A few things I would like to see changed after 65 hours of play

    Occasional peace would be nice. In my current campaign, my faction is at war with everyone and has been for awhile. It's crippling. As soon as I make any sort of progress, some massive army shows up and starts eating territory. It's like a big game of musical chairs. It's not worth spending influence to get myself a fief because I know some massive doom stack will be along in a bit to take it.
  19. MauledByABeer

    Holding space bar to speed up time

    The 3 key speeds up time now.
  20. MauledByABeer

    Should I play this game now or wait? [New To Series] [ No Spoilers ]

    Honestly, it just doesn't feel finished. That's not to say that it's bad. As someone who's played hundreds of hours on the previous titles I'm having a blast with it. I just wouldn't recommend it as someone's introduction to the series in its current state. Maybe check out warband, try some of the popular mods, and keep an eye on Bannerlord to see where things go. I'm honestly really optimistic for the future of the game, I just think it needs a little work to get there (and time for the modding community to get into gear as well).
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