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  1. Dazzer

    SP Medieval [WB] 1257 AD - Enhanced Edition

    Are there any plans on correcting the campaign map?
  2. Dazzer

    Dev Blog 21/03/19

    Interesting, but im concerned about the party sizes, Im really hoping they get bigger
  3. Dazzer

    SP Musket Era Csatádi's Visual and Historical Mod

    Checking out this thread everyytime makes me wanna play WFaS once more
  4. Dazzer

    MP Native Global Campaign (Cooperative Campaign)

    How's it going?
  5. Dazzer

    Mount & Blade With fire and Sword Kidnapped Bride

    Kedysi davno som to hral ale uz si nepamatam :???:
    -inak ale je zname ze WFaS questy su dost zabugovane takze je mozne ze je to jeden z nich a tvoja posledna nadej mozno bude nacitanie nejakeho starsieho saveu
  6. Dazzer

    MP Native Global Campaign (Cooperative Campaign)

    this gotta be the strangest and the best idea for a mod
  7. Dazzer

    MP Musket Era [WB] American Independence War.

    That wasnt really a yes or no question
  8. Dazzer

    Dev Blog 22/11/18

    This must be a dream
  9. Dazzer

    MP Musket Era [WB] American Independence War.

    Wait so is it about the revolutionary war or just Brits vs Indians?
  10. Dazzer

    SP Viking Conquest Balance Mod 13

    Yeah this stuff is confusing, Louis should be Hlodowik or Chlodowig, cant find "German" or "Bald" or King in Old Frankish sadly but I will dig deeper

    I like Europa 871 more

    Edit: Perhaps Hlodowik Diutisc (Karling)? For Louis the German
  11. Dazzer

    SP Viking Conquest Balance Mod 13

    Looking good Ryan, may I suggest you change a few titles and names though so they are in their native language? Otherwise it would be odd if lets say Gwynned lords had names in Welsh while Franks in standard English.
  12. Dazzer

    SP Medieval [WB] 1257 AD - Enhanced Edition

    Cant really think of anything proper but for Bohemia there could be Margraviate of Moravia (although it would be only fitting for cities like Olmutz which are in Moravia). For the Kingdom of Hungary there could be the Duchy of Nitra but again that would need to be always situated in Upper Hungary to make sense. Also Transylvania and Slavonia(?) come to mind
  13. Dazzer

    SP Medieval [WB] 1257 AD - Enhanced Edition

    Normalmaps can be done using but you will need a special plugin. Speculars are supposed to be done manually
  14. Dazzer

    SP Viking Conquest Balance Mod 13

    Maybe you could try allying Mercia with Wessex (posted this right after Tingyun :smile:)? Strathclyde appears to be the Britonic kindom of the Alt Clut and I think its correct for 871, unless you mean something else?
  15. Dazzer

    SP Viking Conquest Balance Mod 13

    Just checked the map again, Mercia seems to be missing, their king Burgred was fighting off the Vikings until 874
  16. Dazzer

    SP Viking Conquest Balance Mod 13

    The Balaton principality under Kocel was at this time probably a vassal of East Francia, my suggestion then would be to put both principalities (Balaton and Pannonian Croatia) under Frankish rule and make their historical rulers as vassals of East Francia and give them their fiefs which they controled in reality, its been similarily done this way in vanilla VC with Aethelred and Alfred of Wessex as "co-rulers" although Alfred was just a normal vassal (for example Kocel would be given the fief of Blatnohrad and perhaps some nearby village, he would recruit Slavic units from his fiefs and they would all follow Christianity as he did in reality). Another reason to do this might be that we know of practically no nobles from this time which would be vassals of Kocel or the other Croatian duke, so putting them under Francia would make them somewhat stronger and you wont get small empty factions with no meaning.

    Actually it fell under Moravian rule until about 10 years later so I think keeping it the way I proposed would make more sense. Now that you mentioned it, at this time a duchy of Bohemia was created ruled by Borivoj, although it seems it still was a part of Moravia and both Moravian and Bohemian rulers were good allies, so again I would put Borivoj as vassal of Svatopluk and give him Prague and nearby villages as a fief and give him the title Duke to reflect his position.

    I also think you should wait some time until you get enough progress to show to the community :wink:
  17. Dazzer

    SP Viking Conquest Balance Mod 13

    Ryantheskinny said:
    this is what we are looking at as far as possible factions at the date proposed by tingyun, which would be may 871.
    I think this start date will be great and the current political situation is based on Ck2, a few maps of that time period and maps provided by tingyun. Im always open to suggestions and help from the community.  :mrgreen:

    Balaton should be called Principality of lower Pannonia according to stuff I've read, but I was thinking of moving the Magyars into hungary early also. Also not satisfied with lesser Poland, and the situation in Russia. francian kingdoms should also be three (treaty of meerssen).
    There were two Pannonian principalities, one was the lower Pannonian ruled by Kocel, the other was Croatian and in 871 ruled by an unknown  duke. Lower Pannonian principality and Balaton principality are interchangeable but personally I would go for "Balaton" to differentiate from the Croatian one. Perhaps you could have Magyar Horsemen as mercenaries in Pannonia or maybe raiding Magyar parties and keep Hungarians in their current place on the map?
  18. Dazzer


    kalarhan said:
    ariel127711 said:
    Francia appears in the campaign, she has a large part in this period. At least from most of England, and compared to wars, Frankia has more of a war with the Normans than Scotland.

    yeah that makes no sense if you are talking about 9th century, and Scotland region (with their current kingdoms) is already part of the game, so your comment about it was and still is confusing. In any way that is not important  :razz:

    @Ryantheskinny what time period will you be focusing on?
    Think I read on his thread it could be like 900 AD? No big issue from my side but I still hope he settles on the vanilla year, in that year we could still have kingdom of Lotharingia so Frankish kingdoms would be even less OP.

    Yeah Scotland atm seems very unimportant but if they were going to have all of England and Ireland, then it would be kinda strange if they left out Scottish part
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